Ron Paul 2012: Should Ron Paul Run for President in 2012?

This Ron Paul 2012 poll is now closed. It was open from November 29 until December 11, 2010.

Our readers submitted 12,346 votes and 403 comments while the poll was open. The results are displayed below.

Should Ron Paul run for President in 2012?

  • Yes. (94%, 11,560 Votes)
  • No. (4%, 487 Votes)
  • It depends. (explain below) (2%, 235 Votes)
  • I don’t know. (0%, 64 Votes)

Total Voters: 12,346


  • Tamara Graham

    I think he should run if he gets a good speech writer and gets someone to coach him in public speaking. He is not very charismatic; he needs to work on stirring people’s emotions and really connecting with listeners when he speaks. This is one thing our current president really has a gift for, regardless of his views or policies. Obama makes you want to believe what he’s saying with his articulant, inspiring, personable and charming speaking ability…I never feel driven to act and help Ron Paul when he speaks, although I do support his views and think he’s got things figured out.

  • Adam

    He should run, but on the libertarian ticket.

  • Larry Watson

    I have already put on my ” Ron Paul Hope for America” bumper sticker on my work van, and also had my freinds do the same. We’re ready to start promoting.

  • Norbert

    Ron should run with his stance on taxes as the focal point. He should, however, present his formula and how it would effect the current debt retirement within a 10 year plan, if possible. Secondary point to consider is chiseling away the Palin factor through constructive statements within a comparative analysis of her preparation for the Presidency, education and actual experience as well as population served, and that of his own experience and education as the preparation for his candidacy.

  • Narsha Carter

    We desperately need Ron Paul’s voice heard from the Whitehouse! We need a leader at the front who will guide Congress and the American public into believing we can and into the understanding of what “freedom” is. The swell started in 2008 and has continued to build even without the leader! Please, Dr. Paul, run for president. Let us again hear your voice of reason!

  • Juan Reyes

    If Ron is going for it, he should begin campaigning at a furious pace beginning now. I pray a man such as this become our president in these times!

  • Robert Woodward

    Ron should only run if he could run as a Republican otherwise he will simply draw off potential votes for whoever the Republican candidate is and the American People would suffer the loss of the USA as we know it under four more years of Obama.

  • Prentis

    Please run for President and as soon as you do we the people will be your protection. Also let’s vote that we have 100 of our best fully combat equipped national guardsmen standing ready as your body guards 24/7 we are not going to have another J.F.K. or Martin L. King incident. The world loves Ron Paul and what he stands for. It’s time we take this country back and stop all the crazy insane people in our government.

  • C. Hawks

    If Ron Paul runs he should have Sarah Palin as his VP. She can fill in the weak spots as far as debating and speech making. If he chooses not to run his son Rand should run, however it might be stronger if Sarah was running for President and Rand was HER VP. Either way this family needs to get into the White House, bring out a mop and bucket and CLEAN IT UP. With Sarah and her frankness in there behind them, nothing will be allowed to be swept under the rug.

    • A Jenkins

      Sorry, but Palin is absolutly horrid at debates. She routinely had her ass handed to her. She isn’t good at critical thinking, is poor at taking direction, and is generally uninformed. Palin would be a horrible choice for VP…and then theres also the fact that Paul openly detests her.

  • Clint Laskowski

    I don’t want to be premature, but regardless of a presidential run, Ron Paul also needs to develop successors. One man can not change the course of our nation enough … even if he is elected for two terms (although it could be a heck of a good start). Our political enemies know this and have the resources to wait it out. But, if they see there are other “Ron Pauls” behind this one, they will have incentive to start cooperating for the good of the people. In fact, I believe that our only hope to avoid revolution at some point is show a strong succession plan for Ron Paul. We must show we are never going to back down.

  • Darrell Foraker

    HELL NO! His idea’s of isolationism do not work. This is a modern and global world. For the U.S. to withdraw from the rest of the world is RIDICULOUS!

    • C. Hawks

      So you think the NWO way of doing things is going to work?! We really NEED to isolate ourselves away from what is going on in the world right now, NOT lose ourselves in this whirlwind of fascist take over that is sweeping through every country which embraces the NWO. The only reason the USA ever became a super power, able to help out other countries, able to be at the forefront of industry and military superiority was because it was an entity unto itself, free to make its own choices, subject to none. All that has happened to weaken the current superstructure is corruption. That can be fixed but NOT by hooking up with the current corruption that is being sold to the other countries of the the world as commercial viability. We need our sovereignty and we need our independence. If we merge with the rest of the world and fall in with the corruption that will take it down, we will be no better than those who seek to dominate and control a world federation. We MUST be better than that, we MUST be separate and whole or there will be no where for the rest of the world to go when the fallacy of world corporation falls flat on it’s face.

    • Thomas Arrington

      Please research “globalization” and you may come to realize that the freedoms/liberties and “American spirit” are unique to us and many would be lost in any globalized form of government/economy. We have always led and not followed. Ron Paul eschews the values Americans have in their DNA.

  • Bernard from Michigan

    I like Ron Pauls morals and his way of thinking (for the most part) but as a conservative I see the NEED for the Liberals to be kicked out of Gov’t. Ron Paul has many enemies because of his morals. I believe he is a Christian and support him in that as an individual but unfortunetley most of voters are not of the same mind.

