Ron Paul: Don’t Blame Wikileaks!

Wikileaks Reveals U.S. Government’s Delusional Foreign Policy

by Ron Paul

We may never know the whole story behind the recent publication of sensitive U.S. government documents by the Wikileaks organization, but we certainly can draw some important conclusions from the reaction of so many in government and media.

At its core, the Wikileaks controversy serves as a diversion from the real issue of what our foreign policy should be. But the mainstream media, along with neoconservatives from both political parties, insist on asking the wrong question. When presented with embarrassing disclosures about U.S. spying and meddling, the policy that requires so much spying and meddling is not questioned. Instead, the media focus on how so much sensitive information could have been leaked, or how authorities might prosecute the publishers of such information.

No one questions the status quo or suggests a wholesale rethinking of our foreign policy. No one suggests that the White House or the State Department should be embarrassed that the U.S. engages in spying and meddling. The only embarrassment is that it was made public. This allows ordinary people to actually know and talk about what the government does. But state secrecy is anathema to a free society. Why exactly should Americans be prevented from knowing what their government is doing in their name?

In a free society, we are supposed to know the truth. In a society where truth becomes treason, however, we are in big trouble. The truth is that our foreign spying, meddling, and outright military intervention in the post-World War II era has made us less secure, not more. And we have lost countless lives and spent trillions of dollars for our trouble. Too often “official” government lies have provided justification for endless, illegal wars and hundreds of thousands of resulting deaths and casualties.

Take the recent hostilities in Korea as only one example. More than fifty years after the end of the Korean War, American taxpayers continue to spend billions for the U.S. military to defend a modern and wealthy South Korea. The continued presence of the U.S. military places American lives between the two factions. The U.S. presence only serves to prolong the conflict, further drain our empty treasury, and place our military at risk.

The neoconservative ethos, steeped in the teaching of Leo Strauss, cannot abide an America where individuals simply pursue their own happy, peaceful, prosperous lives. It cannot abide an America where society centers around family, religion, or civic and social institutions rather than an all powerful central state. There is always an enemy to slay, whether communist or terrorist. In the neoconservative vision, a constant state of alarm must be fostered among the people to keep them focused on something greater than themselves — namely their great protector, the state. This is why the neoconservative reaction to the Wikileaks revelations is so predictable: “See, we told you the world was a dangerous place,” goes the story. They claim we must prosecute — or even assassinate — those responsible for publishing the leaks. And we must redouble our efforts to police the world by spying and meddling better, with no more leaks.

We should view the Wikileaks controversy in the larger context of American foreign policy. Rather than worry about the disclosure of embarrassing secrets, we should focus on our delusional foreign policy. We are kidding ourselves when we believe spying, intrigue, and outright military intervention can maintain our international status as a superpower while our domestic economy crumbles in an orgy of debt and monetary debasement.


  • LiveLoveBurnDie959

    i loved every word! Mr. Paul deserves a lot of respect, unlike the government of his country! Lots of love to each American who thinks in this “clean” way!


    Any government that has to hide so much of what it does that it wants to have a man killed for releasing this collection of lies and half truths.American Imperialism has been exposed and the government doesn’t like it,except for RON.Way to go.

  • Ron Paul for president. I think right now that is our only hope. We can still turn this country around if we could get him elected president. He is the only honest, sane, courageous politician out there. I am awed by his guts but there is also shrewd political judgment behind his statement. The establishment is outraged because Assange is tweaking their noses. They forget that the people may not feel the same way. In a recent poll, 82% of Australians agreed with Assange that he was getting screwed by the Australian government. 82%! The Australian government quickly backpedaled and decided that maybe Assange was welcome home after all. Most people do not like establishment politicians. Assange may be a villain to the political establishment, but he is a hero to most of the people. Dr. Paul has recognized this. I hope Dr. Paul will run for president in 2012.

  • James Joyce

    America, from across the pond in the UK, we need you now more than ever to recognise that we need Libertarians like Ron to be the voice of you, a true patriot.
    Only then when the ordinary populace of the worlds superpower recognises the monster of the elites in the shadows pulling strings of all government policies, which only sicken and anger the world at large.
    They have bankrupted us all, and here we are in 2010, our children to be born into debt with an ever increasing ‘bare necessities’ maintenance bill to ensure us rats work the treadmills till our graves paying off an un-payable ever-growing debt, so we further continue to feed the machine.
    That’s pretty much Communism in practice with merely more material daily requirements to exist to distract us, all nice and shiny distractions.

