Ron Paul: No Weapons for Saudi Arabia!

Saudi Arms Deal is About Iran

by Ron Paul

This month the US Administration notified Congress that it intends to complete one of the largest arms sales in US history to one of the most repressive regimes on earth. Saudi Arabia has been given the green light by the administration to spend $60 billion on some 84 new F-15 aircraft, dozens of the latest helicopters, and other missiles, bombs, and high-tech military products from the US weapons industry.

Saudi Arabia, from where 15 of the 19 September 11 hijackers came, is a family-run dictatorship, where there are no political parties, no independent press, and where any form of political dissent is met with the most severe punishment. We are told that we must occupy Afghanistan to encourage more rights for women, an issue on which the Saudi regime makes the Taliban look rather liberal by comparison. We are told that our increasingly aggressive policies toward Iran are justified by that country’s rigid Islamic laws and human-rights violations, while the even more repressive Islamic rule in Saudi Arabia is never mentioned.

So why would the US government, which spends hundreds of billions of dollars yearly and maintains hundreds of bases overseas to push global democracy, approve a deal like this with such a regime? As Stockholm Institute scholar Pieter Wezeman told the Washington Post, “Of course it’s against Iran. Of course it’s against Yemen. You can read between the lines … but there are not any official statements about it.” Although the deal must be approved by Congress, there is little chance of any significant Congressional opposition for the above reason.

Imagine if China had armed an aggressive, anti-American Mexico to the teeth. How would we feel? Threatened? That is likely how Iran feels with this massive arms sale to Saudi Arabia. To underscore this message, the US quietly announced early this month that it was selling 20 F-35 Stealth fighters to Israel. As Israeli military purchases are paid for with US foreign aid, we must realize that the weapons pointed at Iran in the Middle East are American made and largely paid for with American tax dollars. Certainly Iran understands this. Will such a provocative move, arming two anti-Iranian powers in the region to the teeth, lead to a trigger event to bring about a full invasion of Iran? The economic tsunami that would result from such a horrific turn of events would only be eclipsed by the death and destruction in the region — and likely beyond.

Some will argue that these arms deals are international trade which we should encourage and applaud. Sadly, the United States does not build much that we can export these days. But the fact is that the US weapons industry is underwritten by the American taxpayer. From research and development to acquisition by the US military, the costs of the US arms industry are borne by American citizens. But, as so-called “private” companies, the enormous profits they make selling weapons to countries like Saudi Arabia are of course privatized. So the costs are socialized and the profits are privatized. There is a word for this arrangement and it is not “capitalism.”


  • TheStarlessAeon

    No weapons for United States of America…. or anyone!


    Knowing how america actually is on the inside, and by that I mean the government’s depth of corruption, every time I see someone waving an american flag, I don’t see the red white and blue. I see someone’s shit and piss stained underwear dangling off a stick. Its time to stop bragging about being #1, and start acting like it. The days for waving our flag are over, the time for replacing our flag with an angry fist aimed at our leaders is at hand.

    • Dfens

      A true “Ron Paul” style patriot, if ever there was one! Hate America first, and call that patriotism. Good job.

      • Brian Handey

        If you read the comment, ACIRCLEOFLIGHT is angry at our leaders, not at America. And they have every right to be. After all, America was founded on protest and a distrust of government. You shouldn’t paint a “Ron Paul style patriot” as a person who hates America. If anything, they love America more than people like you; you accept and tolerate being over-run, over-regulated, and over-taxed. Those are the very things the founding fathers sought to minimize. So I wouldn’t paint a picture that ACIRCLEOFLIGHT hates America. That’s intellectually dishonest.

  • BagOfEyebrows

    great update – thank you, Congressman Paul.

  • iancucornel

    great man

  • zozo2001

    9/11 is a US made, Saudies are inncent from that

    we saudies don’t want your old weapons but its a political deal

  • sinitskyd

    Evil Iranians must pay for defeating the Roman Forces in 72BC!

  • bbthewise

    omg I love you Ron Paul. Please keep cutting through the crap.

  • Mujahid1

    You’re right Ron. Let’s stop dealing arms to Saudi Arabia and in return Saudi Arabia can stop oil shipments to the America. Sound fair?

    • Brian Handey

      We oughta stop all war. It’s a waste of time, life, and money.

  • ArcanineKing

    No nuclear weapons for Israel then.

  • Sciferas77

    The next war is planned then. We are arming people to the teeth and just hoping someone starts shooting so we can come in and wreck havok and justify more ludicracy.

  • dynomyght

    Saudi Arabia promotes the worst kind of Islam the most vile form Islam namely Wahhabi Islam which is pure evil. Women have no rights, people are subject to the state. Saudi Arabia is a totalitarian state of the mullah.

    • McDonald

      I’ve lived in Saudi Arabia for a year – it’s not really that bad. I’ve also trained with Saudi soldiers. That’s their culture and that’s their choice. Everyone I met was nice enough. The way they govern themselves is none of our business, really. I’ve also been to Afghanistan. Things are a lot worse there with corruption. Most of the citizens of that country are victims caught in the confusion.

  • Dadutta

    obama and bush seem to love the saudis.
    what assholes they are.

  • AmerginMacEccit

    The Bush family is the Saudi royal family’s bitch.

  • ksa4liberty

    A new breed of Bailout.
    What the heck is a ‘kike’?

  • dhebert111

    Ron Paul speaks the truth and has cares very deeply for his fellow man and justice. You cant fake things like that, thats why all his policies make sense, because they are the right thing to do. IF the United States of America had a president like this, he could change the world for the good. I truely believe he is a savior, the USA might never use, and then what,,,,,

  • amjadws

    Saudi Arabia can get their weapons from china, Russia and many other advanced countries . US is not the only country who make weapons. rejecting this deal will lead your economy to hell. in fact , Saudi Arabia does not need these weapons ,F-15 is so backward air-plain. I am Saudi and I AM against this deal.

  • connoisseurodg

    Are there enough openly racist comments on this page? Giving a great man a bad name by pretending to be RP supporters, when you’re obviously trolls planting bigotry to sabotage his campaign, is not the way to go. Please post comments laced with ignorance on Palin’s, Obama’s or any other mainstream candidate’s page.

  • numba1stunna4269

    EFF ’em.

  • silvercoin1111

    Agree with Mr. Paul, no guns for Saudi Arabia!

  • kommon12Cents

    Ron Paul has all the credibility in the world