Ron Paul and Rand Paul on Freedom Watch

Ron Paul and Rand Paul talk about auditing the Fed, preparing for a true revolution in Congress, their differences on earmarks, and fiscal conservatism vs. social conservatism.

Date: 11/13/2010


Rand Paul: Do we believe in the individual or do we believe in the state? Thomas Jefferson wrote that government is best that governs least, likewise freedom is best when enjoyed by the most.

Judge Napolitano: He was the Tea Party candidate that the Republican establishment said could not win, but Rand Paul bucked his own party, defied the odds and now the libertarian eye doctor is a senator elect. His father, Dr. Ron Paul, has been reelected to the House from Texas and both of these defenders of limited government and constitutional freedom join us now. Gentlemen — first — welcome to Freedom Watch, together — Congratulations on both of your election victories!

Congressman Paul — To you first, the Republicans will have the majority in the House of Representatives come January; you may very well be the chair of the monetary subcommittee of the House financial services committee. The Republicans will have the subpoena power, will you or will the Republicans use the subpoena power to make Ben Bernanke show up and bring his ledger sheets with him? Will we ever find out through the subpoena power what the Federal Reserve has been up to?

Ron Paul: If it’s necessary we have it and we should use it and I think that is one way of circumventing their stonewalling us. They’ve stonewalled all the entities. They have tried to sue them under the Freedom of Information Act and of course they had a lot of influence last year when we had the bill passed to audit the Fed, to get that taken out in committee, so I think if they don’t come clean — the subpoena power should be used.

Judge Napolitano: Over in the Senate, Senator-elect Paul, the bill to audit the Fed will not likely make its way to you. It will pass in the House as it did last time even with the Democrats controlling the House. It will pass in the Senate and then they’ll try and kill it in committee. Can it survive the byzantine ways of Senate politics?

Rand Paul: Well I think, you know, we had 37 votes for it when it went through last time, the Vitter amendment had 37 people in favor of my father’s “audit the Fed.” So I think we try again, and we try to convince a few more people to do it and also convince them that the watered down “audit the Fed” wasn’t enough.

Judge Napolitano: Congressman Paul, a lot of news members will join the House in January who are strong constitutionalists, open libertarians, people embracing the Tea Party. Will they bring the Republican Party to its Ron Paul roots or will the good-old-boys club co-opt them?

Ron Paul: Well, if you go by history, the old club will co-opt it and have control but I think conditions are different. The Tea Party Movement is very strong; grassroots America has awoken, so I’m hopeful that they will stick to their guns and I think the Republicans in the House will do much better, because they don’t have a Republican president sending down the directions. That’s why we were so weak last time. This time they will be standing up to Obama and they’ll be sending him some bills and if we do get it pass the Senate he’ll have to veto them. So I think the House is going to do much better but to have a true revolution we have a lot more work to do because they may call themselves constitutionalists, as you well know Judge, a lot of people, they don’t lose sleep over how they vote and they have a different interpretation.

They don’t think they disobey the constitution, it’s just that they get their authority from the general welfare clause and the interstate commerce clause. So that’s our problem, it’s an educational problem that we have to overcome along with determination to stick to principle.

Judge Napolitano: Senator Paul, I don’t think anybody argued the constitution better and more effectively than you did this past November and it obviously resonated well with the voters in Kentucky. Where do you stand on this divide amongst Republicans and the Senate already over earmarks? Mitch McConnell, your soon-to-be fellow Senator from Kentucky wants them, Jim Inhofe the Conservative Republican from Oklahoma wants them, Jim DeMint who went out of his way to support you in the primary against establishment Republicans, soon to be your colleague from South Carolina — does not want them. Where do you stand?

Rand Paul: Well, I have to be careful because I still want to eat at the adults table at Thanksgiving and my dad and I have a disagreement on this. But I’ve come down with a position that I think even though it’s not in enormous amount of dollars that go into earmarks, that the symbolism of putting unrelated spending amendments on bills that really don’t go through the committee process is what a lot of people perceive earmarks to be, I think it’s not a good thing and I think the whole idea that Mrs. Smith gives money to my campaign and Mrs. Smith’s grandmother was prominent in my community so I name a museum after her and it gets stuck on on related bills — I think that’s what galling to people. Now there is a constitutional question on whether Congress can direct where money is spent and whether the president should, and I understand my dad’s position on that, but I think the symbolism of how earmarks have been used in the past, I mean there were 6,000 earmarks on a transportation bill a few years ago, whereas when Ronald Reagan was around he vetoed one that had 192 earmarks. So the earmarking process has gotten out of control.

