More Government Spending Leads to More Problems

Ron Paul discusses spending by the U.S. Government, the Federal Reserve, and the road back to fiscal responsibility.

Date: 10/14/2010


Female News Anchor: Wow. Our nonstop coverage of “They’re burning your money” week continues with our next guest who says government spending will only worsen the current, very fragile economy.

Male News Anchor: Republican Congressman Ron Paul joins us on the phone from Clute, Texas. Congressman, I know it’s a drastic step, but do you think we’re at the point where we need a Constitutional solution to stop the deluge of government spending?

Ron Paul: Oh, it would be great, but nobody cares about the Constitution. So I don’t think that’s going to solve the problem. The other problem you have, even if you had a constitutional restraint, you would still have the Fed. Just remember, the Fed pumped in 2 trillion dollars off the budget. They just created the money and passed it out, and they can give money to foreign governments and foreign banks. So the problem is much bigger than having a legal or a constitutional limitation on what they can spend. I think it would be a good idea to make the point, but that’s far from the solution. The solution is what the people in this country think our government should be doing. As long as they expect this much from their government, that we can take care of everybody in the world and that we can have a welfare state here, you’re going to have this problem, no matter what the Constitution says, because they already totally ignore it.

Female News Anchor: Now congressman you, of course, have been quite vocal about your call for the Fed to be non-existent, basically. So I’m just curious about what you think would have happened had we had not had that first run of quantitative easing at the height of the financial crisis?

Ron Paul: We would have had more bankruptcies and if the Congress would have just kept their hands off, the whole correction would be over by now. But because we took it over and prevented the liquidation of the debt, this just delayed the inevitable. I’m not opposed to spending, it’s just that I’m opposed to government spending and the Fed spending. We want more spending, but that means you have to allow the people to have more money and the business people have more money, the spending has to come from them. But once the government takes over the spending, the only way they can do that is that it distort the markets further. That’s what the Fed does and that’s what the Congress does. But yes, it would have been a rough year, but it would have been over by now. I think all the liquidation would be done.

Now, with this mortgage scandal going on, that’s further delay. Everything they’re doing is delaying. And you want the liquidation to occur, the people can’t afford it, they have to give in and they have to go to somebody else who can afford it, and the prices have to go down. But this is what we did in the 1930s, we propped it up, we wouldn’t allow the market to clear the market, we didn’t believe that these corrections were necessary and the politicians can’t stand the idea of not doing something.

Male News Anchor: Well, speaking of politicians, Congressman Paul, we’ve got about three weeks before mid-term elections. Is there a consistent message out there from those on the right that would support curtailing spending?

Ron Paul: Well, it’s pretty good. I mean, I think everybody in the Tea Party Movement would say, “Yes, we want to curtail it”, but the Tea Party Movement actually originated during the last presidential race and they understood where I wanted to cut, and that was every place. The Tea Party Movement now has a lot of people in here that are picking and choosing. They say, “Well, we should cut this, but not that”. So we have a ways to go, but I think it’s very, very healthy. I think the consensus in the Tea Party Movement is to cut. I think there will be some more debates on exactly where to cut it.

Female News Anchor: Alright, Congressman Ron Paul, many thanks.

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  • , you are correct. But Fox, at 25% of the truth is still 20% more accurate than the other MSM.
    I used to watch Maria Bartiromo, I loved the way she would lie to me straight faced in the morning, like a girlfriend who goes out all night and comes home with hickies. Then later you find your 401k has been looted and your credit cards have been maxed. She’d say something like, “well, you deserved it because you are an idiot”. The Fox Bimbos wouldn’t do that to me.

  • Oh cmon. All the networks are completely biased and fox news is not any better than the rest.

  • mo money mo problems

    • David

      Hehehehe, you got it Red Leader, Franklin and the colonies issued script to the people as a means of trade, banks didn’t consider it money nor would they accept it as payment of debt, they didn’t even have banks, was a simple public currency put into circulation by Government for the people to trade with.

      According to our friend Douglas, the GNP of our 13 little colonies with their tiny populations exceeded the combined Atlantic trade of all of the European superpowers at the time, until the British banks got King George to outlaw the script and make them use money instead.


      During a visit to Britain in 1763, The Bank of England asked Benjamin Franklin how he would account for the newfound prosperity in the colonies. Franklin replied.

      “That is simple. In the colonies we issue our own money. It is called ‘Colonial Script’. We issue it in proper proportion to the demands of trade and industry to make the products pass easily from the producers to the consumers…In this manner, creating for ourselves our own paper money, we control its purchasing power, and we have no interest to pay to no one.”

