Ron Paul Reacts to Bernanke’s $9 Trillion Bailout

Shorty after the US Federal Reserve released data revealing trillions of dollars in emergency aid to financial institutions and foreign banks, among other companies, RT’s Dina Gusovsky spoke to Congressman Ron Paul, a longtime critic of the Fed. The interview includes his reaction to the revelations, his own solutions towards fixing the economy, the situation on the Korean peninsula, as well as his thoughts on a Sarah Palin’s potential presidential run.

Date: 12/03/2010


  • WoodlandRavah

    WOOOO Ron Paul !!!!

  • captkirkconnell

    RT is just another CNN , FOX interview Ron paul to get the vieers then promote Sarahh P as having something to do with some party.

    RON PAUL is the MAN- the rest are CFR ratkes and megaphones all working to Keep the Clown Man (bernaki) dishing out the dollars.

  • trexx32

    all on Obamas watch…pathetic

  • Rock3t138

    We need a lot more people in government like Ron =)

  • RuiFranciscoVieira

    So I went for a walk in town today and after spending all night last night reading about wiki leaks, a thought came to my head, if so many Governments and most interesting enough Agency’s and diplomats, and the UN are reacting this way over a leak, imagine when wiki decides to go for a shit!

  • jayrod59

    Ron Paul understands not just the financial system, but how it integrates with everything else. What a great man.

  • 1987JD3

    I just wish he would have said “Sarah Palin is an idiot and I’ll never support her”….

  • selfrealizedexile

    You know he thinks the statement “your fellow tea partier” is full of bullshit. His refusal to comment is an implicit rejection of Palinism….thank God!


    Best Ron Paul interview! He really made some solid points and told it like it is. He’s a good man.

    Damn I wish we had more politicians that had even an ounce of his authenticity and common sense, sadly we don’t…

  • selfrealizedexile

    lol, 2:18 “dun, dun, DUNNNN!!”

  • thefakeyeti

    we SHOULD work on unemployment…

    Many MANY jobs,if not the vast majority, I would HONESTLY be disapointed in technology, and human progress if they weren’t obsolete in half a century..

  • jmotz3

    What was with that zoom at 2:18? The person filming this know about something?

  • WatchDogg728

    get ready for 1939!

  • Bigturns33

    Ron Paul was really the creator of the movement. His stance is the original stance for it. It was the neo cons that have now hijacked it.

  • WulfBand

    I’m all for this as long as the money goes directly to the Citizens of the US because if you divide 9 Trillion $ by 300 million US Citizens then we would all get $3,000,000.00 EACH 🙂 Hey it’s just Funny Money 🙂

  • prayfortruejustice

    Zoom, Freeze!
    No reptiles here. … continue the interview. LMAO WTH was that?

    About the time of QE23, Ron Paul and other holders of PM won’t be doing too bad. He Should probably thank the FED for making him a wealthy man.

    7:14 Competition in Currency Act?

  • crimsoncoin

    aha ha har adults table, palin is a playboy version of government

  • 0xTRX007

    Who the hell cares about Sarah ZIONIST Palin? Just ignore the air-headed attention whore and she’ll slowly disappear.

  • aussiedon8

    I liked Dr Paul’s slight annoyance at the interviewers final question about Palin. I think she forgot that Ron sits at the Adults table.

  • eragon2121

    Ron Paul seems to be pandering to Sarah Palin and the tea party movement in general even though the tea party movement doesn’t stand for the same thing as he does at all.

    Also, I can’t wait till Sarah Palin runs in 2012 so that after she fails people will perhaps stfu about her.