Ron Paul: No Weapons for Saudi Arabia!

Saudi Arms Deal is About Iran

by Ron Paul

This month the US Administration notified Congress that it intends to complete one of the largest arms sales in US history to one of the most repressive regimes on earth. Saudi Arabia has been given the green light by the administration to spend $60 billion on some 84 new F-15 aircraft, dozens of the latest helicopters, and other missiles, bombs, and high-tech military products from the US weapons industry.

Saudi Arabia, from where 15 of the 19 September 11 hijackers came, is a family-run dictatorship, where there are no political parties, no independent press, and where any form of political dissent is met with the most severe punishment. We are told that we must occupy Afghanistan to encourage more rights for women, an issue on which the Saudi regime makes the Taliban look rather liberal by comparison. We are told that our increasingly aggressive policies toward Iran are justified by that country’s rigid Islamic laws and human-rights violations, while the even more repressive Islamic rule in Saudi Arabia is never mentioned.

So why would the US government, which spends hundreds of billions of dollars yearly and maintains hundreds of bases overseas to push global democracy, approve a deal like this with such a regime? As Stockholm Institute scholar Pieter Wezeman told the Washington Post, “Of course it’s against Iran. Of course it’s against Yemen. You can read between the lines … but there are not any official statements about it.” Although the deal must be approved by Congress, there is little chance of any significant Congressional opposition for the above reason.

Imagine if China had armed an aggressive, anti-American Mexico to the teeth. How would we feel? Threatened? That is likely how Iran feels with this massive arms sale to Saudi Arabia. To underscore this message, the US quietly announced early this month that it was selling 20 F-35 Stealth fighters to Israel. As Israeli military purchases are paid for with US foreign aid, we must realize that the weapons pointed at Iran in the Middle East are American made and largely paid for with American tax dollars. Certainly Iran understands this. Will such a provocative move, arming two anti-Iranian powers in the region to the teeth, lead to a trigger event to bring about a full invasion of Iran? The economic tsunami that would result from such a horrific turn of events would only be eclipsed by the death and destruction in the region — and likely beyond.

Some will argue that these arms deals are international trade which we should encourage and applaud. Sadly, the United States does not build much that we can export these days. But the fact is that the US weapons industry is underwritten by the American taxpayer. From research and development to acquisition by the US military, the costs of the US arms industry are borne by American citizens. But, as so-called “private” companies, the enormous profits they make selling weapons to countries like Saudi Arabia are of course privatized. So the costs are socialized and the profits are privatized. There is a word for this arrangement and it is not “capitalism.”


  • Deryntia

    Why interfere with business Ron? It’s just business afterall right?

  • Deeman2323

    they are all thieves! Check out my video response called Dontcha Know.

  • lovedalord88

    Thanks for more common sense Ron Paul. When we say God Bless America your’re part of that blessing we have asked for.

  • sm00fy

    I sooooooo wish Ron Paul would dump the republican party and run as the Tea Party candidate for president in 2012… by then the global economy will be nearly completely destroyed and a 3rd party candidate will have a great chance at winning.

  • xMaXiMuSx

    Saudi Arabia is a US backed regime cause they give us oil.. The saudi family would be like gaving ALcapone ruling the United States.

  • voltrabbit7

    In Ron Paul I Trust

  • SpraxIAKS

    How hypocritical. It’s hilarious how we focus on Afghanistan, Iran and farce with Iraq and whatever the bullshit with Yemen is then turn out and give Israel and Saudi Arabia weapons, especially Saudi Arabia. So hypocritical.

    Now I really want to see Russia or China sell a LARGE cache to a country like Venezuela or Iran even just to see how the news responds.

  • MetallicaFan035

    I wish this man was president, or could be president in the future, my favorite politican in Washington. Only one that makes sense

  • samusssbm85

    People keep waiting for when the US will become a fascist state, not realizing it’s already here.

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    Go MR> PAUL! WE must Keep Telling the Truth so we can get our country back! GO RON PAUL! RP for President 2012!!

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    Ron Paul for president..

  • Douglas

    Being realistic, logical and practical observer one would see that even a well trained Citizenry in proper sovereign defense would be a suicide mission against the US Military Industrial Complex. Even a Citizenry like that of ’Switzerland’ would not be effective.