      In response, the Bank of England influenced the British Parliament to put a stop to this activity. Under the Currency Act of 1764, King George III decreed that the Colonists cease printing their own money. The colonial script in circulation was to be exchanged at a two-to-one ratio with notes drawn from the Bank of England. This caused widespread unemployment and economic depression in the colonies.

      “In one year, the conditions were so reversed that the era of prosperity ended, and a depression set in, to such an extent that the streets of the Colonies were filled with unemployed.” (Benjamin Franklin)


      Just as you say, mo money, mo problems 🙂

      • Douglas

        Hi David,

        Thank you for including me in your post on Colonial GNP and it is very interesting to read your addition of authentic documents that We should all be very grateful you have shared with US.

  • I repost this reply i gave to Citizen in the other forum:

    Citizen, as i said you clearly have no idea what MPE stands for. I will try to explain it as simple as possible.

    MPE is a currency (our public medium of exchange) not subject to interest and backed by our labor/production/products or anything else we are capable of.

    That´s it.

    Anyone objecting to this is either a banker, or just plain stupid.

    Moreover, I think that you guys are making the same set of MISTAKEN assumptions, about Mathematically Perfected Economy, that many are making, BECAUSE OF THE NAME.

    Here is what people think: When they hear the name—Mathematically Perfected Economy— visions of a Hungarian Central Planner enter into their head. …But that’s just a misintepretation/false assumption.

    What I think has happened here, is that you guys have made the same mistakes that many people once made. Well. Ignorance, once cured, returns for no good reason. So, here is what Mathematically Perfected Economy REALLY IS:

    (1) Principals for loans, are created out of thin air, as debt. …Our current monetary regime does this anyway.
    (2) But the loans are interest-free. …Why would you pay somebody big bucks to do something that you could do for yourself, for nothing?
    (3) The ELIXUR: Loans are paid back, and the money is RETIRED from the circulation, in a time-based manner which is the mirror-image of the depreciation of the product. Why? So there can be no inflation or deflation. …And, yeah, I know that stuff happens.
    (4) Otherwise, there is NO government intervention in markets! No central planning. No regulations or manipulations or market distortions—-the invisible hand rule the day.

    Here is a simple example: A car dealer decides to lend you money for a car which free markets have decided is worth $20,000. And this car will last for 10 years. This car will depreciate in value in a linear, straight-line fashion—-that is, it will lose, on average, $2,000 in value per year.

    (1) $20,000 are created out of thin air as debt.
    (2) The car dealer recieves $20,000—-a trade of equal measures of production in exchange for equal measures of production. Why? Because the invisible hand says so. That’s why.
    (3) $2,000 per year are retired from the circulation as the loan is paid back untill, in ten years, ALL $20,000 have been retired from the circulation.

    The result: After year 1, there is $18,000 left in circulation, and the car is worth $18,000. After year 5, there is $10,000 in circulation, and the car is worth $10,000. And so on and so on.

    Get it? Under Mathematically Perfected Economy, (1) There is always enough money created out of thin air to cause full employment—-there is always full employment. (2) But, at the same time, there is always, on average, an inflation rate of ZERO. (3) And there is no more business cycle.

    Well, now you know. And you guys are making the same exact mistakes that many people originally made.

    • Citizen

      I’ve got to hand it to you, you are persistent,
      but still several bricks shy of a full theory of economics!

      I’m a little bit of a Banker, I save money, therefore I Bank,
      I’m not plain stupid, I’m complex stupid… I simply can’t come to the same simple conclusions that you MPE gnomes conjure up as a solution.

      1. “Money out of thin air” GREAT, we End the FED and Begin MPE.
      Money is created by people saving and corporate building profits. Money created out of thin air, is just what we are suffering from now, a massive inflation bubble in the form of a housing bust, that’s now deflating by 30-50%.
      So your saying a “Chicken in every pot” (FDR, 1931) and now a “Deadbeat in every house” (Citizen 2010)
      Just keep handing out the money… You don’t understand MAL-INVESTMENT one iota!

      2. “Interest Free” You don’t say! So people who save are discouraged from savings, because why bother since your printing it faster than they can save it.
      Well since your handing out interest free money, then just send every Citizen a cool Million USD tax free. That way no one is poor and everyone can buy all they want!!!
      Heck, why bother with loans, just give it away free!

