The Ron Paul Effect

Tony Fratto and Greg Valliere share their reactions to the anti-Fed movement’s growing power.

Date: 12/03/2010

  • insurancetech

    Disolve the Fed

  • vic4rp

    DEFENDER OF THE FED,there you see,a clueless example of most of the people in the US. That is why RP didn’t get president, because of people like him.
    Fratto : Fed criticism by RP and others is wildly off base. My Gosh, how will anything ever change with people like him.

  • sollysolman

    I disliked this video, although I like the news.

  • gooseCha

    its an “old adage in our INDUSTRY: don’t fight the Fed” exactly the point you tard.

  • julicalle7

    The fed needs to be ended but I dont think Ron will get anywhere until another 100 million of us learn the truth.

  • DigitalCyborg00

    damn shes hott

  • citizen6cyx

    Don’t provoke the fed?? Don’t fight the Fed?? what Country are these people in??? can’t get votes?? healthy operation of the Fed?? what the hell????? it’s getting harder and harder to act like all of us are complete mush brained morons, alot of us are, but more and more people are waking up. If we’re lucky we can put all of these egg heads (hot or not) out of buisness and off T.V.

  • CWhite

    Shut the Fed up!!!

  • puttefnask

    Why aren’t they interviewing Ron Paul? I bet he would gladly take part in an interview.

  • puttefnask

    Why aren’t they interviewing Ron Paul? I bet he would gladly take part in an interview.

  • Cobrauh

    These are three naive flacks (typical of CNBC). Any regular American hates the Fed; they don’t agree with the Fed. To say there is a sub sector of society that agrees with Ron Paul’s view is misinformation whether a citizen knows who Ron Paul is or not. I have never talked to anyone about the Fed and they praise their work – in my lifetime. And I know and talk to people from all aspects of society.

  • HelpWakePeopleUp

    Why does the one company that has a government backed monopoly of the countries entire monetary system need to be independent of the government? Thats very dangerous…Thomas Jefferson said if you allow private banks to control the issuing power of the nations currency, you can expect to see the children of this country wake up homeless. Our currency was handed over to the Federal Reserve in 1913 We’re just now witnessing the carnage of a fractional reserve central banking system. 🙁

  • dillon compton

    END THE can tell who pays their salary…….fed..

  • ForkCheck

    Dear god this anchor is hot

  • Citizen


    Tony Fratto and Greg Valliere are PROGRESSIVES in the grand tradition and the CNBC reporter is simply parroting her networks FAR LEFT posture.

    That video clip is a classic study of the Three Monkeys…
    Hear No Evil
    See No Evil
    Speak No Evil

    Dr Paul has DARED to question the FED religion. They believe his questioning is sacrilege, i.e. how dare he question the State Religion of counterfeit cyber cash.

  • coopa97434

    There should be group investment clubs that take their worthless dollars and buy bomb shelters, unsinkable boats, evacuation strategies, communication equipment, backup plans. You want to change society? You want things that are worth something? You want to be safe in this dangerous world?

  • coopa97434

    The Ron Paul movement needs to become the survivalist moment. We need to reject paper or anything thats not functional, like gold…buy things like water purification systems, things you would find in survival kits, we should all learn to be more self sufficient…we should organize survivalist groups. This is more productive than talking about how we are going to fix this economy after it collapses. Cause thats just silly.

  • MrGb1965


  • MrGb1965

    What arrogance.