Ron Paul 2012: Should Ron Paul Run for President in 2012?

This Ron Paul 2012 poll is now closed. It was open from November 29 until December 11, 2010.

Our readers submitted 12,346 votes and 403 comments while the poll was open. The results are displayed below.

Should Ron Paul run for President in 2012?

  • Yes. (94%, 11,560 Votes)
  • No. (4%, 487 Votes)
  • It depends. (explain below) (2%, 235 Votes)
  • I don’t know. (0%, 64 Votes)

Total Voters: 12,346


  • Bob Murray

    My heart says yes but if the conservatives are going to for sure win in 12, then Ron
    may not be the best top choice – too much prior baggage, lack of speaking skills,
    etc. I would love to see Gingrich/Paul on a ticket

    • G

      Newt is a bloated big government DEMOCRAT disguising himself as a conservative republican.

  • jackattack

    Ron Paul is one of the few candidates that believe in our country and constitution. He is so far above the muslim we have for president right now. we do not have a republic anymore. we are rapidly becoming socialist I am ashamed of what america has become under osama obama. at least we started to clean house this election. We will finish the next presidential election.

  • Jerry m Fares


    • G

      I agree!

  • gary acone

    ron paul is……….”THE ONLY”……….choice for president.

  • Jason

    I think Ron Paul should run for president again. I remember in the last Republican presidential debates that when Ron Paul talked about the country being in so much debt and about the federal reserve and going back onto the gold standard, the other Republicans laughed him off. Today the politicians are finally beginning to deal with the Federal Reserve, after it created the last boom and bust, and the country went under from it. When the Fed tried to manipulate our currency yet again, other countries told us to stop it, they are on to our tricks. It’s important that Ron Paul’s messages continue to get out into the public. I think Ron Paul speaks beautifully, the problem is he is too smart. Ron Paul is smarter than the rest of the politicians, that was obvious in the Republican debates. The old time Republicans thought the Federal Reserve was doing just fine, they thought all was well.

    The other problem is people like Glenn Beck won’t have Ron Paul on his show even though Beck is a Libertarian, selling Libertarian principles, because he wants to keep selling his viewers 5-6 books a year. He’s making over 50 million dollars a year off of his viewers, and if he had Dr. Paul on his show, Beck’s viewers would get behind Dr. Paul and put their time and money into getting him elected instead of staying dependent on Glenn Beck, which makes him very wealthy. We need to get the Tea Party groups to endorse Ron Paul, not the idiot neocon Palin. We need to find a way to get Ron Paul on Fox News, hold Hannity and Beck and these liars on Fox who say they are for the people accountable. If we force them to stop selling us the corporatist Repubs and force them to tell us the truth about where our debt came from, what George Bush did to this country, we could get people informed and force the talking heads who claim to be “for the folks” to really be “for the folks.”

    I am so glad to see Rand Paul working on a balanced budget amendment, and, he is the only politician I have heard mention cutting welfare when they talk about budget cuts. The other politicians only talk about cutting social security and Medicare, things people paid into for decades. Rand Paul mentioned last week cutting welfare back. I say until they end free housing and free money and free health care and free food stamps and SSI for kids and for people who have never worked, leave programs for older people like SS and Medicare, programs that people have paid into alone. I want more politicians talking about ending Section 8 housing, ending the housing authority, instead of all of them talking about ending SS and Medicare. Young people can work, 18 year olds don’t need free apartments from the taxpayers.

    I wish we could clone Ron Paul. If we had a majority of Libertarians in Congress instead of the same old Dems and Repubs, we could stop the corporations from running up trillions of dollars in national debt, we could end all welfare by ending income taxes which would save the states billions of dollars on illegals doing welfare fraud, save on law enforcement costs, court costs, free court appointed lawyers, juries, judges time, prison costs. CA let over 75,000 prisoners out early last year over CA going bankrupt over welfare. Now they want to let another 25,000 prisoners out early. Most of the people in prison come from single parent welfare families or are here illegally. If we don’t stop the Dems’ welfare programs and the Repubs wars and running up trillions of dollars of debt for the corporations, the country is ending, it will go third world, IMO. The last ten years we have gone down and down, and unless we get control away from both major parties, the country will go under, IMO.