    We should work within the Political Framework of America to take control of the US Military Industrial Complex through the democratic instillation of our chosen ’Commander and Chief’. Otherwise we are just pawns in a Global Effort by the Private Central Banking Families effort to amass a secretly controlled Global Socialistic Economic Monopoly.

    However, encouraging Citizens to be Virtuous and Armed is a good thing as long as they do not pretend to withstand the IRS funded US Military Complex. This is a Political War and a Holy War if we take a logical look at what is taking place. We should be strategic and diplomatic in this effort. Now that the House has turned over to the Republicans there is a better chance that we can get the proper Audit of the Federal Reserve that is needed.

    Perhaps, we could never ‘Satisfyingly’ substitute the current system of Monetary Power, whether Politically or Militarily. However, we should have a plan in place to act if the current system fails do to whatever reason. Be it Nuclear War, Geological Cataclysm, The Classic Domino Effect or the deliberation of Controlled Crisis Intervention.

    Selling arms to Saudi is a ‘Effective’ way the US Government can direct US Dollars back into the US, or recover Dollars Spent on Oil. However, this can backfire if the US was to loose friendly relations with the Saudis.

    • Douglas

      Perhaps too, the US Administration is being pressured to turn over more security operations that protect ‘US dependent OIL Contracts’ over to the ‘Contract Holders’. What percentage of OIL does the US depend on from Saudi Arabia and how much cheaper is it in comparison to other sources? How much US tax money ‘defends’ the sale of Middle East oil to other Nation besides the US?

      The fact that ‘simultaneously’ 20 F-35 Stealth fighters are being sold to Israel shows that this deal is not going down without subsequent assurances of the same fanatical Zionist that own and control the US economy. Remember that WAR is the primary function used in sustaining and balancing out the shortcomings of Fractional Reserve Banking Systems. They are not afraid of War because they own and control it. They are reckless and violent just as our ‘Founding Fathers’ said.

      Look at history. When the Rockefellers deliberately monopolized the US oil industry back in the early days of US oil production the US Government responded with Anti-trust laws to help protect against dishonest price manipulations. How did the Rockefellers respond? They simply established ‘The Federal Reserve System’ and proceeded to create and evolve total petroleum dependent economies to their benefit.

      Who found oil and helped extract and distribute this for the Middle East? Cheap Oil from this region is like a drug addiction for America. Saddam was funded to help stop the Iran invasion of Iraq by the same forces that he later turned on. Not Bazaar Bernanke! At that time perhaps they did not know how perverted Saddam was. Just like they did not realize how perverted Hitler was. Even so, it is and always was about the OIL and Industrial Private Control. The Super Cash Cow!

      They had to stop Saddam; he became a real threat to their OIL contracts. Look at the mess Saddam made when he invaded Kuwait. The fact that the US is dependent on Middle East oil is a very serious issue. One that Iran, Russia and China all are very aware of! Bush publically declared this to be a serious problem that has dire ultimatums.

      Furthermore, how can Russia, China or the US Masters of Private Central Banking going to pipeline energy through Afghanistan when there are nomads at every corner ready to sabotage their every effort? Russia failed and now the US military has been courted to do the job. If the US fails then it will be China’s turn. This is what the Private Central Banking Families are planning. Think I am nuts? Well just think about how dependent we all are right now on cheap oil extractions from sparsely populated desert regions. Then think about how it will be if China does the job! Or think of the risk involved in opening up all those capped wells in the gulf!

      Our civilization is the result of the plans of a very few Private Central Banking Families. Yes, now the Feds are going to buy 600 billion in US Government Securities. So, what does this mean? Well, that all depends on how it is ‘Constitutionally Represented’! Sorry, not going to happen.

    • David

      Hi Douglas;

      Another interesting post as always. To give the benefit of my own experience here, as an immigrant from one of this worlds Socialist police states which had experienced the final evolution of banking, the only thing that the Banks/Government were more afraid of than their own citizens was their own military, so once the citizens had been disarmed they all but dismantled the military as well, and replaced them with police who were essentially recruited from the criminal element and paid to enforce their power, as these were the only ones willing to do so. Bottom line, if the people of America go to war with the dummy corporation the banks have established to serve them which we currently refer to as a Government, who do you think 9 out of 10 serving in the US military will support ? From what i’ve heard there are already certain elements in the US military conspiring to regain control of our political establishment on behalf of the population. I don’t know to what extent this has propagated yet, only rumors thus far but it wouldn’t surprise me. Case in point in the many states which have enacted laws in violation of our Constitution, in particular to disarm the citizenry, many of the local sheriffs and police are refusing to enforce them, except in such instances where they can lay an additional charge in relation to another crime.

