The Ron Paul Effect

Tony Fratto and Greg Valliere share their reactions to the anti-Fed movement’s growing power.

Date: 12/03/2010

  • prayfortruejustice

    Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver


    RP2012 (Ron Paul and Gary Johnson)



  • 4Freedomrider

    END THE FED NOW!! ****Ron Paul 2012****

    Read the Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin

    Thomas Jefferson was right! We are already homeless and we just don’t know it yet. The banks own it all.

  • davincij15

    I could not stand to look at those people after a while the are evil supporters of thieves and cheats. If you don’t agree then how can the fed bailout big business and not your local small business? How can it cause inflation that robs the common worker?

  • davincij15

    Let me get this Straight she does not understand how the ability to create money and credit is detrimental to peoples savings and those on fixed income? She has no idea that QE2 is robbing the public? Even helicopter Ben admitted to that when asked by Ron Paul. That’s why she is the worst set of words you can use to describe a person.

  • terrygus1

    288 wrong maby 1 million or more when it getts to 300 million were are these jerks going to be?????

  • ckairnes68

    This is a clever hit piece on Ron Paul. Three N.W.O. tools defending the FED and marginalizing the good Dr. Paul.

  • terrygus1

    288 wrong maby 1 million or more

  • Octstorm

    Ron Paul for President.



  • sinitskyd

    who does this evil Ron Paul think he is, bashing our intellectually-refined and patriotic banksters? shame on him and on all so-called liberty-loving americans! evil engineers, miners, and other “productives” should just shut up and pay up for our socially-fair welfare-warfare state!

  • veradinx

    Why didn’t she ask them to comment on Greenspan’s comment that the establishment of the Fed was actually a Fraud perpetrated on Americans during their latest Jekyll Island Banksterfest? Boehner (read: Boner) is just another toady elected by special interests to keep the fiat train running until it explodes.

  • jeffrey51

    Ron Paul brings to light the elites secret weapon. I love watching the Banksters try to dismiss Paul. All it does is make Ron Paul stronger and grow his following for liberty.

  • warsarewrong

    Bring back gold standard and stop the fraud

  • joygarner

    Yeah sure, “don’t fight the fed”, instead, spend your life as a slave and sell your great grandchildren into slavery to a private, for-profit bank.

  • 1dabirdman

    I’LL GIVE YOU SOME HATE MAIL! You’re an idiot and a moron. our monetary policy under the fed has historically failed! The fed should be repealed and all debt written off! And if you are a supporter of the fed then you are an idiot! do the math vs. the history and you’ll see, Bernanke and all his cronies should be locked away and be made to pay everything they’ve stolen back to the taxpayers!

  • zubzero1

    “Dont crucify man kind on the cross of gold?” WooooooooooW, I bet you would rather drown in the pool of worthless printed paper.

  • Justyburger

    This is fluff. Plain and simple Propaganda. The Fed is unconstitutional, private and is ruining the US. Thats a fact.
    Who put them in charge of the money supply? Read J Edward Griffins book – The Creature from Jeykll Island. The whole thing was set up as a heist. They print money which costs almost nothing and yet they charge interest on it. On top of that, they loan 3 trillion dollars of US taxpayers money to foreign banks. Wake up people. The Fed has to be put under Treasury now.

  • CyprusCY61

    Anyone who defends the Fed is either delusional or benefiting from it in some way

  • jwka2001


  • kingcherub

    So, what’s the up-shot? If Ron Paul gets the chairmanship it will offend the people robbing us…ummm, no, we can’t have that!