    WE NEED to take back our country period. That is the first goal in my mind and then we can sort through the mess made by the previous tenants of the white house, including William Jefferson Clinton.

    We need somone who will run with that goal in mind leaving his/her morals aside (sadly I say that). Liberals will not leave by a vote, they will only leave at the point of a gun.

  • Diana Spicer

    Ron Paul would not have a chance to be elected. He is not “glamorous”or “pretty” enough to appeal to the average American voter. Besides, he is not aggressive . Perhaps his son might have a better chance. Besides that it looks to me as though
    the Federal Reserve Bank, Wall Street and the Congress in that order are running the country. The President is hardly more than a figure head. I pray for Ron Paul every day but only a miracle would make him chief executive of this country.

  • bob

    The Establishment and the press will do everything they can to see that he isn’t elected. The American people have to get off their fat lazy butts and start campaigning for him. That’s the only thing that can make it happen.

  • Ken Owens

    With extremely few exceptions the entire cadre of potential candidates, especially members of the “111th congress from hell” are so corrupt, spineless, delusional, uninformed, power crazy, agenda driven, marinaded in special interest or incompetent otherwise that Dr. Paul is about the only real hope this country has to ever get back on a legitimate constitutional footing. Ron Paul/Michele Bachmann in 2012

  • Joseph J. Menkevich

    Ron Paul should run for president in 2012 – only if he really means it.

    But even with a President Ron Paul – this country is run by a bunch of compromised & incompetent Senators and Congressmen who have been corrupted by the money of & Special Interest Groups, Corporations and even Foreign Governments.

    They all need to be put out of office and replaced and not by another nitwit that will continue with the same B.S.

    They do not represent the people.

    The United States of America was founded on a Revolution to Obtain Independence from Foreign Governments Dictating Our Commerce.

    It was a short lived victory.

    The way I see it – ever since the Kennedy Assassination and the institution of Union Busting by Ronal Reagan, along with all his wealthy greedy mean spirited Republicans – This Country lost it’s Independence.

    How can one man – any man – a Ron Paul fix that?

    It will take a Revolution of the people, by the people and for the people, lest America and it’s people shall perish from this earth.

  • Paul Schnake

    I like basically everything that Ron Paul stands for and he would probably make an excellent president. But, his lack of impressive debating skills is the reason for his short run in2008 and unless that is drastically improved, he will not be successful. I wish him well and will support his agenda as much as I possibly can.

  • Dilip Parikh

    I have voted yes because this country needs a person with some guts ,courage and vision to lead this country.A person who can take quick decisions and stand upto vested interests in congress and do what is right for this country for once.

  • Jake Jones

    IF Ron Paul runs, he must be more tenacious than last time. He could have ripped Giuliani to shreds in that debate. Focus on things like medical insurance for a self employed carpenter is five hundred dollars a month and twenty five percent coverage. Focus on things like paying back two hundred percent of what is borrowed in interest on a mortgage. Focus on things like Congressmen’s fuel and costs being paid for all their trips from thier home state to DC. Focus on the miles and miles of red tape and confusion in legislation that was made that way intentionally so the common citizen can’t understand. Focus on why it takes a wealthy man to get elected into office; and the reasons why a wealthy man cannot best represent the lower and middle class. Focus on all the taxation without representation and other erosions of our constitution. Use pictures of a working man’s small house and marginal car and compare them with pictures of a welfare recipient’s average house and luxury SUV. Dig at the corruption of our monetary system. Expose how the FED and the government are controlling too much of the market and how the “free” nature of it is anything but as a result. Explain to American that these wars truly were for oil and to secure a foothold in that region for future energy ventures and that our Marines and Soldiers have been sent to slaughter for profit of a few elite. Show scenarios of what could have happened if we had taken the money it took to finance the two wars and invested it in infrastructure and clean renewable energy science in our own country. Present proof of your opponents’ voting record and the direct affect it has had on the further degradation of our rights. Present evidence of lobbyists and special interests influencing votes and the power and control of Congress no longer belonging to the U.S. citizen. FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! What do you have to lose? Nothing. I love Ron Paul, but goddammit, he’s too humble and meek. Better to lose screaming and clawing for justice than to just get in a few good jabs and accept the trampling of not getting nominated. You now have Rand in there thank God. You’re most likely going to be running against Gingrich and Romney and I hope Palin (because she’ll be ripped to shreds in debates about, well… anything) so you really have to be on the offensive. Don’t be afraid to compare them to Bush and don’t forget to mention that Republicans promoted and in fact shoved through the first bailout and remind America that we have no idea where most of that money went… or even why.

  • Though I am in total support of the good Dr., Ron Paul, running for President of these United States of America, and knowing that Congressman Paul would be the best agent of restoration to our founding fathers writings contained within our Constitution, the Office of President is a glorious burden at best, beset with ramped obstructions of philosophical instead of a level and fair playing field for all its citizenry of this country, that considering Ron Paul’s age and the built in stress factor related to this high office, it is my personal belief that it needs to be Ron Paul’s choice to do so. Whatever that choice is, and regardless of who else is going to run in his stead, Ron Paul’s stand for the Constitution of these United States of America need to be enforced, dare I say, must be enforced if this once great country of ours is going to great once again, or simply an historic remembering of what once was.