      3. “So there can be no inflation or deflation” No kidding! Just like that we’ll stop the tides, prevent the seasons, and stop Bawney Fwank from making sub-prime loans.
      Your MPE system is essentially advocating the IDENTICAL thing the FED is doing noew…
      “Money for Nothing, your Chicks for Free” (Dire Straights 1986)

      4. “there is NO government intervention in markets!” Did you just fall off of the cabbage truck? You think that MPE just says it and poof, magic, no more Government manipulation.
      Seriously, government is the problem and thus far I only hear that MPE is simply looking to replace the FED. Different day, same old excrement.

    • Citizen

      Great Jake,

      You said:
      “MPE is a currency (our public medium of exchange) not subject to interest and backed by our labor/production/products or anything else we are capable of.”

      Your correct “currency” is not subject to interest.
      Its only when Government issues MASSIVE DEBT to “stimulate” the economy… the DEBT becomes subject to INTEREST, NOT the currency.

      Currency is only the median of exchange, a unit of measure for score keeping.

      GOVERNMENT DEBT is subject to INTEREST because we are selling our vary souls to our economic rivals, China, Europe and others who buy that Debt and expect their Principal WITH Interest

      Loans are always subject to interest, that’s just score keeping
      MPE is commingling Interest on Debt with Sound Currency.
      MPE states that Currency must be Interest Free. IT IS
      But DEBT is NOT.
      Debt is an Obligation to pay back with expectation of Risk Reward!

      Interest Rates are simply the measure of Risk ..
      MPE believes it can loan currency and create debt without Interest assessed.
      NO ONE is willing to lend their wealth at RISK for NO RETURN
      Just printing money is Hyper Inflationary and DETACHES Risk from Reward and relieves the Loan Recipient from responsibility… After all the loan is FREE! And ALL RISK to the issuing Loan Originator… WHICH MUST NOT BE THE GOVERNMENT!!!

      • David

        Reposting response to same from the sound money blog. Seems the lies and contradictions just keep getting greater and greater, pretty much everyone knows that the only possible way to get any form of our current money into circulation is for the federal government to issue interest bearing bonds to the private banks who own the federal reserve in exchange for them releasing federal reserve notes and credit representing them into circulation. Were the bonds issued to directly to us as a means of trade not subject to interest then we wouldn’t have a problem. Typical banking strategy too, shift blame for their theft and fraud onto government in order to distract people from killing the source of the problem.

        Good thing Americans aren’t believing the lies anymore.


        Citizen, there is not one single person who actually lives in the real world and makes their living doing something real in the real world who could make sense of a single word of what your trying to demonstrate.

        What they do understand is that the only way to stimulate the economy once the banks have consumed all of its debt currency in interest is to introduce more debt as currency and make the problem progressively worse and worse until there is no stimulation possible anymore and the economy ceases to exist.

        With what you propose, hard finite currencies being subject to banks and interest, there is no way to introduce more currency in any form once the banks have consumed all of the hard currency in interest, and the economy ceases to exist even faster.

        That’s all that there is too it Period, and it is indeed that simple and no matter how hard you try to complicate the simple issue you can’t change the simple facts !

        That’s all you can do as well is try to impress them with your purported intelligence by complicating the simple thing beyond understanding in the hopes that you can impress them into believing you and that they will give you and your banks control of the simple thing which they need to control themselves. They just ain’t that stupid anymore, no one is.

        And banks issue the debt not government, if government issued the currency it wouldn’t be debt and we wouldn’t have a problem.

        Stop Lying !


        Anyway, enough of this shit, for everyone who’s not a banker, come help us kill the problem. Your problem.

  • The libertarian austrian ideology is so self contradictory that it can both oppose ‘big’ government and support fascism at the same time.

    The fundamental element of Libertarianism and also Austrian economics is that everything ought to be privately owned. If an individual or group of wealthy landowners owned all the land in America and rented and leased it to everyone else and imposed the exact same conditions that the state imposes and had ‘charges’ instead of taxes, then the libertarians would have absolutely no problem with supporting such a system. They would merely call the ‘laws’ ‘free contracts’ and the taxes ‘service charges’

    Libertarian austrians are in favour of absolute tyranny and dictatorship, just as long as it’s a private individual or corporation doing the oppressing, and not a democratic nation state, even where the outcomes are exactly the same.

    A libertarian world dominated by an association of very large corporations would function very very similarly to the fascist states of the 20th century.

    Friedman was a huge supporter of Pinochet’s economic policies, he engineered most of them, either directly or indirectly through his students who were dominating chilean economic policy.

