A Wikileaks for the Federal Reserve?

Ron Paul comments on the recent revelations about the Fed’s emergency loans and muses about a potential “Wikileaks for the Federal Reserve”.

Date: 12/02/2010


  • midwestcharm

    Give free money to the corrupt criminals, hand the bill to the little people and increase the retirement age to pay for it. Organized enslavement.

  • LazyOtaku

    Ron Paul for 2012, should he run. On another note, what kind of an affect do you want to have on your country? Take your power back from ‘special interests’, let your voices be heard, put pressure to capitol hill!

  • Sp3ckledJim

    Wow, the jews have really fu**ed you up America.What the hell is your major malfunction,avoiding the truth???!!!Stop talking about the symptoms and give the people the CAUSES.Time for hardhitting truths.

  • DullTull

    Ron Paul you are a true American Hero, and I hope you run for president in 2012!

  • jefft2774

    getting upset by my computer freezing up every time i try to watch ron paul but if i want to watch the teletubbies it works just fine !!!!!!! also i find it hard to believe only 7911 views….i pray ron runs in 2012…..god bless

  • terepooh22

    Ron Paul is our only hope but stupid fat americans wont care for anything but their McDonalds cheeseburger that sits in their gut and never get digested!!

  • Libertarian777

    to quote Bernake “that’s bizarre” and “we are not bailing out any foreign banks”

    When is Bernake going to be impeached for flat out lying when testifying in Congress?

  • Seth

    All the 2000 page bills that were writen, that were just under a trillion dollars, and nobody could read or had too little time to read were bribes, payoffs, and paybacks that the American people got stuck with. Why did Africa get $825,000.00 for penis cleaning study? How is that an emergency to help the American economy? I think it was hush money to keep someone quiet about Obama’s roots in Kenya. Now that the bills are availble to look at they should be shown to the American people so that we can see what we were forced to pay for, and who directed are money in a criminal manner into the pockets of indeviduals that don’t have the right to are money. We were promised transparency- come on with it!

  • mittenola


  • mittenola


  • Blastfimus777

    only 7k? No, we want Beyonce.

  • Demosthenes0725

    …There just isn’t any American before or after quite like Ron Paul. A veteran, a doctor, and a politician who understands economics and says it exactly like it is, a man who defends the Constitution over his own personal values and has been fighting to preserve Democracy for 30 years while the rest of America has ridiculed and laughed in his face.. If there were ever a hero on this earth, his name is Ron Paul.

  • Stepper11

    The mob is a bunch of pikers compared to this criminal enterprise. Remember what Michael Corleone did to his enemies at the end of Godfather? That’s too good for the arrogant filthbags carrying out these crimes against mankind.

  • matt1987401

    Google John Boehner is trying to stop Ron Paul from getting the chair of a key subcommittee dealing with monetary policy.

    • Ross

      Thanks Matt.Now we know where Boehner stands.He has been outraged in the past about the Fed.It seems to be feigned outrage.

  • Ross

    The funny money once know as printed money, should now be know as ” cyber money”.The IMF 18 mths ago referred to it as such but all references to “cyber money” seem now to have vanished.I think it got a bit embarassed.

  • neacie71

    Government Greed!!! Taking money from the pockets U.S. citizens who barely have it to give and giving our tax dollars to companies who have enough. Down with the Fed.

  • crimsoncoin

    Who believe bankers magic, if every one withdrew the money on the same day they wouldnt have it at the bank, and if all the money on computer we dont have enough paper to make it..! wheres the money

  • A concerned Citisenz

    I salute you for having the courage to stand up for what it is right

  • pzil

    That list of companies looks like a good list of companies to boycott.