Judge Napolitano: Okay, switching from earmarks, here is Jim DeMint just the other day, I want the two of you to listen to this, he’s basically saying you can’t be a fiscal Conservative without also being a social conservative. We have to tell people how to live, take a listen:

Jim DeMint: You can’t be a fiscal conservative and not be a social conservative, a large part of the expansive government is to make up for a dysfunctional society because our culture is falling apart; the family is falling apart.

Judge Napolitano: Is this going to divide Congressman Paul, the Libertarians in the Congress from those who want to be faithful to the constitution only on fiscal matters but still want the government to tell people how to live their lives?

Ron Paul: Well, I see his statement as incomplete, I think he infers that the government would be involved in social conservatism. But I’m a social conservative, I just don’t want to use force to improve social conditions. So that’s the big difference. If you want to impose social values by law that’s a different story than arguing the case that social conservatism and family life and religious values — these are beneficial but we just don’t want the government to be doing this. So, I like to look at the first amendment. The first amendment is toleration, you tolerate people and freedom of speech, even when they say bad and dumb things and that’s the way it should be in social things. We tolerate people making mistakes with their lives, but that doesn’t diminish our desire and requirement to improve social mores, and that is — Where is the responsibility? I say it’s on the individual, and on the family, and on our churches and our community, certainly not in the government.

Judge Napolitano: Senator elect Paul, we only have about 30 seconds, where are you on this? Should we shrink the government or should we enact more laws and tell people how to live because it’s the way we think people should live, like Senator DeMint has suggested?

Rand Paul: Well I think we need to shrink government and I’m not sure that’s exactly what he was saying but I think we do need to shrink government, the primary problems that face our nation are economic, the Tea Party really is bringing people together on economic issues and isn’t so much about social issues. I am socially conservative, but I see that the Tea Party can bring people together of all walks of life who say “You know what? We can’t continue to run these massive deficits” and it’s primarily economic issues that are driving the Tea Party I think.

Judge Napolitano: Congressman Paul, Senator Paul thanks very much for joining us on Freedom Watch.

Ron Paul: Thank you.

Judge Napolitano: Next…

  • APRtunedAudi

    3 men that should be in the executive branch………

  • 1integrity

    I love Senator DeMint and his courage to take on so many inside the beltway power players to openly support Senator elect Rand Paul and so many other wonderful representatives. The judge’s ultra biased question promoting abortions is sickening. If the government’s constitutional job is not to defend life, then what is government for? It is our constitutional right acknowledged that God has granted us the right to life …Senator DeMint is right. We must defend the right to life of our children!

  • IlluminatiSeer

    Rand and Ron are awesome ! freedom!!!!!1

  • imaginepeace63

    Rand and Ron are no better than the rest of the republican scum.

  • chan0chap

    the JUDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dontblockmedk

    These guys are REAL TPrs but then don’t understand that “Free market” is ROOT of problems

    1. how do you stop corruption caused by profit motive?

    2. how do you ensures everyone has minimum necessities?

    1. FREELY Share ALL resources & knowledge worldwide, NO more money/property

    2. Use LATEST technology to create an ABUNDANCE of all our needs, NO more waste/theft

    3. Automate/localize ALL production and distribution, NO more central control/wage slavery


    • Libertarian777

      you have got to be kidding.

      The free market is the root? i.e. you’re stating ‘freedom’ is the root of all the problems. You should not have freedom to choose where you expend your labours, spend your money, earn your profits/wages. It should be mandated to you?

      You’re saying to prevent centralised control by companies you should localise all production. I’m assuming to enforce this you’d want centralised control?

      So each state will have its own car factory, computer factory, semi conductor factory, aircraft factory?

      So even though it costs Intel $8 BILLION to build ONE chip factory using the latest technology (32nm) we should build local versions of its plant in each state.
      so Intel would have to spend $50 billion. Ok, its a bit cheaper to build a slightly lower capacity plant, but then economies of scale disappear rapidly, so their cost would be 1/2, maybe $25 billion. still 3 times the cost of building one efficient plant.

      Not to mention its taken Boeing the better part of 30 years to get the efficiencies on its 737 line to be able to produce 25+ planes a month at the Renton facility, but now you want to have 1 737 factory in each state that uses the planes?