    He endorsed the military coup that got Pinochet into power by implying that if Allende had not been overthrown there would be torture imprisonment and political repression in Chile, he said this while pinochet was doing those very things.

    Another on von mises’ proteges, Hayek was another huge supporter of pinochet, Hayek used the fascist dictatorship as the model way all governments should behave to introduce the kinds of economic reforms necessary for a libertarian utopia. Hayek wrote in a letter to the london times saying he had “not been able to find a single person even in much maligned Chile who did not agree that personal freedom was much greater under Pinochet than it had been under Allende.”

    Both Friedman and Hayek believed Pinochet was just a stepping stone towards a libertarian free market economy.

    And that ladies and gentleman is what austrians and libertarians really stand for.

    • Douglas

      Jake, you are failing to properly represent the proper representational new issuance of currency. Look and See that that the proportional amount of currency issued into society ‘Should Be ‘naturally an ongoing process of proper Constitution Representation.

      Please state your congruency to the US system of proper issuance of US currency in relation to as it hast been unfortunately desecrated.

      • David

        Hi Douglas;

        Hehehehe, i remember you posing a similar question to me a long time ago and we ended up having a really good discussion on this which forced me to think and consider things far beyond what my train of thought had been at that time. I think we both learned and figured out a lot as a result as well 🙂

        I’m like you as well, i understand MPE and the methods and the concepts its based on and they are exactly the same ones which many of us have already concluded are the essential elements to establishing a currency and economy which will actually exist for the benefit of the people it serves, but i am still unclear on some of the specifics and details. I keep going back to the website from time to time to look at more and i keep finding and understanding more about it progressively but a few of the details need to be clarified, in other words, brought down to our level instead of Mike’s. From that point it would be nice if the entire system could be somehow brought down to an even simpler level and described in a very concise and simple format which a 10 year old child will understand as it needs to be understood by the entire population if it or certain components of it are to have a chance of being adopted. Conversely the operation of any system we do establish also needs to be understood by the majority of population so that they will be aware of its management and can effect control of it toward their benefit as well so that it will not stand a chance of being corrupted.

        I expect that Mike is going to work on this too, but give him a little time to do so, i don’t know what his schedule is like and i expect it will considerable time and effort on his part to do this.

  • Citizen

    DANGER: Mathematical Perfected Economy (MPE)
    IS World Socialism on Steroids
    IS neither mathematical and is far from perfected by any stretch of one’s imagination.

    Under MPE, A person who accumulates capital and wishes to earn interest on their savings is summarily labeled a “Jew” or “Banker”

    Under MPE, ALL concentrations of wealth are systematically “redistributed” in the form of “interest free” principal only loans made to anyone who has a “need”.

    Under MPE, Darth Michael Montagne Vader, writes and manages the software source code that instantaneously redistributes the world currency. Never mind that Darth Montagne lives in the shadows, a spooky dude shown in a back lit hunting photo reminiscent of a fugitive poster on the Post Office wall. “this is not the droid you’re looking for”

    Under MPE, SOFTWARE becomes the cyber math tool used to re-balance inequities in the world economy. As soon as any inflation or deflation is detected, the offending area is targeted with account transfers out or in, as the case may dictate, to correct the imbalanced condition. I admit that Fortan77 or C++ are both capable programming tools able to produce scalable code to manipulate the entire world economy, but WHY would anyone choose to implement such an inherently amoral and inhuman system of wealth redistribution?

    Under MPE, personal WEALTH is discouraged, only the STATE holds the wealth and individuals are summarily stripped of any excess savings (hoarding) they may have earned over a lifetime of hard work. Everyone’s wealth is absorbed into the “COLLECTIVE”. Corporations are deemed to be “interest earning usury banks or Jews, hoarding the currency and thus are targeted and stripped of any of their excess capital which is reabsorbed into the collective and redistributed by the MPE software model.

    Oh and yes Darth (Michael Montagne) Vader
    IS the Man Behind the Curtain (The Mighty OZ) who is in charge of the algorithm code.

    Can we all give a rousing Sieg Heil here!

    Austrian Economics dismantles MPE at every key point of applied economics and IS NOT Socialism on Steroids

    Ron Paul is an AE Libertarian that RESPECTS human action and liberty.
    MPE is computer driven socialism, TOTALITARIAN hack code


    • Our faschist austrian Citizen doesn´t understand the first thing about Mathematically Perfected Economy for if he does he wouldn´t come up with these false assertions which he can NOT proof simply because MPE and Mike is 100% correct on every count. The fact he judges a book on it´s cover tells you the fool he really is.

