Ron Paul: Don’t Blame Wikileaks!

Wikileaks Reveals U.S. Government’s Delusional Foreign Policy

by Ron Paul

We may never know the whole story behind the recent publication of sensitive U.S. government documents by the Wikileaks organization, but we certainly can draw some important conclusions from the reaction of so many in government and media.

At its core, the Wikileaks controversy serves as a diversion from the real issue of what our foreign policy should be. But the mainstream media, along with neoconservatives from both political parties, insist on asking the wrong question. When presented with embarrassing disclosures about U.S. spying and meddling, the policy that requires so much spying and meddling is not questioned. Instead, the media focus on how so much sensitive information could have been leaked, or how authorities might prosecute the publishers of such information.

No one questions the status quo or suggests a wholesale rethinking of our foreign policy. No one suggests that the White House or the State Department should be embarrassed that the U.S. engages in spying and meddling. The only embarrassment is that it was made public. This allows ordinary people to actually know and talk about what the government does. But state secrecy is anathema to a free society. Why exactly should Americans be prevented from knowing what their government is doing in their name?

In a free society, we are supposed to know the truth. In a society where truth becomes treason, however, we are in big trouble. The truth is that our foreign spying, meddling, and outright military intervention in the post-World War II era has made us less secure, not more. And we have lost countless lives and spent trillions of dollars for our trouble. Too often “official” government lies have provided justification for endless, illegal wars and hundreds of thousands of resulting deaths and casualties.

Take the recent hostilities in Korea as only one example. More than fifty years after the end of the Korean War, American taxpayers continue to spend billions for the U.S. military to defend a modern and wealthy South Korea. The continued presence of the U.S. military places American lives between the two factions. The U.S. presence only serves to prolong the conflict, further drain our empty treasury, and place our military at risk.

The neoconservative ethos, steeped in the teaching of Leo Strauss, cannot abide an America where individuals simply pursue their own happy, peaceful, prosperous lives. It cannot abide an America where society centers around family, religion, or civic and social institutions rather than an all powerful central state. There is always an enemy to slay, whether communist or terrorist. In the neoconservative vision, a constant state of alarm must be fostered among the people to keep them focused on something greater than themselves — namely their great protector, the state. This is why the neoconservative reaction to the Wikileaks revelations is so predictable: “See, we told you the world was a dangerous place,” goes the story. They claim we must prosecute — or even assassinate — those responsible for publishing the leaks. And we must redouble our efforts to police the world by spying and meddling better, with no more leaks.

We should view the Wikileaks controversy in the larger context of American foreign policy. Rather than worry about the disclosure of embarrassing secrets, we should focus on our delusional foreign policy. We are kidding ourselves when we believe spying, intrigue, and outright military intervention can maintain our international status as a superpower while our domestic economy crumbles in an orgy of debt and monetary debasement.


  • edwardhuff

    Glad someone is talking about what I have been thinking. Wish we could get the media to talk about this.

  • HolySerbia

    Ron Paul is not only Assange’s only hope but everthing democratic, just & humanitarian in the world.

  • toniop82

    Well spoken Ron. I hope for your country, that they listen and learn.

  • fredlunau

    Wait.. is this THE Ron Paul talking? never thought I’d agree with him on anything, but I stand corrected. Wikileaks will go away once the world media starts opening their eyes and doing their job i.e. digging, publishing, and critically reporting on the empires and secret societies that are crushing this fair planet of ours. It’s a global issue – or rather, a plethora of global imperatives that every country must tackle together. yes, there will be other Wikileaks. It is only the beginning.

  • fred the protectionist

    Freeee traitors.

  • Eric

    Thank you Wikileaks for finally providing the public a foolproof way to hold governments accountable, all around the world. The secrecy that serves to separate us all will now die the death it deserves. No more will the people be victims of false propaganda used to start wars, or compartmentalized information that breed corruption. The world has been waiting a long time for this. Over a million people have joined Wikileaks Facebook page, in common support for the truth. And many more will join this effort.

  • ScritchytheCat

    Well said. I thought I was a staunch democrat, but I thoroughly agree with you here.

  • DoyenOfDestruction

    Ron Paul lost my support.

  • xpatriot11

    The US public and politicians worldwide condemn this, of course they do.
    The rest of the world thinks it’s fascinating and hillarious, of course they do.

  • nilbud

    It doesn’t matter what the US does now, it’s just a bunch of irrelevant peasants trapped by stupidity and owned by China. An army so shit it can’t move 5 metres without costing a billion dollars and raping a hundred people. Politicians so corrupt as to make the mafia blush. Now even the bridges, roads, and schools are crumbling.

  • Damjanhd

    I ask myself what governmet think they will achive if they will remove Assange?
    Tomorrwo will come someone else who will show us the filty things which government do and what they hide from us. The truth always come out no mather how they try to hide it. Just don’t understand people who support governmet with removing Assange from earth. He is not the problem, problem is people who make this drty things, who made therorism and who earn money from it.

    • Libertarian777

      if the government succeeds in ‘removing’ Assange, it will merely go to re-inforce what the leaks are showing. That the government is becoming unaccountable for its actions.

  • whagerbaumer

    As individual and as society, we possess the intellect to see the path of cowardice, privacy, and ignorance is not the one given us by the Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient to follow for our well being and security. Support courage, public access, and sharing of knowledge, they continue to be under attack.

  • misslovely2882

    Last week it was TSA, this week it’s Wikileaks. Anything to keep us distracted from the common denominator- our useless government.

  • ZonTheDon

    TOo bad the tea party is too retarded to copy your stance on America. Even though I disagree with you on certain social issues and maybe even on Korea. I would support you and would give a thumbs up to you only. Until “they” corrupt you too like the yhave with Obama and the rest of the puppets in the government.


    I promise to do everything I individually can to get Dr. Paul nominated. Although I wish that Dr. Paul would run as an independent if he doesn’t get the republican nomination in 2012. You sir are an amazing human being with true integrity, you have no idea how much your constituency appreciates your actions.

  • sayNOtoevilNOW

    Wish Ron Paul was Canadian, you are so lucky to have a politician who has not been corrupted, one who has such a level head and peaceful approach. He really is for the people and I hope to see him as your president. I don’t think you would find a finer leader, more honest or real. Take care of him and best of luck!!

  • Damjanhd

    Some people says that wikileaks are the most lies. Please people open your mind. If taht was lies, than why they search him and some want’s to kill him? The most are the truth and everyone can see that. Just need a lot of time and search the net, aftzer that connect the ends and you find it, almost all is the truth. Now I know that Zeitgeist is not a lie.

  • xWren

    In the world of politics, Ron Paul gives me sanity. Ron Paul for 2012

  • itrolleveryone


  • painet1776

    Ron Paul. The only true statesman left in America..