Ron Paul: “Not Quite” Ready to Launch 2012 Presidential Campaign

Ron Paul discusses whether the new faces of the GOP will change the ways of the old, and sends a mixed message about his intentions to run for president in 2012.


David Asman: It’s time to put the same question to Dr. Paul. Good to see you, Congressman, thanks for coming in.

Ron Paul: Thank you David, good to be with you.

David Asman: So do you think that John Boehner gets it, that he really understands what this national rebellion is all about?

Ron Paul: You’re trying to put me on the spot, I don’t know, I can’t read into his mind, but my guess is that he better, I think he is. But that still doesn’t mean that he’ll be following through and that remains to be seen, but I think that goes for all the Republicans, the Conservatives did capitulate, as you pointed out. So the test is not in the election and like you mentioned, the test is really how we handle ourselves. But I don’t hear enough precise things that we would cut. I never hear that the military-industrial complex should be addressed, I never hear that the non-discretionary funding is all the same. I never hear which departments they really want to get rid of.

So it goes on and on, so you just can’t have a little tinkering on the edge. I think you have to deal with the philosophy of government as long as you want big government, you can’t tinker with the edges.

David Asman: Congressman, let us do, you and I, let us do what they won’t do. Let us talk specifics here, now I have thought that two departments could go immediately, even though everybody says “oh that’s too radical,” and you do hear it from some people like Joe Miller and others, and Rand Paul for example who’s your son, who’s also running in Kentucky. The Department of Education was started with the idea of spending a lot of federal dollars in order to improve test scores all over the nation and improve education. It’s failed in that goal. That’s one that I can see go.

Another is the Department of Energy, that was created in order to get us off the dependence on foreign oil. At the time I think we were 60% of our oil was foreign, now it’s something like 70 or 80%, so that also has failed. So there are two departments right there, but you hear a couple of candidates now saying “we can get rid of them.” Do you hear anybody sitting in Congress saying “we should get rid of them?”

Ron Paul: Not seriously, and of course, remember Reagan ran on that but he didn’t get much done after he was elected. But we also have to remember the Department of Education, HEW came in under Eisenhower and here the last chance we had with the Republican Congress and the Republican president, we gave them No Child Left Behind, that’s why the people are so disgusted and that’s why there is a Tea Party Movement because the credibility is on the line and I’m just hoping that we do what we’re supposed to do, but we’ll soon find out, but I can…

David Asman: The one instance that’s happened in the past couple of years have made me question John Boehner, I think more in any, is when Jeff Flake was trying to get on the appropriations committee and it was John Boehner’s appointment, it was his decision as to who would be appointed at that position as minority leader, and rather than putting Jeff Flake on, a guy who was against earmarks from the get go, he was against pork, he sort of campaigned on that issue, John Boehner put a porker from the South on the thing and left Jeff Flake out in the cold. That kind of told me that he didn’t get it back then. that’s why I’m wondering if he gets it now.

Ron Paul: Yeah and it remains to be seen and hopefully the pressure and the election that’s going on will change, I don’t think the Tea Party Movement’s been going unnoticed, but I also see signs that the Tea Party Movement which originally is very spontaneous is also now incorporating some very conventional Republican themes and they’re not dealing with some of the issues that I talked about two years ago.

David Asman: Will there be a fight for the position that John Boehner has as, or that he could have as speaker if the Republicans win, will there be a fight for the speakership?

Ron Paul: I don’t think so, I think, I’ve not heard about that, so I would be surprised if that happened and I wouldn’t know exactly the individual who might replace him or be in the position to do it. So I would suspect that if we win, Boehner will most likely be the speaker.

David Asman: Alright, what about committees? There are some really, talk about Ways and Means for example, the committee that writes most tax legislation decides the ways and means by which tax revenue is spent. Who do you think, do you think we’ll have new folks in there or at least folks like Paul Ryan who is really clear in his Tea Party-like ideas?

Ron Paul: I think Paul Ryan will have a major role to play, I don’t think they’ll push him aside, I think that he has proven himself and I think he will be very much involved. But I also think about and I don’t want to overbear you with this, but taxes occur through inflation too, so ways and means that are real important but if you run up debt and the government prints some money, the people will get taxed. So government is so out of control, it used to be said that if we weren’t in session the people were safe, it doesn’t hold, we’re gone, we’re not even going to go back hardly anymore this year, we weren’t there in August. But regulations continue, the spending continues the…

David Asman: Well and you mentioned…

Ron Paul: Keeps printing money…

David Asman: Inflation is one form of tax so are regulations, regulations add to the cost of doing business, that’s another, and we’ve seen just how many dozens or hundreds or thousands of new regulations in the past 18 months.

Ron Paul: And who passes those? The Constitution says “Only Congress can write law,” aren’t regulations law? And we have thousands and thousands of pages of these regulations written by the executive branch and then we have the judicial branch doing the same thing, they write a lot of legislation and the Congress is home worrying about being elected next year and not doing their job.