      The banks and their government know this too and that the best they could hope for in their defense would be UN peacekeeping forces. Based on past performance they would lose badly, completely, totally and utterly against the American Population. This gives us a chance now to exacerbate this fear in the political establishment where they may actually turn on the Banks and act in our interests out of fear of their own and inevitable destruction, and the existing military / industrial complex, thereafter under our control, also makes it impossible for the banks to simply start a war and shut the effort down as they would do with any other country which tried to break free of them, as again, we would win and they would lose.

      We really do have a very unique opportunity here people, and for the first time in a great many centuries, the American population actually has within their reach today, a chance to establish the right to benefit from the full extent of prosperity which they are capable of creating for themselves and each other, without that prosperity being consumed by the age old parasitic infection which can’t survive without doing this, Banks.

      Come help us make it happen, all of you:

      • Douglas

        David, your knowledge and forthrightness is one to be respected! However, in order to implement your understanding would require the establishment of a New Nation unless you be able to convert all this Unconstitutional Issuance representing a gross amount of Unconstitutional Global Economic expansion under the foul direction of Private International Fractional Reserve Bankers?

        How would you deal with the unsustainable system already demising Humanity? Hey, a huge economy of overproduction. All this stuff that no one has the buying power to have. Stupid!

        We must use the Hallmarks established thought US Constitutional History. Like I stated before, the Private Central Banking Families had to influence US history in order to maintain their power. Thus, the power of a true system of Constitutional currency needs ’YET’ to be properly educated into all the constituents involved.

        David, it is one thing to destroy a power that it is not good for the people. However, it is, in turn, just as important to establish a system that works for the people. Remember that our enemies are Masters at manipulating and disturbing any effort to cancel out their power. They own and control the Media!

        As a warrior against them you will find me to be a die hard. Let us take up this battle because in all my observations this means defending the Natural Laws which allow the Universe to Expand in the first place. Without proper representation of each individual the Universe cannot expand to its fullest potential. Thus, each and every one of US is an important part of Eternal Universal Expansion.

        • David

          Hi Douglas;

          Actually check the instructions under the demand and the method. This is something we can accomplish in complete circumvention of the current bank controlled political and media process, simply through individual citizens participating in the effort, and putting it in front of other individual citizens so that they can participate in it. The mass pubic awakening which we have now where pretty much everyone realizes that banks are the source if their problems began a little over half a year ago, when some of us on here started emailing our discussions here into circulation among the general population and letting them forward them on to others, many of which discussions you made some very valuable contributions to yourself. The politicians haven’t been telling them the real problems, nor offering any solutions, nor has the mainstream media as, just as you say its all owned and controlled by banks. We have, and there has been absolutely nothing they could do to stop it. If this effort is sufficient to generate the fear in the political establishment to take control of the system from the banks toward our benefit, which if everyone does their job in promoting, it might be, then the problem is solved, if not then its a matter of trying to organize subsequent efforts to add to it until it is, and doing it in the same way, where they cannot be usurped by banks gaining control of whatever organization we are using to promote them. We have no organization, only people, and thus there is nothing they can corrupt.

          Re: Switching over to a productive and expanding economy which can actually expand instead of continually contracting to feed a parasitic infection and reduce us under absolute despotism, very simple thing, which i think we all understand. Declare a criminal practice to be just that, destroy the infection one and for all, absolutely and completely, cancel all of the fraudulent debt which has been created by it, and create, issue, and manage our own means of trade for ourselves so that it can actually function to allow us to trade for all that we can do, so that’s about as simple as things could be. I suppose that toward representing the establishment of a new nation, with the current nation having been usurped from its population by Banks in order to reduce them under absolute despotism, it would amount to such, but in actuality it will consist of the people themselves driving out the invaders of the original nation, forcing congress to simply fulfill its original constitutional responsibility to provide this on our behalf and further securing that responsibility so that it could no longer be usurped, and re-establishing the original nation in its original intent.

