Ron Paul on Raw Milk: “Pasteurization Without Representation”

Ron Paul on the Colbert Report 10/06/10 from joe safety on Vimeo.

  • Ruben from Hemet, CA

    Humor/comedy is one of the best medium for getting at the truth.

    In the U.S., Dr. Paul is the hands-down best champion for getting at the truth in politics.

    So, please, Dr. Paul, continue to do humor/comedy. I loved it. rl

  • amabo

    Brilliant piece.
    I think Ron Paul and Bill O’Reilly are my two favourite guests on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.


  • Spaniard

    I found the whole piece quite rude and crude. Dr. Paul is portrayed as an odd senile whereas the guys at the organic food cooperative, should you find that ambient laughing laughable, seem clueless loosers. The way this video has been packaged is purely advertisement wise – cheer and dumb. Nevertheless the intended message behind, the means disposed for delivering it and the blind endorsement of government by the creators are purely fascist – were you ever to walk aside governmental approval you sure are wether an eccentric loon or a criminal, or both.

    Since I quitted TV and MM 10 years ago I can barely watch at any piece of misinformation reporting or crappy news bulletin without noticing the springs and fuses of propaganda. Besides, most shows and networks are rather dull and boring when not unpleasant, adding insult to injury, so to speak. It gets so annoying each time I am exposed to brain washers, on any of their diverse formats and genres, that I avoid it if I have the chance. Having no TV set helps, though.

    We are ruled by bankers in a neo-feudal global society in which we are all indebted peasants and only a few are given privileges over their fellow underlings. Dr. Paul knows well what he does endorse, for it is always towards acknowledging first and then reacting consequently against the status quo in favor of liberty. That is why he is so blatantly and constantly attacked. Those who support Ron Paul in the United States of America and those who listen to his pray elsewhere know best what is at stake – let liberty prevail.

  • Travis

    I thought the video was pretty funny.
    I’m a huge advocate for raw milk- I actually milk a cow everyday.
    Selling raw milk is as big of a deal to the gov as selling drugs- which is stupid- I think that video clarifies that enough.
    And they have some fun with the raw food people … I’m use to that I guess, I’m an organic farmer and laugh along with others about how we’re a bunch of “hippies”.

    FDA is mistaken about the death toll. Last report I saw released by the FDA only linked raw milk as a possible factor in, I think, 800 or so sicknesses over a three year period.

    One last note — If you went to the farms where the major dairy providers got their milk (farms with hundreds of cows) you would shout for joy that they pasturized their products … and you probably STILL wouldn’t feel safe drinking them.

  • Verified

    Colbert makes all of the players look like the fools they are. If you want to sell raw milk to the public, get certified. If you want to drink your own raw milk, get your own cow. And lighten up.

    • Travis

      I don’t know about california but in Indiana there is no such thing as a “certified” raw milk seller.
      You sell raw milk – you go to jail.

      The only legal way in this state is to sell a share of your dairy animal, the money you recieve is not payment for milk but payment for feed, board and care of the animal. The share owner is entitled to a certain percentage of the milk.
      It is legal to sell it with a label saying “for animal consumption only” (baby kittens and such, there is actually a demand for raw milk in the animal field). But there have been several cases where the gov will step in and make an example out of one of those sellers … even though there is nothing illegal about it they can open an investigation, take away your equipment and demand you not make any sales until the investigation is over … most investigations stay open forever.
      If someone depends on that income then their life is screwed until further notice.

  • Forest

    ruben says:
    “they don’t want anyone eating organic REAL food, they want everyone eating their GMO devil food”
    “that guy is a lair, the fda is working for off shore banks, that want a world government! they are eugenicist!”

    Uhhh, you kind of got it, Ruben. The clip does make Libertarians look pretty naive, it’s actually YOUR comments that make you look like a Hatriot.

    “Eugenicist”? Really? bwahaha

  • Brian

    Haha I don’t think they are making fun of libertarians. The segment seemed more like them making fun of the stupidity and overreaction of government towards people wanting to drink raw milk. If anybody thinks Ron Paul would say “pasteurization without representation” seriously, they are not the most apt of thinkers.

  • ruben

    man this kinda pisses me off! they make us patriots look like idiots. the FDA is the the mafia working for the Rockefeller’s, they don’t want anyone eating organic REAL food, they want everyone eating their GMO devil food that causes sterility! that guy is a lair, the fda is working for off shore banks, that want a world government! they are eugenicist!