One response to “Ron Paul Returns to Iowa”

  1. Zoe Goodman

    Hey, I saw a movie yesterday everyone should see: "Inside Job"!!!!
    It is a documentary of interviews with the players in Washington and the financial markets that got us in this financial mess. I know Ron Paul talks against regulation but Big Corporations, Educational systems and members of our Government worked to deregulate our housing market, banking etc that got us into this mess!!! They knew exactly what they were doing and Obama put the same people who got us into this mess into positions of power in our Government. He betrayed us, our government no longer serves the people but the interests of BIG CORPORATIONS and we need to re-write our constitution to address the new problems we now face.
    I highly encourage everyone to see this movie, especially those working in our Government because the people are finding out and we are going to kick them out of office!!!!


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