Ron Paul 2012: Should Ron Paul Run for President in 2012?

This Ron Paul 2012 poll is now closed. It was open from November 29 until December 11, 2010.

Our readers submitted 12,346 votes and 403 comments while the poll was open. The results are displayed below.

Should Ron Paul run for President in 2012?

  • Yes. (94%, 11,560 Votes)
  • No. (4%, 487 Votes)
  • It depends. (explain below) (2%, 235 Votes)
  • I don’t know. (0%, 64 Votes)

Total Voters: 12,346


  • MP

    Im 22 and me and all of my friends think Ron Paul should be the next president, he says the things that I think and I dont see how everyone doesnt see that if we dont do something soon shit could be so bad for us down the road.

    We need hope, Ron Pauls’ announcment of a 2012 run would be it. Otherwise myself, as much of the country know we have lost all that remain of this once great and respected nation of freedom and liberty. “Ron Paul – 2012 or Bust”

  • tom chastain

    yes ron paul should run people should read his books the revolution end the fed and espically his new one liberty defined whean his new book comes out he needs to go on a book tour its a real honor to be able to meet our elected officals and candidates and get lots of signed books and photos with them dont order this new book online order it from your favorite book store the more orders you place from your favorite bookstore the more copys they will stock up on and start e mailing his publisher and ask about a book tour

  • Garrett

    I am an old codger and it blesses my heart to see, hear, read about the young patriots emerging because of Ron Paul’s messages. You are all so beautiful. You look and sound like the patriots of old…

    My heart soars like a hawk,

  • Mr. Ron Paul you have been a great congressmen and right on the dot about the federal reserve and economy issues. But your statement on the following issue does not serve humanity»

    The Armenian Genocide was the deliberate mass murder of one and half (1.5) million people essentially because they are christians. At the same time in the same place, the minority christian populations of greeks and assyrians were also targeted with killings in the tens of thousands. All christians from this region were eventually “cleansed” from christianity. This was the perfect blue print for hitler. Mr. Ron Paul, you say that “this is not our concern”. Do you not remember that we fought two world wars? this was World War I — and turkey was in the axis powers allied against us. German military officers reports also give us a horrific picture of scenes that sickened even them in WWI watching their allies’ action against the armenian christian population.

    The american red cross went on its very first international mission to help the armenians who were being slaughtered and deliberately starved to death on marches to their deaths in the syrian desert. If you think a whole population of one and half million people being slaughtered for their christian religious beliefs “is not our business” then you should have no business in talking about what is in humanities interest. I say “let the souls of those who have died for their religious beliefs rest in heaven, amen” Greg Gharibian.

    • charlieb

      There is no “our”, “we”, “us” – there is only “I” or “you”. If “you” want to do something about the Armenian Genocide – Then Do It! But the gubment should not force “us” to do something about it. “You”, and others like “you” should try to PERSUADE people to do something about it. No One should be FORCED to do something about anything just because some think it is the right thing to do.

  • Joseph Giallombardo

    Here is all you want to know about

    It’s one thing to elect Ron Paul, but if he doesn’t put a sound banking system back into place, it is all for naught.

  • Joseph Giallombardo

    Hamilton’s Case


    … the outcome of human behavior as over man’s territory, is determined by the intentions of the human will.

    … principle of national banking whose application rescued the young United States from imminent disaster, and compelled the central conception expressed as our Federal Constitution.

    …two interdependent steps which provided the entire basis for the establishment of the U.S. Federal Constitution. 1) the creation of the Federal constitutional form of government; 2) ….virtually outlaw[ing] a monetary system, by establishing the principle of a credit system.

    …United States to copy the successful precedent of the role of the Pinetree Shilling under the original charter of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, was the expression of a principle of credit, rather than a monetarist doctrine…

    It was the British intervention to suppress that system of credit, which ruined the economy of Massachusetts under the British tyranny of William of Orange, .

    The Benjamin Franklin who was familiar with that legacy of the Winthrops and Mathers, had projected the role of a “paper currency” in the principled likeness of the Pinetree Shilling. This connection was considered by Hamilton to the included essential effect of prompting the original design of our Federal Constitution.

