Ron Paul Reacts to Bernanke’s $9 Trillion Bailout

Shorty after the US Federal Reserve released data revealing trillions of dollars in emergency aid to financial institutions and foreign banks, among other companies, RT’s Dina Gusovsky spoke to Congressman Ron Paul, a longtime critic of the Fed. The interview includes his reaction to the revelations, his own solutions towards fixing the economy, the situation on the Korean peninsula, as well as his thoughts on a Sarah Palin’s potential presidential run.

Date: 12/03/2010


  • You do know the cold war happened because of the US? You guys exempted Russia who practically won the war against Germany by themselves from the negotiating table. One would think by now any thought of invading Russia successfully can be seen with hindsight as, even today, being a impossibility.

  • The US caused the global problem. That is why US is requried to bail out the worlds banks and in turn US taxpayers that supported the problem in the first place will have to pay the debt.

  • I completely agree with you! Patton was a true warrior and a political realist. He was one-hundred percent right to suggest that the United States continue by marching into Russia and destroying the Soviet government. Instead, those pacifistic saps in congress chose to appease the Soviets. Such appeasement only led to a forty year Cold War and costed thousands of lives and billions of dollars.

  • If congress had declared war America would have won. Declare war Win a war. Declare a police action and police forever. Korea was a mistake. Had General Patton continued the march to Moscow and the nation of Korea would have been whole without a north or south. But Congress did not declare a war with the Russia. It was not an arms race it was an empire race. We won that race. Maybe we should have won the war not the race?


  • The Fed’s 16 Trillion Dollar Bailout of the Too Big To Fail Banks
    The Fed’s 16 Trillion Dollar Bailout of the Too Big To Fail Banks
    The Fed’s 16 Trillion Dollar Bailout of the Too Big To Fail Banks

  • america…the police of the world…tsk tsk…ron paul 2012!!!

  • he smile all the time 🙂

  • Come November, I’m writing him in.

  • North Korea doesn’t have enough support from its people, but the regime still controls the country with an iron grip. If the U.S. didn’t stay in South Korea during the Cold War, the Soviets would have almost certainly assisted the North in the conquest of the South. The U.S. should have assisted the South in conquering the North immediately following the collapse of the Soviet Union. Instead the Western allies have placed sanctions on North Korea which only assists in starving its people.

  • The Federal Reserve Bank does not have the right to print U.S. currency without the approval of congress. Let’s just get a list of the serial numbers that were printed on the 9 trillion and exclude them from the “legal tender” list. That is only if Congress didn’t approve the creation of the notes. If congress did approve the creation of the notes, lets impeach all those that approved.

  • Probably free. NK does not have enough support from it’s starving people. SK is loved by it’s people. Not to mention if the two went to war our allies would most likely be all over that.

  • If ron paul dont winne the american people can sey goodbye to freedom and human right. America wake up befor zatan lead you to another war

  • Korea would probably be one country by now if the U.S. military wasn’t there, but the question is what kind of country would it be.

  • Look up Lawyers for Ron Paul. They’ve done some pretty great work lately and they’ve proven that NO DELEGATES ARE BOUND! They may have rules but Federal law trumps any stupid rule the RNC wants to try to push on people.

    Prepare for the fireworks in Tampa! Ron Paul 2012!

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    Knowledge is Power!
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  • remember most romney delegates are no doubt ron paul supporters forced to vote romney though magority votes

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  • i wont lie, its not looking good. however check real2012delegatecountDOTcom. thats were the real delegate count is, however dont look glum about the numbers, wait until the convention