Ron Paul 2012: Should Ron Paul Run for President in 2012?

This Ron Paul 2012 poll is now closed. It was open from November 29 until December 11, 2010.

Our readers submitted 12,346 votes and 403 comments while the poll was open. The results are displayed below.

Should Ron Paul run for President in 2012?

  • Yes. (94%, 11,560 Votes)
  • No. (4%, 487 Votes)
  • It depends. (explain below) (2%, 235 Votes)
  • I don’t know. (0%, 64 Votes)

Total Voters: 12,346



    Surely he will be voted in.

    All his fans should start a collection for a new Prsident´s limousine in the form of a WWII Sherman tank.

    To protect his life and his family he should NOT run,

    It it is too late to uproot evil….!

  • Peter:

    I don’t want you to feel like this is a personal attach I’m just wanting to establish a point here…

    Presidential Candidate with Governor “Experience”

    Presidential Candidate with out Governor “Experience”

  • Peter

    Every presidential candidate should be elected Governor or Senator before running for president. If Ron Paul can’t be elected to one of these two offices, then there is no reason to think he can be elected President. These offices also provide the candidate with the necessary experience, particularly Governor. This is why Trump and Nader should not run for President, but instead focus on Governor.

  • Dear Rep. Paul,

    It has come to my attention that you are still unsure whether or not you are going to continue your chase for the presidency and that an undisclosed percentile of your decision would be based on public support for you to do so. I will be honest and say that I myself did not support your last campaign, partly because of my own negligence in exploring the positions of candidates outside the now ‘over exaggerated (failed)’ campaign for change that Mr. Barry Soetoro aka President Barack Obama was spearheading. Within the last two years it has become blatantly obvious that this ‘change’ was a hoax, and that the forces now in power still represent the international globalist movement and are, in fact, no different from those of the Bush administration or the campaign of puppet officials like Al Gore, Sara Palin, and so forth. I come to you Mr. Paul, two years later, a much more humble and informed man. I have greatly researched you and the position in which you stand on key issues such as the FED, TSA, and others, many of which are not even acknowledged by other officials or spoken against as they need be. I, along with countless others, have become much more educated to the secret hidden agendas of this government and those ‘elected’ to represent it thanks to the unwavering integrity and morality of patriotic Americans like yourself, Mr. Alex Jones, and others. I, in my humility, and representing those, like myself, ask of you to be the voice of reason and the protector of the Constitution; run for president Mr. Paul and you shall receive my full support and thousands of other Americans like me who were ‘misinformed’ last election season, on top of all of the faithful Ron Paul for President 2008 supporters, together we shall succeed in taking back and restoring the virtues of this great nation. The American people, Mr. Paul, are asking you to be our voice… and “To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.” – Abraham Lincoln

    • Wendy

      I am with you all the way Ron Paul. At 39 years old, I have never been registered to vote. Because of you, I actually registered today for the first time! I am not a fan of politics because of the lies, deceit and confusion that typically goes with it. With the way the world is going today, I feel it is more important than ever make my vote count with a good leader such as you. I will shout out your name for the next two years any time I get the chance and pray to God people wake up and take a stand. Otherwise I fear of what is to come. Pass the word around people! Keep posting videos and get Ron Pauls name out there!! This is our chance to turn things around!! Please run for president Ron Paul!!!!!

  • rukidding

    Are you kidding me? Mr Ron Paul should be the President in 2000 and 2004. He would have saved the world a lot of heartaches.

    It is a resounding YES!

    From a non-American, affected by wanton American State Secretaries, hell-BEN on inflation Fed, blissfully ignorant Treasury Secretaries and manipulated Presidents… And oh yeah… Tickled by the shameless fake economic medicine peddler

  • Monique

    Voted for Ron in 2008. Would definitely vote for him in the next election.

  • Michael Hudson

    I beg you please sir run for President. I have thought our country lost, the blood of patriots spilt in vain until I heard the crying of the people shouting of Ron Paul. Never have we needed a Hero of the people like we do now and never has their been a Hero of the people like you. I admire you beyond words and respect your strength and integrity more then anyone who has ever stood up for country. Your are our last and best hope to save America and if you step down all that is will be lost to tyrants and sellouts. If you do not save us I fear the final price will be in blood weather it come in submission or rebellion.

  • Ron Paul absolutely needs to run for president in 2012.

    If he wins:

    …It will be the beginning of a revolution. American’s voices will be heard through Ron Paul and he will begin to push America in the right direction.

    If he loses:

    …He still wins. He would be able to present real issues to the American people and in doing that, he will be able to break down neocons, bureaucrats, etc;….

    General Election

    The Presidential debates would be phenomenal. Ron has so much knowlege, far more than Obama. Paul will win the debates hands down and expose Obama for who he really is.

    Ron Paul would win the General Election in 2012.
    The Primaries are the real challenge.