    …. the payment of the debts left over from fighting the war for freedom…
    Only the credit-worthiness of the United States could serve as a commercial quality of the negotiable, future physical wealth on which all of the successful policy-shaping of the United States has properly depended to the present time.

    Every deviation from that principle of a credit-system, to the swamp which is a monetarist system, has been a national disaster, as the very worst has been experienced in the United States, to this effect, under Presidents such as Andrew Jackson, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Calvin Coolidge, and, worst of all, George W. Bush, Jr. and Barack Obama.

    [the]…credit of a nation is to be secured, uniquely, through the increase of future physical wealth in public improvements of basic economic infrastructure and…

    advances in the physical form of increasing capital intensity of investments in basic economic infrastructure and….

    by science-driven increases in the equivalent of capitalized energy-flux density, which have afforded nations a source of redeemable credit…

    …which will be capable of outweighing the burden of debt incurred. (key point)

    Competent economic policy is : a policy of fundamental scientific progress in principle, which is expressed in the increasing physical capital-intensity of public works

    …and capital-intensive investments in the processes of both production and conditions of personal life of the citizens and their households.

    …. anti-entropic principle of nature (resources are not fixed….they are dynamic, ever changing)

    Read the entire article at

    Even if Ron Paul were elected President…what would his policies be for re-starting the American engine; it takes more than just “don’t spend what you don’t have”; it is knowing how to use credit properly and for the governments role in protecting an individual’s life and liberty so that he can “pursue happiness.

    I fear that Ron Paul, and his good intentions, will throw out the “baby with the bath water”; how ironic for the good doctor!

    Joseph Giallombardo
    The 1960-70s Moon Missions produced 10c in economic development for every 1c spent.

  • Jake

    To deny the exponential growth of debt by interest cuts to the very core and credibility of monetary theories. If the exponential growth can be proven, then equally, Austrian and Keynesian theories are dis-proven. Economic theories hide the fact that an interest based money system is usury by definition and neither Austrian nor Keynesian theories are sustainable. Both systems create bankruptcies and defaults while enriching banks at the expense of the people through interest.

    The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand. Once you understand (M P E) supporting anything else is economic suicide!! The solution to your fate is M P E, ….but will you listen?

  • edwin

    i think Ron Paul could really help america and save the lives of american soldiers, he’s a peace maker, he has my vote for sure. please run Ron Paul, tell me where i can send money to support your campaign.

  • Joseph Giallombardo

    To BlackOp:

    First, I am not a kid. You attempt at demeaning me by referring to me as a kid only shows the shallowness of your thinking.

    You wrote:
    “British Mercantilism is American Economics, which were influenced from England”

    British “colonialism” if that is what you are referring to is what America was formed against. To say that they are one in the same, again, is not to understand what Hamilton “meant” and what he did. We have been fighting the British every since 1620 and the MayFlower Charter. Later in life, Jefferson saw the wisdom of Hamilton’s view and made his biggest use of executive power in the Louisianna Purchase of 1803.

    Benjamin Franklin proposed the concept of National Currency (paper money) which was also used by Mather in the early MA colony.
    Lincoln used the Greenbacks to fund the development of the West. There is a huge difference between the American approach to economy and the maritime Empire of the British.

    This really gives you away….” Two objects can not occupy the same space at the same time.”

    I believe most physicists would argue with you on that one.

    The world is a not fixed place; it is dynamic, and creative.
    Every business, every major infrastructure project is build ON CREDIT… and you don’t need GOLD in the bank to move to the next project. You need to have the wisdom to understand if the project will ultimately have benefit…

    Building a railroad, a dam, going to moon…is done on credit of the nation. And our constitution is designed for Bills of credit to be submitted to the treasury for the issuance of credit.

    Foolish spending on speculative, valueless “assets” is a waste of good credit. A welfare state also is a misuse of the power of credit. So many things do need to be righted to get the American ship back on course.

    Ron Paul is against the foolish spending and misuse of government power.