      You are done faschist gnome(s), and you know it…..We´re going to smoke you out of your miserable little faschist gnome dream and kick you out of this country for this country to return to it´s constitutional values found by our fathers. MPE is what OUR founding fathers stood for.

    • David

      Well Citizen, this post is unfortunate because at one time i did have a lot of respect for you, unfortunately i cannot anymore.

      Instead of answering the question which several of us have posed numerous times in that what would prevent the Rothschild’s from loaning an equal amount of hard currencies into circulation and in 10 years consume all of our hard currencies in interest which you cant as we all know this is exactly what would happen, you post what anyone who has been reading and following these conversations knows to be outright lies supposedly in defense of your “Theory”, and consequently the “Theory” has now lost any and all credibility which it could possibly have.

      I’ve been waiting for Mike to respond do this, as he is the one best qualified to defend MPE itself, and although i don’t consider MPE to be the be all and end all of establishing a free economy where the people have the right to keep and benefit from all of their own efforts it does contain the essential elements toward establishing this. I simply want to see something which can work toward everyone’s freedom and benefit and MPE along with the simple discussions many of us have been having on here, and the reasonings of Franklin, Lincoln, and many others would and could.

      In terms of wealth distribution, here we go:

      So called “free market capitalism” is the ultimate form of wealth redistribution, as it allows a parasitic infection which contributes absolutely nothing toward the benefit of the population (Banks) to progressively consume all of the nations wealth in interest to the extent where 100 % of the wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few banking families with nothing left for anyone else, so this is the ultimate form of wealth redistribution.

      “Austrian economics” also constitutes this same ultimate form of wealth redistribution and is the back up plan of the banking system in case they fail to consume all of the wealth through “free market capitalism” It restricts us to finite currencies which cannot be replaced once consumed, and leaves the door wide open for banks to consume these currencies in interest without a federal reserve bank, and without fractional reserve banking as well, just as i said, the Rothschilds have literally all of the worlds gold supply secured in their vaults under London, with the exception of that which is supposedly secured in Fort Knox, and under the Austrian terms and conditions they will have all of that gold to within about 10 years. Again this allows a parasitic infection which contributes absolutely nothing toward the benefit of the population (Banks) consume all of the nations wealth in interest to the extent where 100 % of the wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few banking families with nothing left for anyone else, so this is the ultimate form of wealth redistribution and you call giving them the right to do this freedom ??????????????????????????????

      Socialism does not even constitute redistribution of wealth as it is simply the means to secure absolute power and control over the population by the banks through their puppet governments once they have consumed 100 % of the wealth through the wealth redistribution process, in order to prevent any attempt by the population to get it back, so it is simply the final consequence and the means to permanently secure the wealth redistribution promoted by the former.

      What you are defending as “Freedom” amounts to removing from the people the right to acquire and hold property and giving thieves “free” reign in order to steal from the entire population at will until there is no more property left for them to steal. There is and can be no disputing this, and in the end this is the only end result which can be accomplished with any form of Banking and private interest, as an economy simply cannot exist to serve a parasitic infection as opposed to those contributing to its useful production. Any 3 year old child can figure this out and anyone who would maintain that it can, can only do so as a result of trusting and believing in a theory to the point where it becomes a religion and makes them incapable of any form of sense or reason which would enable them to see beyond the lies they’ve been fed. I’m actually very surprised that throughout all of the discussion which has taken place here you have not begun to see this by now yourself.

      What we have been promoting instead, what Mike and Jake call MPE, what i have been calling Ben Franklin economics, etc., is a means to permanently eliminate any form of wealth redistribution by simply eliminating the parasitic infection which must make complete and total wealth redistribution inevitable, Banks and private interest.

      What we are promoting is a completely free and private enterprise system and economy, where the people themselves create and manage their own means of trade for their own benefit independently of the parasitic infection which must and has always consumed “redistributed” 100 % of the wealth into its own hands in order to maintain its ability to survive. What we are talking about, is giving each and every member of the population not the privilege at the mercy of the banking system but the “right”, to keep and prosper privately, not publicly, from 100 % of the useful efforts which each and every one of them is willing and capable of contributing to the rest, and providing an equal chance for every single citizen in order to do so according to the basic tenet on which the United States of America is founded, that “all men are created equal”.