      And with the automation.. that’s what technology is moving towards. if everything could be automated it would be. It’s far better to build a machine that can produce the work of 100 people and work 24/7 instead of having a potential strike. however you’ll be complaining that the automated machine is going to put 99 people out of work in a later post. So your other solution is just to have magic make everything. (Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic). Just a slight problem there… technology isn’t there yet.

      How do you stop corruption by profit motive? by reducing government’s power and size. the government should limit its involvement in the free market to preventing non-competitive behaviour, not actively encouraging monopolies (as it does with the oil companies, health insurance, utilities). You may think the ‘profit motive’ is all bad. But remove the profit motive and you remove all motivation to produce in abundance. Why should I work that extra 2 hours a day if all you do is redistribute my additional earnings/wages/profits to someone who refuses to work even 8 hours a day?

      Next you’re going to tell me non-profit organisations aren’t motivated by profit. If you truely believe that you are very naive. Non-profit organisations are not motivated to generate excess profits, but they are very much motivated by profit (for each $1 of money they get as a grant, if some other non-profit can show they can spend or use that money more efficiently that other non-profit will get more funding in future).

  • DonSSanders

    The primary economic problem with America is useless war…stop the wars and everyone can go to college free on the same money! Americas educational system is slipping slipping slipping against the rest of the world fund education to save America…earmarks are THE LEAST OF OUR MANY PROBLEMS

    • Fem

      Well, interesting suggestion, useful idea.

      I say that to improve education it must start by defining what education is, then look at the structure of it, the real output (no the fake proof of it), and the real needs or applications that contribute to the economy as well as to human values and wellbeing.

      I like your comment because I have been thinking that the defense people need to be balanced as part of their reintegration into humanity, after their service, and is kind of like ‘reeducating’ them into main stream views. So it does applies to their families.

      The problem is that there is no agreement in what education is, and how is evaluated. Look around you: pretty heavy CVs loaded with credentials that force the propaganda of ‘promising’, only, because the issue of ‘young’ no longer applies as real and worth it quality, it favors manipulation of the power.

      So it really is in favor of the same military to shift money priorities.

      • Fem2

        And I know my opinion counts nothing, nada, that so many people’s ideas do not count because the show is pre set with some kind of agenda. That if you are even good at demonstrating the point, in spite of the hurdles and the bulling thrown at you, the only result is that they take your useful ideas and benefit their little monster kinship. They bloat their CVs so they look promising.

        Look around for that you’ll see it and perhaps can even compile the evidence, but it does nothing, that is my experience. So how can I believe in a system the is good and efficient at faking and destroying itself?

        The only way is to restart it, is the right choice, the real pro life issue, not the politics of it.

    • Libertarian777

      but aren’t the wars funded by ‘earmarks’? they’re listed as ’emergency funding provisions’ and are not included in the official Pentagon budget.

      Of course if one would suggest to stop funding wars and the military (thus ending deaths of Americans), strangely enough, one would be termed a non-Patriot.

  • AcedMoney777

    Is it just me or did Rand totally duck that last question? I’m starting to think that the apple really did fall far from the tree as far as his father’s true conservative views are concerned.

  • Intervene

    Fantastic interview.

  • btc8128

    These men are going to embrace this country…

  • 420kushmaster

    one of them needs to run for 2012.


  • marniespeaks

    but let me state that doesn’t mean I don’t like Ron Paul.

    I want him and his family not to worry about health care, as I do for all Americans

  • Northpal

    They can only represent, you the people are the hero’s, keep their feet to the fire.

  • patriotsnetwork

    It really bothers me when a Ron Paul video doesn’t go viral,especially when it’s him and his son.Where are all of the Die Hard Ron Paul supporters?Huh,Where ya at???

  • nonaCbarC

    There is some connection between social conservatism & fiscal conservatism. For example if there is no gov pension plan, then more ppl will have kids. 😀

  • grraadd

    iFreedom4ever – keep uploading!
    Great stuff indeed 🙂

  • herzogsbuick

    it would be fun to collect ron paul interviews that are live from his office, and compare the books in the background, see what he’s got, what changes. his computer speakers are disarranged in this one!!

  • mrbhave

    Libertarian: social liberal, fiscal conservative. Sorry, Jim Demint, you’re way off base. Social conservatism is fascism. I don’t think you’ll find too many fascist libertarians.

  • AntiFed1791

    “To suppose that any form of government will secure liberty or happiness without any virtue in the people is a chimerical idea.” – James Madison

    The injustice we see in government is merely a reflection of our own standards of virtue. We must change first; then government will follow. And I believe that we are changing!

  • bonfirejovi

    demint is an idiot and caused the recession.