A Wikileaks for the Federal Reserve?

Ron Paul comments on the recent revelations about the Fed’s emergency loans and muses about a potential “Wikileaks for the Federal Reserve”.

Date: 12/02/2010


  • It’s all relative. The dollar can buy substantially more computing power now than a couple decades ago. So relatively, the dollar is increasing in value.

    I’ll stick to judging the dollar by the things we normally buy: utilities, houses, cars, food, computers, TVs, clothes, etc. I’d say the dollar is overall losing value, but not that much in comparison to the increase in quality of most of those items.

  • nuggz503

    Ron Paul: he just makes sense

  • Now is gold actually rising in value or is it just that the dollar is continuously dropping while gold doesn’t really change?

  • Now is gold actually rising in value or is it just that the dollar is continuously dropping while gold doesn’t really change?

  • SpraxIAKS

    Wikileaks has opened the gates and now the flood has come. 😀

  • FreedomProjectDotCom

    It’s time Americans not only know their rights, but they stand up to them! Who’s with me?!

  • Chefranger

    I wish he would run for President again.

  • jmartecep

    Make this video so bad, is that FAUX News was one of the main stations making fun of Dr. Paul. Hippocratic at its best.

  • MuslimBinMuslim

    americans…… clone this man…….. for he is a one of a kind

  • TheComputerNazi

    Andrew Jackson knew that a Central bank improved the fortunes of an “elite circle” of commercial &and industrial bankers at the expense of hard working Americans. He was proven right, when during his administration, the U.S. Government was, for the first, and so far the only time, debt free. -andrewjacksonsociety(dot)org
    The federal reserve is doing now, exactly what the central bank did in Jackson’s time. He demolished them. Will we? Think of your children, your future and your liberty.

  • marcovlope

    You stole my words. Even if Im not from the states, I would pray so much for your country to become what you say! If the states are still on top, they have the unique chance on time, (and would be the first empire to do it in the history of human civilization) to re vindicate their policies and turn completely from wrong to good and take advantage of all the good people strengths and things that the nation has, to build a better world This doesnt have to be just a nice dream, it can be for real!

  • marcovlope

    Im not from the states, and even if Im mad about lots of things they have done, I would love to see them again on top of the world, not through aggressive, arbitrary and abusive policies towards the world and towards their own selves, but by practicing and following for real, the believes an values on which that nation is supposedly based on. When I listen guys like these speaking, then I can see all the clever and good people that, despite of what history shows, are still doing something worth.

  • grt05

    Hey guys..sorry, i started watching this video, lost track and started doing something else until i heard him mention counterfeit money. Could someone explain what he means by this and how the federal reserve is involved. I’m an economics n00b.

  • Duviewer

    …I second pollo 1970, apparently Ben Bernanke logged in to “dislike” this video!

  • truthslap

    The reference to Daniel Ellsberg comparing him to Bradley Manning was so spot on and perfect, I’m really amazed I didn’t consider it before. Dr. Paul is just the unequivocal voice for truth in our times.

  • jibbi4one

    Ron Paul the only high profile leader in the U.S. that speaks up for sane reform of gov’t.

  • johnlocke868

    A FED wiki leak would dump gasoline on the fire we’ve started! If Julian Assange is for real then we might just see something like this.

  • matt1987401

    Google John Boehner is trying to stop Ron Paul from getting the chair of a key subcommittee dealing with monetary policy. ITS ALL OVER THE INTERNET

  • lovedalord88

    The Federal Reserve is an outrage barely anyone know about.

    Sometimes I really do feel rage toward my fellow ignorant countryman.

  • Wildrosestands

    I’m surprised that Mr. Paul hasn’t mentioned the Federal Reserve Treaty coming to an end. Now, we must expose the crimes that the it has committed against the People of this nation!
    Federal Reserve Notes suck. Long live the Republic of The united States of America Treasury Bonds, backed by gold! Never ever again will The People allow foreign banking interests to control our Prosperity!
    We must tear down the walls of their tyranny and expose their crimes! Go Wikileaks! Focus on Wall Street, now!