Ron Paul Re-Elected to U.S. House

Ron Paul easily won re-election to the House today. According to early reports Paul gained 76.6% of the vote, delivering a crushing defeat to Democrat Robert Pruett (23.4%). Ron Paul represents Texas’s 14th district and will be serving his 12th term in Congress.

In Kentucky, Ron Paul’s son Rand Paul was elected to the U.S. Senate with 55.9% of the vote.

  • We the people object to an Austrian individualistic anarchist-capitalist society without a state and where the money represents gold. Such society cannot long continue to function on that basis. There will soon come a concentration of power in which a small group of powerful individuals (oligarchs) take all the power because they have more gold than the rest.

    A private bank or a George Soros will become the actual power of a state and build a private army to protect its interests. This will lead to a power struggle among the oligarchs until a few of them are in control. There is nothing to prevent this because all individuals with less capital and less power will be employed by the oligarchs out of self-interest, or develop criminal activities out of frustration and needs.

    Ultimately, you will have a feudal society. And ultimately this will change into a different form of society. Ideal societys do not exist and people will always try to do things out of self-interest, and there will always be people who fight for power and control.

    Mathematically Perfected Economy solves an important and very critical issue, because OUR money (the people´s currency) as a loan is accessible for everyone (who complies with our democratic choosen conditions) WITHOUT INTEREST.

    If he / she is creditworthy and with the product/property securing the loan (our labour and produc(tion) loans are simply issued with NO ONTEREST attached.

    This will push the capital oligarchs (austrians, bankers, and such) out of the game, and they cannot impose no longer their will by just having capital, and therefore gain unlawful and undeserved (usury) profits, because that capital (our true currency) is now available FREE OF INTEREST.

    Loans are retired out of circulation in a timely based manner as per consumtion/depreciation of the product/property where the loan was applied for, and the money is destroyed/deleted from the system.
    No inflation, or deflation. And most of all: no terminal failure!!!

    This preventive approach will also be a major shift in which everyone has equal opportunities with a much broader social base in which crime out of frustration will largely disappear.

    This is the only solution. If we accept anything less we will fail (again)!

    Or in Benjamin Franklin´s words: JOIN, OR DIE

  • If we do not demand that Ron Paul be Speaker of the House, our nation will not exist much longer. Youtube Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory about Wall Street You will find the problem with the government and the criminals who actually run it. It is not our government which was hijacked by a criminal cartel (Rothschild Mafia) on November 22, 1963 as I have been saying for years. Only a total ignorant brainwashed fool would dare to debate this after researching the facts.


    • Citizen

      I like the sound of that
      Speaker of the House …. Dr. Ron Paul!

      Wow, I’m there!

    • Jessica

      There are too many confusing messages running around in the media, or web. The youtube says one thing and you are saying two opposite things in this single statement.

      So which one to believe? very hard to make informed decisions in so trying times for the country and so for sooo many millions of people.

      This is no way to make politics or policy, or it shouldn’t be.

      Back to my real world, where life really matters, and people DO count, at least for little me. And politics means something else. Maybe people’s mind did get screwed after all, but many are ok, and they will indeed make a difference.

      Yes Ron Paul seems like an OK person.

  • Our Monetary system. It´s the INTEREST, Stupid!

    Assume that we are on an island with 1,000 people, and we have no debt or money – we are starting off with a clean slate and we will mimic our debt/INTEREST based money system in establishing a monetary system.

    More specifically, all money is debt with interest applied. Since only the principal is created through IOUs and collateral, there will always be more debt than money. We can calculate the percentage of loan failures that must result unless new money is added to the system.

    We can calculate the success/failure percentages: (Note: P = Principal and I = Interest collected through the life of the loan)

    * The percentage of successful loans = P/(P+I)
    * The percentage of failed loans = I/(P+I)

    So, if $100 million were borrowed (P = $100 million) and $10 million in interest was charged (I = $10 million), then we may calculate that 91% can be paid back and 9% will fail.

    The alternative is to borrow more money AT INTEREST to reduce/eliminate the defaults. But, this will set up a perpetual loop, the gap between money and debt will increase as we borrow more AT INTEREST.

    I can also use Laplace transformations and algorithms to model more dynamically but that would require more variables.

  • Fem

    Woopa, thanks for the explanation. And wow, private businesses do have a great deal on this situation, because they basically have protection that public institutions do not have.

    Ok, regulation is not an audit,but I think both should apply to public and private, it would save a lot of trouble to businesses themselves and would yield better consumer protection. There would not be as much profit and noise for the media or lawyers, but things would be clearer and progress in the right direction. I think.

    • Woopa

      A public institution, if it is funded by taxation, belongs to the taxpayers and they have every right to know the activities and intents that their money is supporting. The individuals who work in the pulic institution retain their individual rights, as far as their private activities are concerned, but their right to freedom of choice does not extend to their privileged use of other people’s money.

      A private business is owned by individuals or a group of individuals. They have the right to conduct their business however they wish to without approval or support from those who do not own the business. The income of a private business comes from willing customers who spend their money there. The customers have a choice to refuse to support the private business by taking their money elsewhere.

      “Consumer protection” could be taken to mean a variety of things.

      If it means protecting the consumer from a business who lies about the nature or specs. of their product then we already have the relevant laws we need. Lying about the nature of a product or service is fraud and is unlawful because it is a breach of contract. Just as a buyer would be arrested if he tried to pay for a purchase with fake money disguised as real money, a seller should be arrested if he disguises the true nature of his product.

      If it means protecting the consumer from a product that, unbeknownst to him, contains toxins which could enter his body or his environment (this is only if he encounters the danger while using the product as it was intended to be used: if a man buys a bottle of engine oil and drinks it or buys a bag of corn chips and eats the bag along with the chips it is not possibly the responsibility of the seller) then the issue is a little more complex. People have been making use of dangerous substances like mercury for a long time. Mercury is in common (and very shatterable!) items like lightbulbs and thermometers. In the last century, the variety of potentially toxic substances in products has increased exponentially. Since it is the task of scientific observation to determine what chemicals are toxic and which are not — the necessary research must be done by capable scientists and anyone who desires to protect themselves must educate themselves and access the scientists research or do their own research. Some people think that the federal government should hire the scientists and fund their research. I do not. There is no reason why people who educate themselves in their own decisions should be forced to pay taxes so that others who don’t bother to educate themselves can feel safe. A person is responsable for what they purchase, what they feed their children, what they build their home with etc. Likewise, some people will chose to work with dangerous substances even when they know the risks, and no one should prevent them.

      To sum up in an example, the federal government should not force products sold as food to be labled, but if the company chooses to label them then they may not make any false statments in the information being given.

      The state and local governments have a different capacity of authority in regard to health and safty issues.

      The text above refers to individual’s responsibility to chose what influences themselves and applys ONLY to actions an individual takes that effect himself alone. An action that an individual takes that harms another is a different matter.

      • Fem

        Thanks for the lesson.

        It is a difficult time for most people, but I do think and tend to believe that human nature is not intrinsically bad. But many things are happenining and fast, which applies to both good and bad.

        That is why the concern with some kind of effective order (regulation may be an irritating word because of the extreme imposition in privacy), after all we do live in the same planet and bad things will eventually affect us all. As we see now with the most basic needs for life and survival.

        Yes, I agree with personal responsability, but today it does not look like enough, and it is not an issue of knowledge as it’s accesible for many thanks to technology developed by those who are not even appreciated by it, and who probably ended up with no money. And not all technology is consumed by ‘ingestion’, but it can be abused.

        So that accountability becomes a value in this tecno world. I think.