A Wikileaks for the Federal Reserve?

Ron Paul comments on the recent revelations about the Fed’s emergency loans and muses about a potential “Wikileaks for the Federal Reserve”.

Date: 12/02/2010


  • tjm8787

    Let’s just hope John Boner doesn’t keep trying to prevent Paul from being the chairman of the HFSC.

  • JesusPaid4You

    They might be going a bit far to prosecute Assange for treason, but the fact is the traitor has blood on his hands. Good call, though congressman and God bless you for all the good work you do.

  • sharief25

    “In a free society, we suppose to know the truth. In a society when truth becomes treason, we are in BIG TROUBLE. ” RON PAUL.

  • halflifeproductionz

    I can’t believe the joke of a federal reserve system.

  • Forlo12345

    Truth is freedom.

  • pollo1970

    Apparently, Ben Bernake dislikes this video.

  • in5d

    “what we need is more wikileaks on the Federal Reserve

  • TheGoalSetter

    Ron Paul is going to break a lot of hearts when his zealous supporters find out that he is part of the 21st century gold scam rush.

    Some will probably commit suicide.

  • VisionsOfTheNobody

    Ron Paul is our man for the long lost freedom comeback in government!
    Ron Paul 2012!

  • kwalk30

    Is there a site with all the info. the FED released?

  • gsgrl2000

    we the people have a lot of power if we ban together and stop all the false political, racial and religious divisions!!!!

  • StandUp555

    Ron Paul’s the man !

    Great Interview ..thanks.

  • knuddel123

    So what if the FED bailed out foreign banks! It’s not going to change anything as long as the people have hugh protests and DO something about it. But I don’t see anything of that sort happing.

  • Apocalypse487

    Fox news is defending Ron Paul? Weren’t they the ones who talked the most shit about him during the last election?

  • reddevilyi

    My favorite thing about Ron Paul is that he doesn’t play party politics.

  • katsfanman

    Ron is right for us the USA

  • 2ndAsstJizzMopper

    CoryZane, spoken like a true tool. most paulists can’t wait to embrace the state in supposed opposition. running to “your state officials” is pussified anti-liberty action. even calling such sociopathic parasites “your state officials” stinks. call them what they are. call ron paul what he is — a career parasite worshiped because he’s a parasite.

  • 2ndAsstJizzMopper

    wellingtonian, you need a president other than you, ya fruit?

  • ExhibitMan

    Why isn’t Ron Paul President?

  • battymomof3

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