The Ron Paul Effect

Tony Fratto and Greg Valliere share their reactions to the anti-Fed movement’s growing power.

Date: 12/03/2010

  • birthdaythesuit00

    He doesn’t hate the fed in her book because she doesn’t understand economics like Paul does. I would LOVE to see this Marie go toe to toe with Paul in an economics debate.


  • lucifuehrer

    it’s pronounced BONER!

  • SpyOpz94

    Bilderberg group , new world order, illuminati, 911 inside job

  • SpraxIAKS

    Provoke the Fed? These two are morons.

  • justvaporize

    CNBC is an arm of the FED and this interview makes it even more obvious.

  • ItStImE2012

    There is only one place for these two traitors and thats hanging from the Tree of Liberty along with there banking buddies… And Talk about MISS INFO!!!!! oh ya William Jennings B. delt with the FED, and he didn’t want humanity hung on a gold cross???? WTF where did he learn his history??? THE FED DIDN’T exist then (at least not in its current form after 1913) but the Banks that contributed (or are) the FED are still around BOA, JPM ,ext.. I hope Ron (the MAN) Paul doesn’t use the FED as a punching bag but more of a Public Execution, DEATH OF PAPER BY A SILVER BULLET!!!! P.S. CRASH JPM BUY SILVER !!!!!

  • zachfitzz

    haha id be worried too if an honest man were going to head the most corrupt sector of the US govt. but their right; hell likely never get any reforms into place as guys like these, who are bought and paid for, will block it.

  • gfcardi

    Yep, keep laughing, douchebags. Mother’s Day? You guys have mothers? Right…go back and crawl under the Goldman Sachs rocks that own you. You 2 crooks (Tony and Greg) wish you could hold Ron Paul’s jock! Ron Paul has more integrity and honesty in one monolayer of skin on his right eyelid than these 2 schmucks have in their entire families!

    End the Fed. Cut off its head, draw and quarter it, slice it up, burn the body, and smash it into a million pieces.

    End these Morons.

  • LtSurge659

    lol guy on the right at 4:09 is like

    “Ugh here we go again”

  • midwestcharm

    “Provoke the Fed?”, How about Promote Honesty and Accountability? These clowns love corruption and secrets.

  • LoryLandskipper

    Ok, this guy kept calling her Maria, and that was throwing me off. I searched for Michelle CNBC and OH MAN did I find some good bikini shots of her.

  • LoryLandskipper

    what’s the name of this news anchor? I’m gonna see if google image search has some jerk material with her…

  • th86stone

    end the fed, our forefathers warned us about centralized banks, look at what we got.
    hmm go figure they were right !

    we must stat printing our OWN money, not the private banks ( fed )

    stop buying chinese junk and place tariffs on their exploitative cheap labor, THEY ARE COMMUNISTS, why are we even speaking with them?

  • Justicar333

    This news piece is througoughly disturbing. Politicans, on tv, acting as if their afraid of the fed? They don’t show that reserve of respect for people of the United States. Let alone the president of the United States. That alone shows something is seriously out of whack . On top of so much disrespect to Dr. Paul. The only real American patriot it seems, in a goverment that has lost it’s ability to perform it’s most basic, critical functions. Though they can pass self pay raises fine.:P

  • campaign4liberty

    Down With NWO Tyranny!
    visit LibertyPoet

  • brown55061

    Take away the manipulation that the Federal Reserve’s power allowed them to do the past 80 years and you take away every market bubble and banking crisis. It’s literally that simple! These pundits don’t even realize that this central bank creates debt and lends it back to us with interest. It’s FRAUD and UNCONSTITUATIONAL. The media will just keep calling intelligent people names because theologically they have no answer to free market principles.

  • throwingshit

    lol last thing we want to do is provoke the Fed? End the Fed!

  • VisionsOfTheNobody

    Did people voted down this just because Ron Paul didn’t appear in the talk show?
    Because it just seems dumb for anyone to talk about this with these guys, because they can’t reason with what is real here! These people are making complete fools of themselves on TV all because they just don’t know the very first thing about situation of the US economy! But they could also just some bad actors being paid by the FED. Either dumb or corrupt, no difference…
    Ron Paul 2012!

  • GodAthie
  • fargley001

    These clowns obviously want to protect the FED… WTF. The fed has failed us, many times, why would they want to protect the FED – at least, why wouldn’t they want to audit.
    The recent leaks shows the damn fed giving bailout money to companies that are doing fine! Harvest the assets of the slaves and give them to corporate interests – motto of the FED.
    The FED is WAAAY too powerful not to have them exposed.