    Why nobody ever ask why we pay for our electricity, when technologies of Tesla proven we can all be self sufficient?
    Why nobody ask why?

  • James T

    I wonder if more republicans are going to start supporting Wikileaks like Ron is doing. It will make our current leaders look bad.

    If this happened during Bush’s presidency, then he would have already declared war on Wikileaks and the rest of the internet.

  • Lalit

    You know something Ron? – right about now, you may be the only American politician or public figure making any sense.

  • Keolalani

    Sent 12/5/10 to the CEOs of Amazon, EBay and PayPal:

    I am appalled by the withdrawal of support of Wikileak (Julian Assange) by Amazon, EBay and Paypal.

    Here we have an individual courageous enough to do what no one else has in the history of our planet – certainly not a CEO of any international corporation.

    Assange has stood up to provide transparency and thus accountability with respect to corporate, governmental and military behavior at a level greater than we have ever known in the history of humanity.

    This is a GOOD thing for life on Earth. Only those involved in malfeasance and/or wrapped in fear or the illusion that what the corporate, governmental or military worlds say is count-on-able would view otherwise.

    So what is it that Amazon, EBay and Paypal have to hide, I wonder?

    We need corporations such as these to demonstrate vision and courage to stand up in support of what improves us at individual, organizational and systems levels – as uncomfortable as it may seem in the beginning. Otherwise, we’ll never clean house of the very corruption, dysfunctionality and outright dishonesty responsible for today’s unprecedented global malaise.

    If Amazon, EBay and Paypal are not willing to do this, then I’ll not do business with them, rather do everything I can to encourage a boycott on the part of others.

    Time to wake up and stand up here, INCLUDING those in our own government who lack the decency and huevos to do what is right – all the way to the top, if need be!

  • temporary01890

    Such a shame his views on civil liberties are so limited

    • jim

      How in in the love of god are his views on civil liberties limited???

  • Bolero08

    Ron. I haven”t voting rights in USA, rather in two other countries. But how can it be, that you disapeared so quick from candidates list in president elections. Interesting. It was been soon after biocybernetical measurements of all candidates. And your biosystem wasn”t been worst in that time.

  • Higginsandme

    I never thought the day would come when I would be saying this to a Republican ” Your country Sir needs you 2012

  • BHNTX001

    Why the hell did we not elect you President?

  • Urban_Hailer

    Ron, I think you have shaved off from the understanding that it is “illegal” to put out this information. Now, I can agree with you that we do need to have less secrets in the government, however, it is not necessry to have absolutely every little thing said and known be made known to every man, woman and child. If certain items are “classified” or “top secret” then there needs to be a law that is implemented to make those things known. “don’t blame wikileaks…”??? I blame Julian Ass…whatever for making information, that was deemed confidential, known to the public without regard for what this information might do. Let’s have more information, less secrets, but let’s do it the right way, the legal way. I am not opposed to the US limiting our military occupation around the world, but I am for the US being a moral country that is able to lead, and promote freedom around the world. And yes, doing so legally.

    • Libertarian777

      problem is the government just marks everything ‘secret’, ‘top secret’ and ‘classified’.

      case in point, the ‘terrorists’ locked up in G-bay. Sure some of them are really bad people, and no in general i don’t want them to be roaming around.

      However you must remember, if you give the government the power to arbitrarily take away anyone’s rights without due process of court (and due process is evidence presented and challenged, not government saying ‘the evidence is classified’), then one day when they come after YOU, who will be protecting your rights?

      And its not that you haven’t done anything ‘wrong’.
      Black people hadn’t done anything ‘wrong’ either, they were just born black, and laws existed to exclude them.

      Japanese Americans did not do anything (the Japanese imperial navy did) in WWII, but they were interned.

      Now all American Muslims too are ‘evil’.
      Next it will be Chinese Americans.
      And when the drug war comes across the border it will be Mexican Americans that the government can arrest and detain without trial.