    Joseph Giallombardo

  • Theresa Robinson

    Happy Holidays to all of you Ron Paul supporters and lovers of liberty:

  • Andrew Gillingham

    I am a big fan of Ron and agree almost totally with his positions. That being said, I don’t think he should run for president, but instead should focus his energies on another similar candidate. While Ron Paul is almost dead on as far as his positions go, let’s face it–he is not a statesman. For a President, we need someone who can communicate well with the American people, a statesman. Ron Paul is clearly not that. So instead of running, he should find and support a candidate who is as conservative as he is, but who has a better public image.

  • Mike Olthoff

    I’d like to see him run but I don’t think he has it in him. I was a hard working PCP in Oregon, Ron Paul supporters everywhere. We campaigned for him, gave him money and our love and he dropped the ball! I still believe he could have won if he would have tried a little harder. He was the underdog and people were listening right up till he Quit. I believe he wants to be more of a guiding light than a president.

  • Jim Winter

    Yes please run for President. I have always voter Libertarian, not as a protest but to vote against the establishment. And you could really shake things up if Sarah Palin is the VP!!! 🙂

    • Bill

      But then we’d have Sarah Palin as VP. Worse yet, she’d be one step from becoming Pres! Yikes!!!! You may as well roll out a red carpet for ol’ Jeb! 🙁

  • Tony

    We need hope, Ron Pauls’ announcment of a 2012 run would be it. Otherwise myself, as much of the country know we have lost all that remain of this once great and respected nation of freedom and liberty. “Ron Paul – 2012 or Bust”


    ron paul has a new book coming out april 19 called liberty definded you can pre order it on please click on the face book link so it will be on your face book page and encourage your friends to order this new book please e mail your friends about this new book and the fox news talk shows in april [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] and lets get some possitive book reviews for this great book it would also make a great gift idea

  • Dave Goes

    My only regret is that I have but one vote to give




  • Dr. Muhammad Yaqoob

    Yes he should run for president in 2012,he is always speaking truth,no doubt if he will be a president,he will revolutionized AMERICA and as well as whole world.We need such couregious person.God bless him.

  • Joseph Giallombardo

    Pete Wrote:

    Ron Paul as an VP to Sarah Palin is like ‘Aristotle’ teaching Homer Simpson ….[snip]

    It is ironic that Pete would choose ‘Aristotle’ in his comparison with Ron Paul to Sarah Palin. Aristotle is exactly right. And the irony is that America is founded on the principles of “Plato”, not Aristotle (Ayn Rand had it wrong as well).

    Austrian-Economics, with its a priori assumptions, is aligned with the Aristotelian world-view, where Kings are Kings and serfs are serfs, and never the twain shall meet; whereas the creativity of the American Economic system has its philosophical roots in Plato and de Cusa, in the science of Kepler, Leibniz, Vernadski, and creative political will of Hamilton, JQ Adams, Lincoln, McKinley, FDR and JFK.

    Ron Paul’s “Achilles heel” (continuing the “Greek” metaphor) is his misunderstanding of “Austrian Economics” vs the American System of Economy as purported by our Constitution.

    Austrian – Economics is NOT Austrian! It is British, the enemy who we have been fighting actually since 1620 and Mayflower Colony and is represented today by the “Inter-Alpha” banking cartel (which by the way, is totally bankrupt and wreaking havoc on the world.

    Our only refuge is a return to constitutional values…but NOT Austrian Economics which lead right in the hands of the British Empire.

    Joseph Giallombardo

    • @ Joseph

      Listen kid.. British Mercantilism is American Economics, which were influenced from England. If anything American Economics encourages a central bank leading to a command economy, all those heroes you mentioned earlier whether self restraint at certain aspects lead to the largest state in mankind. Hamilton believed debt was a blessing, after he was all too happy to spend your money and run you into the ground, openly admitting that, and empire building. You are just falling back to that old American Nationalism non sense, appealing to being patriotic while actually still being a slave. A man chooses, a slave obeys. The Austrians are the last refuge of classical liberalism, if you are too dense to figure out what that means. It means the teachings of Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, real economics etc.. A priori simply means non hypothetical statements base on the real world that are true, all bahiors are unmarried men. Two objects can not occupy the same space at the same time. Value is subjective, and in trade both parties must benefit to their subjective ends otherwise such a transaction would not take place.

