The Ron Paul Effect

Tony Fratto and Greg Valliere share their reactions to the anti-Fed movement’s growing power.

Date: 12/03/2010

  • lb11rb

    that’s not what “don’t fight the Fed” is referring to you stupid bastard

  • jb4rp2012

    This Tony Fratto is so wrong, Ron Paul got the audit bill out of committee, and it was watered down in the senate… All three of these people do not have a grasp of the problems with fiat currency and they are in the middle of a crisis caused by fiat currency.


  • jb4rp2012

    Tony Fratto is wrong, he said nothing Ron Paul does will get out of committee. Waht was the Audit Bill? It got all the way to the senate where it was watered down…

  • TickedOffPatriot

    All these people are shills and traitors. I truly hope they get what’s coming to them when America finally revolts.

  • richarddbeck

    typical CBS. I’m only hearing one side of this story. 🙁 Where is CBS balance?

  • hanzmonsta

    Fratto is a clueless ass.

  • sdfkjllshadflhadfshl

    They better get used to RP. I truly think he has a very good shot at the presidency in 2012. No one else is even kind of attempting to try and put forward real solutions to our terminal cancer that is spending. Both parties are trying to push towards one of two slightly different NWO solutions, they can’t be trusted at all. Support RP.

  • iwillspyonyou

    it’s time to Audit and then End the Federal Reserve.

  • 15230

    I give Ben Bernake alot of credit? WOW!

  • 2jcalex

    Fratto??? who the hell is he?
    Oh yeah!! he`s the guy that agrees with how the “FED” came to be…..COMI IDIOT

  • misternormL

    look at these moron talking heads trying so hard to deceive moron Americans into believing the fed should remain in business and sucking the life out of our people.

  • milkman52879

    Fratto and Valliere are both corporate whores. Great job by CNBC by holding a balanced interview….. If Fratto actually listened to what Ron Paul is proposing, he’s not advocating a return to the gold standard, he’s advocating competition in currency with gold, silver, and / or another tangible form of currency. Every fiat currency in history has crashed, and the dollar will be no different if we don’t do something drastic. The Fed and our Keynesian economic model have ruined the economy.

  • Wildkkat1

    Valliere is totally wrong! It was Democrats that shot down HR 1207(audit the Fed) almost on a straight party line vote. Republicans were behind the audit and Democrats attached or Earmark wasteful spending to it so it would fail.

  • Wildkkat1

    Finally we will know the truth about the Fed. Ron Paul will now have subpoena power to expose and prosecute the crooks that steal us blind! Watch Democrats scurry to hide like cockroaches. Ron Paul rocks!

  • onceRoquin

    irritating to see these people’s compromise. the fed is so incredibly destructive it’s difficult to encapsulate.
    they want to be lied to in order to feel secure, it’s disgusting!

  • mit26chell

    ‘I do not believe Ben Bernanke will respond to political forces.’

    Wow. This guys just one of those idiots who can’t see what’s right in front of him. Dumb mofo.

  • Nexus974

    They’ll find a way to screw Ron Paul over…they usually do.

  • MikeFromTheUK1

    We need a debt free monetary system.

  • b4ihang

    “Fretto” sounds like the character name which Bernanke chose for the dummy in his ventriloquist act.

  • 2oss7uprey

    focus like a laser on the federal reserve!