    We just lost out on 5 million jobs that Bill Gates and others were offering us, but we could not take the jobs due to lack of education. We are 29th or worse now in being educated and losing 5 million good paying jobs due to lack of college education. We are a debtor nation now. We have a huge trade imbalance, so we borrow money from China to keep buying stuff from China and to keep tax cuts for the filthy rich like Hannity and O’Reilly and Rove and Beck. While they tell the poor to make sacrificies, they don’t want to pay 3 percent more in taxes, they want to live on 30-40 million dollars a year, then make problems for people who fly commerically while they fly around on private jets. If the people on Fox are so interested in helping the folks, why are they enraged about their taxes going up 3 percent? Why don’t they back Ron Paul? Why don’t they tell viewers about the trade imbalance, where our debt comes from? Why do they tell people to fear communism when American companies outsourced our jobs to communist China?? Most of the outsourcing to China and India took place while Bush was in office. Someone needs to get the truth out to the American people, and we need to know how desperately we need real change. The majority of Americans are not smart enough to get what Ron Paul is saying, nor to go and read books and find out where our debt came from, what the war in Iraq is really all about, what outsouring did to the country. This is why they like Palin who is has very low intelligence, and they can’t understand what Ron Paul is saying. I talk to Tea Party people in chatboards and when I mention Ron Paul, they call me an evil commie/socialist. They have been brainwashed by Glenn Beck to hate everyone other than Fox News and Palin, and if you have any real solutions, it’s always shot down as a Paul Alinsky conspiracy, everything is evil and a conspiracy. Unless Americans smarter up, and fast, the country is overwith. We will default on our debt, lose our SS and Medicare, and the Repubs will slap a value added tax on all of us to pay off the trillions of dollars of debt the corporations profit from.

  • John Roane

    All the above are not needed, the only word necessary is YES run. Every thing else will fall in line for Paul to contribute to saving the USA.

  • Pizza God

    No, he should stand behind someone else. I love Ron Paul, but he is just getting too old.

    I think it would hurt more than help.

    As it is, I am now getting people telling me all the time that they should have listened to Ron Paul in 2008, he was right.

    But that does not mean they will support a presidential run in 2012

  • Pete

    To all those that are suggesting their alternative candidates that need Dr. Paul’s support, you are only promoting the current regime by proxy.

    Instead of suggesting alternatives, suggest to your candidate to get behind Dr. Paul. It will take everything and everyone to defeat the plutocracy. Hopefully it completely destroys the two party system in the process. The “third party” has been left out for way too long, and that is the American people.

  • Marilyn

    Ron Paul is my choice. He is a constitutional scholar which is something we very much need at this time in American history. The present administration along with the backing of the news media (including Fox News) is trashing our Constitution to the point that it would be unrecognizable to our founding fathers. Dr. Paul knows that in order to bring America (and that is a difficult if not impossible task) back to her former strength, The Federal Reserve System must be done away with and the trillions of dollars stolen by the elitists returned to the American people. He may not be able to win the upcoming presidential election because of his advanced years (don’t forget Reagan) but he can do a lot of damage to the elitists during his campaign. I believe that if his health holds up and we who love liberty and America will stand with him, supporting him financially and every other way he needs us to, he may have an outside chance. Much would depend on whom he chooses as a running mate. That man or woman must be dedicated to the same causes that Dr. Paul possesses.

