The Ron Paul Effect

Tony Fratto and Greg Valliere share their reactions to the anti-Fed movement’s growing power.

Date: 12/03/2010

  • Fed=NWO

  • Fed=NWO

  • Ron Paul for 2012 God help ya


  • Ron Paul for 2012 God help ya

  • donpayote

    i wish i could super dislike.

  • gino3d

    Rats and cockroaches scurry in the light of day. “Beating up the fed” Are you kidding me?What a couple of little d-bags. Maybe we should give them more power…Stupid Stupid…

  • jgonz185

    Ben Stein looks younger.

  • xcit

    Ron Paul is for the more intellectual people. Which if this were a more intelligent nation would be the ones able to vote. Instead of American Idol and jersey shore morons voting for looks and lip service. Ron Paul 2012 bring America back to the people not the corporations.