David Asman: Well Congressman…

Ron Paul: They renege and defer to the executive branch too often.

David Asman: Clearly it is a question of leadership and who takes the leadership role in the next Congress, but the overall question of leadership leading into 2012 is who runs for the Republican nomination? Are you ready to declare here on Scoreboard here and now that you will be the 2012 candidate for president?

Ron Paul: Not quite, not ready to do that, we have to find out who the first 20 are to sign up, they’ll probably be 20 or 25 who say, well at least that many will be thinking about it. No, in time it’ll come about and you know the issue that I’ve been very interested in and I think that issue is building, I think the dollar now is under attack and if we are anywhere close to a major dollar crisis, I know one thing: I’m going to want to speak out on it because I feel strongly on what we ought to do. And even today the Fed hints again “oh, we might inflate some more” and what happens? Gold jumps up $18, I mean this is…

David Asman: Bernanke is going in exactly the opposite direction of a stronger dollar, Ron Paul, so I did not hear by the way a clear rejection of the idea that you will run for president, you’re leaving the door pretty wide open.

Ron Paul: Absolutely, it’s wide open, but I have no committee, I have no precise plans but I’ve also have not said “no I don’t want to do it, I’m not going to do it.” Under the circumstances I am very reluctant because anybody who really wants to be president under these conditions maybe they ought to be examined first because of the conditions, I mean it is horrendous…

David Asman: I understand.

Ron Paul: The problems that we face and so therefore…

David Asman: It’s like running for the governorship of California or New York, I think it’s the same situation.

Ron Paul: Yeah, […]

David Asman: We got to leave it at that, Congressman Ron Paul good to see you.

  • karimrakha

    i really wounder how a guy like ron paul could lose if he runs for president….i ve been watching his videos on the youtube and reading comments,….its almost ZERO comments against the guy….i mean wow…..everyone is with him….if i were american i would have elected him…this guy is so damn good…..everyone not only likes him…everyone wants him…please mr paur go for it….and if u lose…this will only mean there is something wrong with this world….


  • Zingsterazn

    Even though the Tea Party movement has strayed somewhat, I think that Ron Paul could go a lot farther this time if he aligns himself with them. He was the Tea Party originator in my opinion, anyway. The Tea Party has actually impacted voting and if they can do the same for Ron Paul, then I’m all for it.

  • iknowthetruthhurts

    Strange, whenever I see Fox News, my skin gets itchy… :o/

  • tiagovq

    As always, Ron Paul is spot on. Too much taxes is bad, but cutting taxes without cutting spending is even worse.

  • Nemesis000000

    Its so sad that the “tea party” has hijacked Ron Paul’s message, almost none of them would dare cut a penny from military spending, almost none would ever wiithdraw all foreign troops abroad, almost none would legalize drugs. They are basically just an angrier version of the neo-cons.

    • Sal

      Tea Partiers are sick of Progressives and their hidden, 100 plus year effort to destroy America. Tea Partiers are not the enemy to America as we knew her, Progressives are the reason we are who we’ve become…Socialized that is. Dem’s and RINO’s alike.

  • Jason

    Ron you have to run in 2012 you gave us hope and you cant let us down like every other politician i will be disappointed if you dont and so will many others. we are willing to fight for you so fight for us

  • brad238899

    I will leave my job and lease my house to go and campaign for Ron Paul.

  • dontblockmedk

    RP is correct mostly but misses the fact that

    “Free market” is ROOT of problems

    1. how do you stop corruption caused by profit motive?

    2. how do you ensures that everyone has the minimum necessities?

    1. FREELY Share ALL resources & knowledge worldwide, NO more money/property

    2. Use LATEST technology to create an ABUNDANCE of all our needs, NO more waste/theft

    3. Automate/localize ALL production and distribution, NO more central control/wage slavery


  • Micah


  • Mils170


  • DaveTammy1

    Attention voters in California Congressional District 10. Please Google/You Tube Clift for Congress. He is a true Ron Paul type running against Garamendi. Throw all the professional politicians out. See C L I F T for congress. No matter where you live please send money to his campaign if you can. Both the Democrats and Republicans have betrayed us.

  • mrctg216
  • M. Paul, I hope that you’ll have the opportunity to run for 2012. I’m a French man, and I run a website, in French (with a lot of English video) about the Gulf catastrophe.
    I was not graduated, I’m a self-made man, Systemic Organization Analyst for a while, and I pay attention to your country situation since 6 month, very deeply.
    My overview is that USA faces the danger of a civil war, triggered by the Gulf MANY CONCERNING ISSUES (ECONOMIC, HEALTH, CIVIL, SECURITY…).

    This is why I used the word “opportunity” when I mention you running for 2012. Because I don’t think you’ll have this opportunity.

    I am not a conspiracy theory fan, but I clearly see the 80 years of robbery America has been victim of, due to the power of you MIC.

    A lot of data on this issue is on my website.

    Like a lot of french people, I was born with a deep sympathy for the USA (because of WWII), but used to be critical about the past US foreign policy (like most of the world).