  • Theresa Robinson

    You know who you are…

    Ron Paul Gang Holiday Gathering!

  • Theresa Robinson

    Run Ron Run!

    Virginia is for Ron Paul Lovers!!

  • Billy

    He is the only hope right now in congress. They are all bought off by the plutarchs. It’s a sorry sorry scene. Basically, the only thing that is going to change the situation is massive pressure from without. Unfortunately, it would be very dangerous for Ron Paul to run. If he became the Republican nominee, the powers that be would do anything to ensure he does not become president, and if by some chance he did, he would not live long into his term. Very very risky. Think back to Ross Perot– his family was threatened, which is why he dropped out initially in ’92. Let’s not fool ourselves here.

  • FreedomFighter!

    Ron Paul is truly the Last Hope for a push towards Freedom & Liberty in America! Get out in the streets NOW, Make signs and Banners, Hang them at busy intersections, Talk to your family and friends, Keep the Revolution Going People!! You just gotta Ask yourself, ‘Do you want Fascism Or Freedom??!!’ Our Country needs a Ron Paul Revolution Now more than Ever!! Ron Paul 2012!! Abolish Fascism, Restore The Republic!!

  • Steve Ertzberger

    If anybody can turn this country around,he would be the man!

  • Colin

    It looks like Gary Johnson is going to run and Ron Paul could/should throw his weight behind that campaign. Paul himself is still needed in Congress. (or as Fed Chairman eventually)

  • Palmer

    Image is important in the eye of the voter. Paul doesn’t have the physical image of a significant world leader that the voters want. We just need to pray that Rand Paul runs for president as soon as possible. We need to realize that the hope for America is not in a man, it’s in a perspective. Or a philosophy. Ron Paul is not the only one with the correct philosophy that America needs. He’s just the best one so far who’s actually ran for president recently.

    About Palin (or anyone else) as a running mate… It might not be a bad idea. Paul is going to need to win over a lot of people in order to take office. Palin could help. Image is so important these days(unfortunate, I know… But that’s how it is in our current, corrupt politics)… Am I saying we need to compromise with having a running mate as Palin? Yes. Nobody likes compromise, but at this point, we just need to get our foot in the door. Changing politics isn’t an overnight deal. And Paul will never be the solution by himself. He’s just the ignition to a chain reaction. And when I say “Paul” I mean Ron, or Rand, or anyone else who adopts his perspective.

    • Kiera

      Palin??? That would mess everything up! She doesnt even know that her countries and thinks she can ‘see Russia from her backyard’ If she’s the best one to come up with, then just forget about a vice president altogether. As Ron Paul himself once even stated, she doesnt addresss issues such as Federal Reserve(I’d say she doesnt know what it is). She makes reality shows and her daughter goes on Dancing With The Stars, and like her mother, nothing really there to show off! All Palin would do is make everyone look bad! She is the real deal on Marilyn Monroe. Everyone should apologize to blondes though after Sarah Palin, lol. Her being close to president is a very scary thought!
      What about Jesse Ventura instead, Paul and Ventura would make an excellent team. Now, they would make the Feds scared. Sarah wouldnt scare anyone though, just amuse them

      • John

        I like your take on Palin – though would add she may well see Russia from her back yard across the Bering Strait – so encourage her to keep a close eye on them Ruskies – from right there in her back yard but nowhere else!
        Good name Kiera – exact same as my daughter 🙂

    • Jimmy

      One of the reasons that McCain lost, is that he was old and he chose Palin. Had he chosen anyone else, he might have had a chance. If our good old friend Paul makes a bad choice for his running mate, he will also be doomed. Because let’s not forget, the fact is that he is getting old and as much as I wish that he will live forever, is age means that his choice of running mate is very important.

  • Joe

    I hope Ron decides to run in ’12. He is the only candidate from any party that excites me and talks about the real issues we face. Even though some will say it is unlikely that he would get the party nomination, he should still run. It would inject substance into the debates and grow the liberty movement even more. Good luck.

  • mitch

    Ron can never win because he is for the PEOPLE.. The Zionist news won’t give him the time of day on TV he deserves. The FED would probably have him killed, and say he died of old age or something random. As much I would love to see him as president, it can not and will not happen in our current situation.. Good luck to you Ron Paul.

    • John

      If the people truly want a man for the people it is the responsibility of the people to act to achieve that – no one else is responsible or to blame for it not coming to be whatever hurdles and barriers others may erect – train body and mind for the fitness and wisdom needed to clear the hurdles and bypass the barriers – look to the positives and possibles in life – stick with it and they will come to be reality 🙂

  • Butokuden

    If he doesn’t then there is no hope left for the country, and probably the world.

  • He needs to, its not a choice.

  • Jimmy

    As long as he isn’t constrain to take Palin as running mate 😉