A Wikileaks for the Federal Reserve?

Ron Paul comments on the recent revelations about the Fed’s emergency loans and muses about a potential “Wikileaks for the Federal Reserve”.

Date: 12/02/2010


  • SkyBlueAugust

    Thank you for posting this. Way to go, Ron Paul!
    We knew the so-called “bailouts” were a scam — the question is WHY DID TWO PRESIDENTS GO FOR IT WITH SUCH GUSTO? “There is SO MUCH more to learn.” Yeah! Wikileaks on the Fed Reserve ==> Rev$lution!

  • quakepapi

    so bullshit, the interest rate the fed charge these wall-street fat cats was way below 1% while they can turn it around and charge the American people up to 25% interest.

  • InTheSticks0001

    Ron Paul sees clearly where most struggle. Brilliant man.

  • libertytooth

    kick ass ron, its your time to shine, and boy do we really need you now

  • 2jcalex

    The Dem`s stopped Ron Paul`s “Audit the Fed”..now it`s Boehner that is stopping it….He`s trying to block Dr Paul from having the power to find out what the FED is all about…….Boehner I said….BOEHNER the so called New American Hope.
    Boehner can not be trusted…let`s make Boehner tell us what connections he has with the FED….is it money?

  • AUSM92

    I reckon it is only a matter of time before there is leaks from the US fed. Can’t wait for the day!

  • Andronichuk

    Ben Bernanke didn’t like this video .

  • SickBang

    the fed gave those informations only because they know that wikileak is coming for them and that it will come out anyway

  • Wildkkat1

    Thanks to Ron Paul, we will know all of the back room dealing and all that are behind the corruption. I can tell you with Ron Paul having subpeona power, the Fed is very worried. Democrats stopped Ron in the past, we will know who and why?

  • addiktion13

    Any debt based system we function on will always mean we will be slaves to money. This isn’t how it should be. People aren’t sheep and shouldn’t be treated like cattle as they go through airports as Ron Paul clearly put. It’s awful to watch the deterioration of this nation happen at rapid pace and although I think Ron Paul is very noble I think we are to far gone for it to be saved. Nastiness ensues and the destruction of an empire will have to be rebuilt from scratch again, correctly so I hope.

  • Gilliatt83

    great news

  • originalcause

    And Obama has the nerve to say we need to cut our social security payments and increase our fuel tax to help pay for our national debt!

  • underyourskindvd

    hat would be great.. wiki the fed

  • BigEasy2979

    Ron Paul is Americas only hope….

  • dasupa666

    President Obama disliked this video.

  • RobMearns

    Ron Paul is the only politician I trust. If we could just get rid of the IRS and income taxes along with the Federal Reserve, the depression could be resolved. Imagine no more tax audits and gestapo IRS agents! Imagine no more special interest groups paying off politicians for tax loopholes. A simple consumption tax would suffice. At least we would always know where we stand financially. We could reduce the spending and size of government too. We need some libertarians to get in power!

  • chiliwagon

    No one thinks this is right…..except, of course, for the ones who truly run this world. And it is not us.

  • abruzz0

    ron paul has a wealth of knowledge. i learn something new every time i hear him talk.

  • WTC7WasPulled

    We need an authenic leak of information about the explosives planted in the World Trade Center before 9/11.

  • slhines7

    I just bought another 100 ounces of silver:)