    Since Internet, everyone can see all the corruption, collusion, conflicts of interests, reverse doors between corporations and politics…and their dramatic results for YOU American people, and for the entire world.

    And this is the point : HERE IS THE DANGER. The global awaking on politic…as “someone influential” said…

    This is the reason I think martial law is in preparation, and you can see the “international excuses” are already set : martial law because of the evacuation, the riots, the starvations, the civil war in the Gulf.

    How do you expect a system to run if the environment is a danger for the system ? It simply can’t work no more !

    And this is not a “South” issue. This involve ALL the USA, because atmosphere has no limits.

    The “conspiracy theorists” will tell you : depopulation plan…I don’t buy it, but only because my moral bases can’t take it.
    Because it makes sense that we are too numerous on this planet. So a cold minded man can maybe think of depopulation..

    It is very clear that the only comfortable future for the thieves is the martial law. No more Justice on their 80 years behave…no more Citizen Right (to ask questions), and no more Press ( international either).

    “If they tell the truth, they all go to jail” Mattew Simmons said.

    Why did the feds let the situation got worse, by putting aside others collecting, de-polluting and skimming means ?
    Why did they use so much dispersant ?
    Why are they FIGHTING the people asks on health hazards, by stealing a scientific water tests device ?

    It seems that human life in the USA has no more value, and is no more a concern for the government.

    Here in France, I face the Press black-out. I harass journalists to publish stuff. I have no significant results since one month and many contacts with French mainstream journalists.

    Another suspicious fact. The media black-out on the spill consequences.

    I make a very easy forecast : this media silence will not last.

    The very first act of violence, agitation, riot, rally, or whatever will be reported, amplified, repeated all day long, until the average American is believing that “They got crazy in the South” “They complain for lost business, and ME, unumployed since 12 months ? Who cares ?” “Send them the Army ! Anyway, they’re all sick !”…FEMA camps are ready for this purpose.

    FEMA can be a good Organization, to me. It just depends on who hold it, and with witch Philosophy. (Katrina)

    I will speak frankly, M. Paul, because it’s your habit too, and I like it.

    I don’t share your vision about the role of a government, but it’s because European government are MUCH MORE OLDER than the European corporation.

    “We” come from the Greeks and the Latins. You were born from the British.

    Liberté. Égalité. Fraternité are notions. Your Constitution is “just” (pardon me) a “user manual”.

    When you hold this “manual”, you can easily read it in a way or in another.

    You can’t do this with “notions”.

    When the neo-cons blamed and mocked “the old Europe”, they pointed their own total lack of spiritual deep, ancient, roots.

    The kind of roots that don’t allow a country to invade another without a UNO approval, for example.

    But I’m maybe arrogant here…Frenchies, you know…

    The situation in the Gulf, especially the economic and health consequences, is going to get worse.

    Maybe, an international pressure could make O’Bama think twice before he send the troops, but it’s not even sure. The civil violence will occur in weeks, if no days.

    If you have supporters, I mean, like one million, I would tell you to have an ongoing demonstration in front of the White House, demanding the O’Bama impeachment, and the Senate to take control for one or two year of the country, and especially the Army.

    Let the Senate clean this country form the thieves and the accomplices, before “they” put a cap on your so (used to be) loved nation.

    François Larquetout.

  • James

    Lets reform and hit them again Ron! I see a clear road all the way to Washington! Up men up to your posts! Ron Paul 2012!

  • AmazinMaz1

    The Media chooses the winner, because behind the media are the rich owners who control the politicians do not be fooled.
    But Ron Paul please run, run for us, you are the greatest and most genuine candidate ever in all of history and are a true ideal politician on both sides of the table.

  • Aaron

    I supported Ron Paul in the primary , caucuses, and the Missouri Republican conventions. What I have seen is no change in the Republican party. I think it is time to destroy the two party system in America. Don’t let the republicans get a majority in the house or the senate. Vote 3rd party such as libertarian, independent, unaffiliated, or constitutional parties . Let the democrats destroy themselves like the republicans with bad policies. Divide the power up in Washington D.C.
    United the Politicians stands to destroy Us, the people of the United State. Dividing the Political powers, the powers will fall to us as the people of the United States.
    Long live the Republic.

  • Cyrus255

    Small government politicians is a contradiction. It’d be like asking a Black Panther to run the local Klan. Even moreso, politics costs a mil a seat.

    People forget 99% of government are Republics. North Korea, Iran are republics (I remember seeing americans surprised that Iranians “voted”). ALL dictatorships use “democracy” to create complacency, because no one will use violence when they believe they can “vote”.

    ALL major genocides occurred in Republics (Weimar, ussR, pRc, dpRk, Khmer)

  • ConnacherOil

    Ron Paul 2012 or the USD is worthless…. Obama should have been hung alongside hussein.

  • stonergeo33

    Great interview! Wake up and join the revolution people! Ron Paul 2012!

  • sgapplebee

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    It’s time to TAKE BACK AMERICA!