Ron Paul will be Chairman of the Subcommittee for Monetary Policy!

Ron Paul announced that he will be Chairman of the Subcommittee for Monetary Policy.

Date: 12/08/2010


  • ancientwisdom2012

    you have got to do more than be skeptical if you want to understand the game of corruption. The corrupt are so hard to discern from the genuine because they want it to be so. (if you so choose or even care to research) I found Paul indirectly (long before he became well known) through journalists work who i came to trust over time from much crosschecking of their work. I checked to see if he was bought off for anything in the past or belonged to any globalist organizations like Bilderburg….

  • MrTouchShriek

    Okay, first of all, neo-cons like Palin ARE against the wiki-leaks and freedom of the press. Ron Paul is not. PLEASE stop using his name in the same sentence as Palin’s, and PLEASE quit mis-stating his positions.

  • Stepper11

    Paul / Napolitano 2012.

  • MCMKingKilla

    Hooah!!!!! The Fed’s days are numbered! WOOHOO!!!!! WE LOVE YOU RON!!!!!

  • Tim Johansen

    If Ron Paul gets elected in 2012 will he get the Nobel Peace Prize?

  • waluum

    Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner have YouTube accounts?

  • solo8889

    he is the man

  • VisumStudio

    lol tea farty

  • donatefreedom

    Ron Paul Will Always Be My President!

    visit LibertyPoet

  • seesitnow4sure

    Can those whom produce nightmares have nightmares?or is Mental Hell just business as usual for banksters?

  • TheGoalSetter

    It’s interesting that this subcommittee was formerly part of the Subcommittee on Domestic and International Monetary Policy, Trade, and Technology until the 111th Congress (the present one), when a separate Subcommittee on International Monetary Policy and Trade was created.

    Are the promoting RP out of the way? If so, why would Republican John Boehner try to stop this?

    Basically, this really could be a victory for liberty.

  • TheGoalSetter

    Will this help or hinder RP from running for the presidency in 2012?

  • websuspect


  • CheekyMonkey888

    On the day the Fed falls, there will be a cry of joy across the planet

  • DynamicRebel

    Ron is still clueless

  • Kozmoedave

    Ron Paul 2012! YOU HAVE MY VOTE!

  • Nothingizm

    Ronpaul2008dotcom hit 75,000 subscribers. Congratulations guys.

    CongressmanRonPaul (Ron Paul’s official channel) still doesn’t have that many subscribers. Subscribe there too!!!

  • cashfornothing

    If Ron Paul gets elected as president in 2012, will he get the Nobel Peace Prize?

  • Wizeguy525

    As much as I wonder what would have happened if Ron Paul were to have been elected to be our current President, I’m very grateful to hear that he will assume this new responsibility. It is a great one, and I can think of no other that I’d like too see assume it.

    Go Ron Paul!!!

  • 2ndAsstJizzMopper

    PatriotReport, let me know if your correct view on RP and “salvation via the state” ever makes it through to a cultist.