          A new nation, the United States of America, was already established by popular consensus and action once before, and will be restored to its original glory and purpose in the same manner. The consensus already exists, so all that remains is to propose organized means of action to the population which each of them can participate in, in order to accomplish this. Re: Die hard warriors toward this cause, if you haven’t been doing so already, start checking posts from Truthseeker and Jack. I am extremely glad that we have the benefit of their efforts now, and i can certainly rest much easier in knowing that the end result can and will be accomplished. You certainly have some extremely valuable knowledge to contribute to their efforts and discussions, just as you and i have contributed to each others so many times as well.

          Absolutely love your statement “Let us take up this battle because in all my observations this means defending the Natural Laws which allow the Universe to Expand in the first place. Without proper representation of each individual the Universe cannot expand to its fullest potential. Thus, each and every one of US is an important part of Eternal Universal Expansion.” And this does indeed sum up the objective and the method of accomplishment in its entirety.

        • Declare a criminal practice to be just that, destroy the infection one and for all, absolutely and completely, cancel all of the fraudulent debt (RETURN ALL THE INTEREST EVER PAID BY THE PEOPLE, TO THE PEOPLE) which has been created by it, and create, issue, and manage our own means of trade (FREE OF INTEREST) for ourselves so that it can actually function to allow us to trade for all that we can do, so that’s about as simple as things could be.


      • Douglas

        Perhaps NOW the ‘Private Owners’ of the Worlds various Central Banking Systems would care to try the original US Constitutional principles that ‘WERE’ supposed to be used to Govern the Issuance of ‘NEW Currency’ into the ‘ US Free Market System’?

        Now that the Biological and Ecological effects of their ‘Private CFR Global Expansion System’ has matured! Their issuance has shown to have many environmental side effects apparent now over several ‘Generations’. These side effects are being studied by the ‘Scientific Community’; Pollution and ‘Natural Resource Depletion’ seem to top the charts.

        The most under evaluated are in the ‘Socio-Political’ effects that ‘Force’ the ‘Private Owners’ of the worlds various ‘Central Banks’ to take great measures in the controlling of ‘Main Stream Media’.

        The current ability of the ‘Scientific Community’ to have the ‘Time and Resources’ needed to explore and research ‘Depends’ on a previously established ‘Socio-political System’ of ‘Prosperity’; this was established through the implementation of the ‘US Constitution’ FOLKS. However, there is one aspect of this establishment that has never been fully implemented over the span of necessary ‘Generational’ fulfillment.

        Thus, the US after Two Hundred Years of Evolution has not fully implemented its DNA, so to speak!

        David, this is what we can do for the US. Use the obvious scientific evidence currently presented to fuel the decommissioning of …………..SHIT

        I already see how they will neutralize US.

        David, I know of another Plan, one that we can utilize without having to make ‘Industrial War” with our enemies and still inherit the life of Earth after the Central Bankers civilization is destroyed forever! Ha Ha Ha Ha HAAH!

        True Brothers of the Quest; now it has come time for true deliberation; a true observer of what is truly taking place within the global international monetary systems we are called to make sense of it and challenge the powers that have monopolized it

        This process is not without disturbing observations. What we see is the after math of true unconstitutional issuance of massive amount of unconstitutionally represented currency!.

        Currency has a tremendous amount of power; power that is supposed to be under the guidance of a US Constitutional Congress; that which represents the people.

        Once it is issued unto the people it becomes part of the ‘Free Market System’.

        Thus the issuance of NEW Currency is supposed to be governed by the people for the people. When that new currency enters circulation it becomes part of the ‘Free Market System’! Thus the expansion is governed by the needs of the people.

        Sadly, this system has been taken completely advantage of by something for nothing Users. They see quiet clearly the advantage they have by controlling the issuance of new notes of monetary power without proper representation

        The battle goes on that I have studied for the past 25 years; one that I cannot leave without making a significant effort to disable. It is part of my incarnation, one that I cannot live without.

        So, we are Brothers in this effort, but for now I feel that we need to take this effort to another level, one that involves transgressing this current port. This we can do though our post Master.

  • zshuai

    Good luck, Dr Paul.

