The Ron Paul Effect

Tony Fratto and Greg Valliere share their reactions to the anti-Fed movement’s growing power.

Date: 12/03/2010

  • mortisnoctu

    Ron Paul better get the chairmanship ! ! ! ! ! ! ! It’s based of seniority, so if he doesn’t get the chairmanship then there is some serious corruption at play ! ! ! ! ! !


  • Grizz

    Get rid of the Fed! Its the most corrupt, unconstitutional thing that has ever been unleashed on the American people. As for the Gold standard….unfortunately there is no gold in Fort Knox it all went on a trip to the central banks of Europe.

  • wtfjaftw

    FIGHT THE FED TO THE END END THE FED RON! america and the rest of free humanity are counting on you!

  • drifterted

    Fratto doesn’t have enough holes in his head.

  • tonyteb

    i support RON PAUL all the way scumbags they love but an honest man with integrity they call him crazy when we have a full and complete collapse then these guys can take credit

  • numba1stunna4269

    Screw these FED loving cock blowers!

  • heymisterderp

    16 people like secretive central banking, Fed-set interest rates, “too big to fail”, Wall St. bailouts, the Corporatocracy’s earnings next quarter, mortgaging our nations’ future, and fiscal cancer.

  • holding09

    End The Fed is an extemely informational book about the importance of sound money for any state or society. It takes us to a place that we could call our own, if we all continue to listen to logical people like Ron Paul. The book makes case after case for sound money and the importance of prosperity in a society. Read it if you have not.

  • eatthatmeatball

    “Auditing, the financial Bawwdy. Now, Fff-paul is making a push to control the most… the house committee that overseas the fed.”

    Tee hee hee!



  • rita21200

    Ron Paul as president of the USA means ENGOUGH of the dual citizenship( Israel/american)politicians END OF Zionist gangs federal reserve/banking/IRS ……..The great America once again

  • kennyvii

    So if you don’t like the Fed your a “hater”. Nice…

  • lomocan

    The younger guy thinks it won’t be “healthy” for the operation of the Fed, of course, it wouldn’t be since it won’t be able to lend free money to its buddy-banks & businesses anymore.& look at him trying to denigrate the gold-standard, firstly, it was NOT a true gold-standard as such because was manipulative & all the problems back then were caused by bankers sucking up gold due to fractional-reserve-banking; WITHOUT FRB a REAL gold-standard would be the best thing for people.

  • anthonyww713

    Why shouldnt america have control over americas currency. The fact that is kept in private hands in a problem. The fed has inflated the dollar to the extreem. Nothing corrupts more than power. Giving a corperation absloute power over money can in no way be benificial

  • Tnat1on

    She’s so stupid. And look how much she hates Ron that when she talks about him she has such a grin on her face. Priceless! 😀

  • blummedia

    I bet they played banjos at her parents wedding.

  • david121090

    who is this bitch…

  • maj1kninja07

    Nationalize the Fed… and have the gold in fort knox be the faith in the dollar… and you dont need a 20 as an once of gold.

  • SnwbrdB

    Not sure where that guy gets his Bryan info, but it looks like he was infavor of the Fed, but died before it was ever enacted.

    “In many ways, Bryan was ahead of his times. Despite his fundamentalist religious views, he was a progressive politician. The ideas he promoted unsuccessfully in 1896, were adopted by Teddy Roosevelt’s platform in 1904. He supported the adoption of the Federal Reserve Act, the Federal Trade Commission, control of trusts and monopolistic companies, government control of currency and banking, voting reform and regulation of campaign contributions. Before Bryan, the Democratic Party was a conservative party of Civil War losers. After Bryan, the party was a progressive alliance of small businesses, farmers, blacks and blue-collar workers. It was this alliance that later elected Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson. ”

  • m3atwady

    Idiots…..go Ron!!