Ron Paul: No Weapons for Saudi Arabia!

Saudi Arms Deal is About Iran

by Ron Paul

This month the US Administration notified Congress that it intends to complete one of the largest arms sales in US history to one of the most repressive regimes on earth. Saudi Arabia has been given the green light by the administration to spend $60 billion on some 84 new F-15 aircraft, dozens of the latest helicopters, and other missiles, bombs, and high-tech military products from the US weapons industry.

Saudi Arabia, from where 15 of the 19 September 11 hijackers came, is a family-run dictatorship, where there are no political parties, no independent press, and where any form of political dissent is met with the most severe punishment. We are told that we must occupy Afghanistan to encourage more rights for women, an issue on which the Saudi regime makes the Taliban look rather liberal by comparison. We are told that our increasingly aggressive policies toward Iran are justified by that country’s rigid Islamic laws and human-rights violations, while the even more repressive Islamic rule in Saudi Arabia is never mentioned.

So why would the US government, which spends hundreds of billions of dollars yearly and maintains hundreds of bases overseas to push global democracy, approve a deal like this with such a regime? As Stockholm Institute scholar Pieter Wezeman told the Washington Post, “Of course it’s against Iran. Of course it’s against Yemen. You can read between the lines … but there are not any official statements about it.” Although the deal must be approved by Congress, there is little chance of any significant Congressional opposition for the above reason.

Imagine if China had armed an aggressive, anti-American Mexico to the teeth. How would we feel? Threatened? That is likely how Iran feels with this massive arms sale to Saudi Arabia. To underscore this message, the US quietly announced early this month that it was selling 20 F-35 Stealth fighters to Israel. As Israeli military purchases are paid for with US foreign aid, we must realize that the weapons pointed at Iran in the Middle East are American made and largely paid for with American tax dollars. Certainly Iran understands this. Will such a provocative move, arming two anti-Iranian powers in the region to the teeth, lead to a trigger event to bring about a full invasion of Iran? The economic tsunami that would result from such a horrific turn of events would only be eclipsed by the death and destruction in the region — and likely beyond.

Some will argue that these arms deals are international trade which we should encourage and applaud. Sadly, the United States does not build much that we can export these days. But the fact is that the US weapons industry is underwritten by the American taxpayer. From research and development to acquisition by the US military, the costs of the US arms industry are borne by American citizens. But, as so-called “private” companies, the enormous profits they make selling weapons to countries like Saudi Arabia are of course privatized. So the costs are socialized and the profits are privatized. There is a word for this arrangement and it is not “capitalism.”


  • 3martijns

    Of course Many Government programs Must be Cut, so the budget can be balanced without raising Taxes!

  • 3martijns

    Republicans in the House can Stop All the Wasteful Crap for the Next 2 Years, then Balance the Budget when obammie gets Kicked Out in 2012.

  • faithfulstronghold

    God help US!

  • NWsubmom


  • XxKID1xX

    U.S is has been in deep shit and its in more shit this time. Vote for Ron Paul! Don’t you think he’s the only one that mentions these facts? Again, vote for Ron Paul if you don’t want to get bombed! U. S debt has gone way beyond it’s limit! Obama is going to send 9,000 more soldiers to Afghanistan. Last but not least, VOTE FOR RON PAUL!

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  • kawasakinuts

    The never ending story US sells weapons to Saudi lunatics and in time they will turn on the West using the weapons the west sold to them against us. Its crazy to sell weapons to arab states. Im sure there are plenty of nice people but they follow an extremist fanatical religion ISLAM which is completely against the ideals of the West Freedom.

  • Nickael7

    Finally a good decision, no weapons for those backstabber SOBS.

  • theokeydokey

    and for ron paul. he is gonna say some BS AND SOME REALITY , but when he get voted he will collusively change his opinion such the other ppl who fight to get the american ppl feelings . any way i wish the new generation would be the presidents of USA , cos we wanna see the opened minds here n’t such RON Paul who is getting to his death over 60 years old, any way hopefully god save saudi arabia and america together .

    • Scott M. Bisbee Sr.

      go home

  • theokeydokey

    look i’m a saudi guy and ive been in usa for many years and about the 60 billions here i can assure you if ya gave us the green light to buy weapons from other countries we will do it , but the matter of the fact , you won’t let us buy from the other and we can make many deals with the enemies of USA such china or russian but we have some loyalty to your country and we have the solid relationship with you and we won’t break that cos we are allies

    • Scott M. Bisbee Sr.


    • Scott M. Bisbee Sr.

      go home and take you secret hidden army with you



  • MordechayAriely

    16341 Islamist attacks since 9/11.

    Islamist worldwide kill harvest summary regardless religion.
    From: India to Russia-Philippines to England-Thailand to New York-Uganda to Nepal-Argentina to China-France to Kenya-all 58 Muslim countries.

    Have you seen Muslims demonstration against the killing ideology?

    Stop analyzing individual cases
    Stop the Islamist ideology and supporting countries using terror as a tool
    Obama-are you lessening?

  • abood7r

    you talk like you’re the only choice , open the map and see how many country there able to sell this kind of weapons

  • Andrew Napoli

    Free trade?

  • PistolPackingPatriot

    This man tells more truth in 3 minutes than most of his peers do in their entire careers. Once again, his revelations leave me outraged. Why doesn’t Katie Couric or Diane Sawyer cover these stories??? Hah! Just kidding 🙂

  • Thethirdcaller

    thumbs down getting dominated, hows that for saying enough is enough

  • Thethirdcaller

    thumbs down getting dominated, hows that for saying enough is enough, revolution for the planet earth!!!!!

  • ecosby100

    sombody said this gose agenst ron paul peaceful trading he talks about well its kind of hard to call trading wepaons peaceful trading ahole

  • diggingforgold

    I’m a Ron Paul supporter, but I find this update contradictory to his previous position (it rarely happens with Ron Paul, which is why I’m surprised). I thought we are supposed to peacefully trade with other nations… How is restricting trade with a country at all compatible with this view?

    If he has beef with the military industrial complex, then say it. But fighting against trade with another nation simply because they are un-American goes against everything he has stood for.

  • AnnoyingXboxer

    is ron paul in the tea party? because ill be disappointed.. im democrat but ron paul is few of the republicans i can agree with.. and people apart of the tea party sicken me.. not all but most because most of the people in tea party are dumb enough and ignorant enough to support sarah palin and many other politicizations and dont use knowledge.. just hatred and fear