The Ron Paul Effect

Tony Fratto and Greg Valliere share their reactions to the anti-Fed movement’s growing power.

Date: 12/03/2010

  • avariceichiban

    Michelle Carosu Cabrera has no clue she says the FED is independent tell her to do sports or porn

  • Zakikhan588

    Look you guys .Ron Paul is just another American who will promise you any thing. So that he can get into the white House. Good morning Mr President. Once elected he will DO NOTHING FOR YOU .Look at OBAMA. promises and no delivery. The only way to real change is to destroy AMERICA. Elect OSAMA as your president and he will save the world. Osama had forecaster the future of of America and the world. Destroy America and restore DEMOCRACY .


  • mahavira108

    May Ram (God) bless and protect Ron Paul from the forces of darkness, wickedness and evil.

  • CliveSinclairZX

    Hahahahahahah ahahhahaha hahaha hahahhaa This is comedy gold!

  • jm213213

    these dudes be scurrred of ron paul.. look in their faces.. they know what awaits

  • jreily88

    She made a mistake when she said the house committee that oversees the federal reserve. Apparently she doesn’t know that the federal reserve has no oversight, other than bernanke. It is a privately owned company with absolutely no government oversight.

  • captkirkconnell

    Fed pays off all the trash we have in our Government.
    Audit the FEd- any politician who does not want to audit the fed is getting Paid by the fed.
    The Fed has no army, no police force, so how can they get away with hijacking the constitution and ripping off the masses? well what would you do if you were the most suiccesful counterfieter? PAY THEM OFF! yep Audit the FEd If your CLEAN .

  • SilencerRPMs

    lemme see if you want a small government then you must hate the Fed. If they do not exist, then they cannot monetize the debt. That means we have to balance the budget.

  • blacksmithe1

    Well I do have to say this.. We are a Christian based and started society…. read the founding fathers and their quotes, who influenced them and such…back to topic.. the Fed is the worst thing that has ever been brought to the U.S. by secularists and the like. No longer are we a christian nation due to the fact we are a violent based culture that thinks we are always in the right, even though we got blowback from training and then leaving alqeada back in the 70s-80’s. read history people. 🙂

  • jasonnissan1

    how the hell did the comments go from the FED to christianity ?

  • Casso14894

    America was founded by satan, but jesus christ returned riding on a donkey, banishing satan into a prison cell in heaven. God then told the founding fathers to create a new nation – America, with a more pure type of Christianity than catholicism. But because of all you atheists, satan has gained enough power to escape his prison and ruin the world for us true Christians.

  • jmotz3

    you know…if your christian opinion is true…. I would prefer to go to hell b/c of how immoral that philosophy is

  • MrSafetymeeting

    If nothing else, Ron Paul will bring some level of transparency to the operations of the federal reserve.

  • TheAratto

    United States Needs Ron Paul

  • hotfudgemoney

    This lady is retarded. How can you be for small government and for the Fed?

  • Casso14894

    Ron paul should be removed from the senate. Damn atheist

  • waterchildtera

    remove the federal reserve system
    now !
    don’t pay them back chit !
    they owe us hundreds of trillions back
    hang them by there necks till dead for acts against this country and the world
    they drive the wars and fund them and profit
    remove the federal reserve system NOW !
    or preferred and remove them from the gene pool
    this time cleanse the earth of the MONEY CHANGERS
    evil foul devils

  • LayneRoxxx

    I love hit pieces where they have two guys against Ron Paul and basically do a circle jerk for the fed.

    There is no objectivity in bought and paid for old-style news.

  • cagwell
  • VegitoVai90

    John Boehner can kiss my ass. Seriously, he sucks.