      Where does it stop? When the ‘war’ ends?
      Newsflash, there will NEVER be an ‘end’ to this ‘war on terror’. It is the only way government can justify its extension of civil liberties erosion.

      your 4th amendment is gone at the airport (not to mention your car in your driveway too).
      your 1st amendment is likely to go too if they get to get an internet kill switch/ censor and/or succeed against wikileaks.
      10th amendment due process rights are already gone if you’ve been labeled a ‘terrorist’.
      do you ‘feel’ safer? hey if I lock you up in solitary confinement in a prison you should feel 100% safe. no terrorist or criminal can attack you there.

      Lastly, stop blaming Julian Assange and find out the facts. The 250,000 cables being touted have NOT all been released. Only about 680 were released, many were redacted by the NYT and Guardian newspapers with input from the US authorities. If wikileaks had leaked current operational and tactical military plans by all means I would say they should be prosecuted.
      But towing the party line of ‘transparency is bad’ is NOT in our interests.

      I’m sure Nixon would have listed Watergate as ‘top secret’ if he could. Should we have arrested the reporters who reported on that?

  • Widge01

    Being a pretty left wing liberal, I never thought I’d agree with Ron Paul. But I agree whole-heartedly on this topic.

  • MrBobbeli

    sounds very honest to me 🙂

  • IronRevolution

    Sir, i salute you.

  • William Rist

    People should remember that the news media reports information that is incomplete from the truth …. and the rest of the story? When will people wake
    up and realize that “conflicts of interest” exist in this country and around the world. People will not really understand how events or situations affect them until they have become the victim in some way as a result of bad policies. Remember, who ever controls the money will try to control the media and the people…. for the love of money is the root of all evil. There are many people who will try to use “fear tactics” to silence the rest of the people from speaking out.
    If America, is to succeed in protecting the future, then citizens must group together in a common belief that will protect the future of our kids and grand- kids. People should ask the “question” who is $paying$ the news media and how much actual information is being reported. The reason the news media will not report all information to the public is because of panic,fear, and a loss of comsumer confidence which would affect their financial ties or gains. People should take the time to read and protect the U.S. Constitution, if they want to enjoy their freedom, because without the U.S. Constitution, comes facism, socialism,communism these three forms of “ism” only leads to control of the people and the destruction of human life on a global scale. The rich and wealthy will try to take steps to insure that their future is protected while ignoring the rest of society. Whoever believes that the rich and wealthy care about protecting the middle-class and below is already deceived. Ask your self this “question” if you lost your home today who would bail you out, right…. Fannie & Freddie Fraud, Federal Reserve Fraud, and all the other fraudulent private bankers around the world. Americans, should form together to audit the private bankers, who are frauds. Americans, should pay extra attention to protecting their First & Seconds Amendment Rights., because the U.S. Government, does not want you to think for yourself. The rich and wealthy use tactics to divide the people of society, while at the same time use the tax-payers money to pay law-enforcement to protect their self-interest. What the American people need to do is show the rich and wealthy elite bankers, that we are able to “unite’ and that we the people have total control of of what happens to consumer confidence and the strength of the U.S. Dollar. If the U.S. Dollar collapses then watch the reaction of the rich and wealth private bankers.

  • Rene33el29

    Thank You Ron Paul We are for truth!!

  • JPA

    @Bob, your love of death and violence is duly noted. It’s no surprise that you are on board with the Mindless Drone boat of the War Machine. At least spare us the Hannity schtick of “renounce your citizenship” and “leave the country”, empty rhetoric that makes you feel good. We adults are going to debate the pros and cons of our global military hegemony via 700 bases in 130 countries. Does it sting a bit to know the overwhelming weight of the cons is being exposed thanks to Dr. Paul?

    “Lose a loved one to terrorism.” Another appeal to emotion that has zero bearing on the argument. Losing a loved one to terrorism (although vastly less likely than losing one to a car accident) does not justify Cold War-style paranoia, $700 billion a year military spending, invading and occupying two countries, meddling in the affairs of every country that has any significance, etc. In fact, these things make it MORE likely that someone here will lose a loved one to terrorism. By the way, there are about a hundred thousand innocent people in Iraq who probably felt pretty terrorized when they or their families were killed by U.S. missiles or bullets.

  • Razzzien

    Nice One doctor Paul. Is so true when true is enemy from the state we are in big trobble.

  • macnet83

    I live in Portugal but I follow your comments and I admire you for them. please keep fighting for a better USA and we will have a better world! best regards from Portugal