  • Dr. Gary L. Hubler

    I’ve responded to one of these polls before. I won’t repeat my entire post. I believe we need Ron to run for president as I think he could steer the country in a fundamentally different and positive direction. However, it takes so much more than the correct ideals to win the election. In short, a few key things must be in place for the effort to produce a result.
    Huge amounts of money are required–if you can’t raise money at least as well as the competition you can’t win. Have you proven you can raise this kind of money?
    A campaign manager with the skill of a David Axelrod is required. Obama won, I think, because Axelrod demolished the competition with a superior strategic and tactical plan. Do you have someone as good as Axelrod to run the campaign?
    Your message is great but, in the past, your competition has positioned you and your message as too extreme. Do you have the ability to a) get the message out very broadly in the country (a few dedicated supporters is not enough) and b) can you get this broad audience to see for themselves the message is the right one for them?

    If you can do all these things, then run for President. If these capabilities are not in place, then the effort will be futile.

  • Otto Toot

    Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate . The trick will be to pick a progressive VP like Russ Feingold who Voted against the Bailout or someone similar who will pull Votes from the Libertarian leaning left . Otherwise , it’s a great idea but he doesn’t have a chance .

  • Adam

    Ron Paul should realistically get on the Libertarian Party, Constitution Party and Reform Party tickets for a Presidential run in 2012. The establishment Republicans aren’t going to choose him and everyone knows it.

    This way if multiple parties support him then it’ll harness the independent vote in 2012.

  • I feel Ron is the only possible candidate that is not in the establisment’s pocket. He does not change with the wind. I live in the People’s Republic of Illinois. I am so dissappointed in our new senator’s vote for the food bill. Go DR. Paul.!!!!

    • jackattack

      your comments are right on. we are no longer a republic. The only cash flow in ILL is arresting and persecuting people for minor offenses.

  • I am a huge Ron Paul supporter, and I would love to see him run. The only reason I put depends as my vote is because if someone like, Gary Johnson, ran I would like to see Dr. Paul get behind him in the election and show his support. They have very similar views and I think maybe a new face for the Libertarian party could help.

  • 5ave

    Whomever contends on this comment page that Ron Paul is not an effective debabator or public speaker need only refer to every debate in the previous election. To the chagrin of Fox News, MSNBC, CBS, NBC and ABC, Ron annhilated everyone in his path and the networks own post-debate polls verified that very fact!!! He is the smartest, most well-researched speaker in the history of the Republican party. Hands down.

  • KEW

    If the face of Washington politics will change Ron Paul could be a very effective President. With some bipartisan concensus he could change things. But thats a big IF. If the power elite don’t want him in there he won’t be.

  • Randy

    I am 40 years young and until the last couple years paid very little attention to the political ongoings of the country. I have become extremely interested after learning some things about our country’s Federal Reserve…WOW what a total and utterly complete scam! I now pay much closer attention to the ongoings of politics and feel strongly that Ron Paul should run for president. I will do my part to get him elected…So anyone reading this please share with others in your social group…How many kicks in the teeth are we going to take as a nation before we fight back and take back what made us great to begin with. Which is simply to live by what is right and good for all of us. If you the reader can do nothing else but to educate yourself and then share what you have learned about the Federal Reserve and the fact that they are privately owned and not federal what so ever…..That would be a GREAT start! Go Ron Paul!

  • TZ

    Ron Paul represents the solutions to our national trauma, BUT the people of this nation are not ready for real solutions, and he cannot get elected. Nevertheless – it is essential that Ron’s ideas are discussed during the presidential election in order to prepare us for that day when we may have a chance to rise from the ashes of liberal destruction. His influence can tilt the debate in the correct directions.

  • Ilona F. Smerekanich

    By all means, please run for President of these United States. I disagree with previous posts regarding Ron Paul’s lack of charisma. Ron Paul is a no-nonsence guy; no pretentiousness, no flair, no emotion – just the plain truth. Forget the charm and inspiration. I really don’t have faith in the “average American” who requires political drama. Just the facts, mam!

  • Michael McCormick

    I prefer Dr. Paul stay in the House of Representatives. He can be much more effective there as my representative.