      Instead of getting into an actual debt, you appeal to fear and spread disinfo.

      • BlackOp

        @ Joseph

        *Instead of getting into an actual debate, you appeal to fear and spread disinfo.

        Do not merge Keynesian Economics with the Austrians, if anything they are more like Neo-Mercantilism of the modern times. Both of you are economic interventionists. Austrians on a grand scale oppose Statism, some leaning towards minimal, others complete free market in law.

  • Joseph Giallombardo

    Response to Texas Chris

    I understand the dangers of “evil”. Government by design is not evil. Actions can be evil or for the good. America was the way to put curbs on government “evil”. And the US constitution, if followed, balances the concerns of the individual and state better than any other system. We in America are out of balance because we have lost sight of the constitution. “Evil” forces (translate British) have undermined its principles. All true patriots wish to return to constitutional values.

    But Austrian-Economics is NOT the American system of economy. It is a British systemic view that is directly opposed to the principles of the constitution.

    Ron Paul wants us to return to constitutional values. But his adherence to Austrian Economics is the most ironic of conditions because it is just the opposite of what the American constitution provides for. No wonder we are in such a mess.

    There is a difference between the American Constitutional government which allows (and was supported by Supreme Court Decision in 1818) for a National Bank (in the Hamiltonian model) and what we have today, which is a corruption of the National Bank (FED) and a disregard of constitutional principles. Our congress is compromised with Foreign Money which buys the offices of about 80% of the legislators. It even bought the presidency in 2008 for Obama who is little but a British agent bought with the money of George Soros.

    America has had two (correctly structured) formal national banks which presided over the greatest economic development of America during those periods when in place and functioning correctly. Andrew Jackson, bought and paid for by Wall-Street , vetoed the 3rd National Bank. This then led to the Bank Panic of 1837 and ultimately a final “stab” by the British Empire to destroy America with the Civil War. Lincoln saved the Union and saved America leading to greatest economic expansion by Treasury Secretary “Henry Cary” who carried out much of the reconstruction policies of Western development. The Civil War was about saving the union from the “British” and secondarily about abolishing slavery. England and other European countries abolished slavery long before America. Why was it kept here? Because it served the British “colonial” purposes: Slaves to America, Cotton to England, Textiles to India, and Opium to China. The British were the first organization drug pushers in the 19th century.

    JQ Adams (Canals and roads), Lincoln (Rails) and FDR (TVA) used reconstruction corporations to funnel credit to business for National projects which also served the nation. Eisenhower, being the general he was, knew the value of a good road. His vision of roads for American commerce was instrumental in development of the National Highway system. Some argue that the NAWAPA project of the 1960s would have been better, focusing on rails, irrigation and agriculture for the Western USA, Canada and Mexico. But roads are good.

    These are good government projects and appropriate use of “taxes” for the purpose of providing for the welfare of the individual and nation. The increase of productive labor increases tax revenue that far exceeds the interest of the credit. It has been calculated that for every penny spent on the Moon Missions in the 1960s, we gained 10 cents in economic value. It is that America has lost this National purpose of economic development and essentially is economically purposeless at this time in history. The story of our decline from the death of FDR, the assassination of JFK, the protracted Asian War (Viet Nam) and fraudulent “global warming science” has served to destroy much of what America has been.

    Do you know how the Austrian-Economic philosophy began?
    Do you know why it was revived in the 1870s when Bismarck came to power?
    Do you know that Rothbard, Friedman, Popper, Mises, von Hayek and others have clear ties to the British Empire?

    If you want the correct history….learn how the US constitution was directly opposed to the British liberalism of Adam Smith, Malthus, and more recently Keynes and Russell. Learn about global warming and the real science that proves the fraud of “East Anglia” and “hockey sticks”.

    If Ron Paul (and Rand) continues to adhere to Austrian Economics, all the good that they might do will be undone.

    Joseph Giallombardo

    • BlackOp

      Austrians are a school of thought, they are not bound to biases of a nation. Its pure economics, what works, how society functions, and what doesn’t work. Friedman was part of the Chicago school, unless you are talking about his son..

      The study of human action is the real science of economics.