      If this is done wisely, it can even eliminate the final form of involuntary servitude which would still exist after the elimination of banking and interest which is Taxation, again establishing “Freedom” where there was none before. If it is done wisely, it can completely and totally eliminate poverty as well where the excess injections of currency which will be required to make up for economic growth that the population generates, can be used to provide a more than adequate existence even for the people not capable of contributing to the productive effort of the population at absolutely no cost to any of those that do.

      If done correctly this can establish what today would be considered a Utopian dream where the standard of living of the population in America would be so far beyond anything which we have experienced in the past, that it would be impossible for most to comprehend until it is actually established. Instead of being a Utopian dream, it is simply the natural state of prosperity which the people themselves would have been capable of creating all along except for the fact that the vast majority of their productive effort has always been consumed by the parasitic infection which both “Free Market Capitalism” and “Austrian Economics” exist to feed. In other words, it will be the restoration of their natural ability to create prosperity for themselves and each other, absent of the unnatural redistribution of wealth which this parasitic infection must inevitably generate to the point where that unnatural distribution becomes complete and absolute resulting in the final evolution of Socialism to secure that distribution.

      Freedom is the absence of power and you can only have one or the other as the two cannot exist within the same space except at each others expense. I need no power in order to sustain myself, because i contribute useful and beneficial things to the population for their own benefit which they willingly obtain from me because what i create for them will enhance their lives, their enjoyment of freedom, and their pursuit of happiness. Banks on the other hand contribute no such thing, and must establish power in order to survive and sustain themselves as they have absolutely no other means to do so, neither does a thief who violates the rights and freedoms of his fellow citizens and sustains himself by stealing from them that which they have rightfully earned.

      It is about bloody time that absolutely everyone came to understand that difference so that freedom can be established and finally secured, as opposed to trusting and believing more idiotic bullshit invented by this parasitic infection which survives on power and digging both their own and everyone else’s graves ever deeper in the name of false “freedom” to the extent where there will be absolutely no way for any of us to climb out of them anymore.

    • Brian Handey

      The fact is that no amount of math can perfect an economy. High frequency traders already use algorithms to try to figure out stock market trends. A very small percentage of people use these algorithms to take advantage of the market by buying and selling at a tremendous rate with varied levels of success. But the true fact of the matter is that the economy is driven by emotions. Humans are driven by emotions. And humans are the ones who push and pull the economy. Sometimes we impulsively buy, sell, trade, etc, regardless of the medium of exchange, the good, or the process of production used to produce the good. And other times we act conservatively and refrain from consumption for a variety of social and personal reasons. So an MPE, even though it may sound good in theory and may have principled intentions, is not possible and never will be.

  • I don’t care what the leftist jabronies have to say. Even if the Neo Cons have made in roads into the Tea Party the Tea Party is the best thing to happen to this country in 100 years.

  • BradNC11175

    I don’t care what the leftist jabronies have to say. Even if the Neo Cons have made in roads into the Tea Party the Tea Party is the best thing to happen to this country in 100 years.

  • peacemungerhere

    dr ron has more than earned respect —not that we have to earn it,respect should be given freely any way..this man is the seinor most statesman in the entire fox better get down on their knee and beg forgiveness from ron start treating him with the utmost RESPECT—oriely/hean what ever the fk yer name is/and all you other neocons at fox quit being so fucking divisive in a liberal world there is room for you …yes yet, in a right wing world there is no tolerance for liberals

  • Ron Paul is the only option we have, the rest seem to be statism and neocon-lite vs statism/lite + neocon.

  • Ron Paul is the only option we have, the rest seem to be statism and neocon-lite vs statism/lite + neocon.

  • The constitution was written on hemp.

  • synyst3rgat35

    The constitution was written on hemp.

  • I agree, notice though that this network that RP has been appearing on a lot, and on which Freedom Watch and Stossel are, is a different network than Fox News.

  • I agree, notice though that this network that RP has been appearing on a lot, and on which Freedom Watch and Stossel are, is a different network than Fox News.

  • buzwazfuz

    they are burning your money enforcing stupid anti-marijuana laws!

  • P38SpaceModulator

    the best lesson we collectively learned during the 08 election (and actually put into real action) is that: our salvation will not come from the top down, but from the bottom up. we bombarded, we shouted out, we pushed, we screamed, we showed up, we debated, we spent, we wrote, we called, we met, we protested, we took over local parties. WE PREVAILED. AND WE MUST KEEP IT UP. It would be sweeter if we could get a Ron Paul as our leader this next election. We will get one if WE keep it up.