  • our people need someone like ron. we need better financial care and i think in 2012 he could help out alot more with our troops across seas than oboma could

  • An Austrian/Paulian individualistic anarchist-capitalist society without a state and where the money represents gold cannot long continue to function on that basis. There will soon come a concentration of power in which a small group of powerful individuals (oligarchs) take all the power because they have more gold than the rest.

    A private bank or a George Soros will become the actual power of a state and build a private army to protect its interests. This will lead to a power struggle among the oligarchs until a few of them are in control. There is nothing to prevent this because all individuals with less capital and less power will be employed by the oligarchs out of self-interest, or develop criminal activities out of frustration and needs.

    Ultimately, you will have a feudal society. And ultimately this will change into a different form of society. Ideal societies do not exist and people will always try to do things out of self-interest, and there will always be people who fight for power and control.

    But Mathematically Perfected Economy solves an important issue, because capital is accessible to everyone without interest if he / she are creditworthy and with the collateral as backing (our labour and produc(tion). This will push the capital oligarchs out of the game and they cannot impose their will by just having capital, and therefore gain unlawful and undeserved (usury) profits, because that capital (our true medium of exchange) is freely available subject to compliance and the conditions as laid out before.

    This preventive approach will be a major shift in which everyone has equal opportunities with a much broader social base in which crime out of frustration will largely disappear.

    If we accept anything less we will fail (again)!

    Or in Benjamin Franklin´s words: JOIN, OR DIE

    • Brian Handey

      What you described is what is happening and has been happening in government right now. Without being able to create money out of thin air, the people with gold will have to exchange it, thus losing the gold for another person’s labor. That is a check on power. That’s because it is limited, it can’t be created without production in return.

      And an indiviual-anarchist? I guess some people would put a negative spin on that idea with the intent of taking it out of context. But is the fundamental idea behind individual anarchy really such a bad idea? Like Ronald Reagan once asked us: “Well, if no one among us is capable of governing himself, then who among us has the capacity to govern someone else?”

      P.S. – you can’t mathematically perfect an economy. Humans are driven by emotions and base their decisions, to some extent, on emotional conditions. An economy is driven by humans, thus will naturally swing to some degree with the emotions of the consumer.

      “The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.” – Henry David Thoreau

      • I think you also got confused by the URL name
        The new site will be hosted under

        Nothing more than this IS mathematically perfected economy.
        Mathematically perfected economy is a currency not subject to interest, comprising a debt financing all permissible enterprise, paid by each and every debtor exactly as they consume of the associated production.
        There is no inflation or deflation, as the currency in circulation is always equal to the current value of existent production across however much of the economy is supported by a circulation.

        Neither the value of money or assets are altered by changing proportions of circulation to indebted assets or services. The value of the money is always consistent in quantity — both in earnability and spendability — with the remaining value of the indebted assets which exist, for which it was issued, and which constitute its immutable value.

        The remaining circulation is always sufficient to pay off debt. Further production therefore is not impeded by a deficient circulation, deplenished by paying more than what circulation was introduced to finance the production.

        Debt is not multiplied beyond the circulation or remaining value of indebted assets. To pay debt obligations exceeding the remaining value of indebted assets sets off a perpetual cycle of re-borrowing and multiplication of debt. Merely to maintain a circulation, we must borrow again so much as we have paid beyond the original circulation which was equal only to the unmultiplied debt.

        Neither production or consumption are impeded by imposition of extrinsic cost. In every transaction, production is traded for equal production.
        So long as we make such a circulation available to production, no impediment, limitation, or inequity whatever are imposed upon production or commerce. Production and commerce are fully expedited only by a completely liquid and effectual currency.

        Mathematically perfected economy is no more than a singular prescription, dissolving unjust intervention.

  • Pete

    I certainly question the timing of this. Lame duck Congress, no re-election repercussions….do you really think the timing of this was an accident? Unbelieveable the depths of their depravity.

  • Just an observation from England. Russia is a friend and ally to Iran having helped them build their first nuclear power station. I don’t think America wants to tackle Russia, but maybe I’m wrong. Russia is also investing in Vietnam. The battle lines are being drawn between East and West now.

  • The very people from a country that attacked us on 9/11, we’re still borrowing their oil, and we are funding weapons for Is-re-hell to plan an unnecessary occupation in Afghanistan and soon Iran! It’s funny that Israel is somehow an ally of the U.S.!

  • Thanks Ron for straight talk America needs you in 2012