Ron Paul and Rand Paul on Bush Tax Cuts and Obama’s Federal Pay Freeze

Ron Paul and Rand Paul discuss the Bush tax cuts and Obama’s proposed federal pay freeze.

Date: 12/02/2010


  • I don’t give a shit about what what Rand Paul has to say about anything, I only came to see what Ron Paul thinks.

  • ummmm he ran in 88 as libertarian derp

  • DeeDahDaddy

    Dooschy Sucks Dick

  • end the income tax.

  • end the income tax.

  • amajelo

    People, don’t buy into Ron Paul’s BS! He’s right on the military spending; i give him that! but he wants govmnt out so that the private corporations can take over and slave us instead.priv..corporations without gvmnt laws w no accountability whatsoever. Do you trust Exxon mobile, VP, TransOcean, Wallmart w/out gvmnt regulations? At least our gvmnt tries to protect us. We pay less tax in US than any othr dvlped countries. and our tax is lower than Reagan, Clinton, Bush years. Do the fact check!