Ron Paul Votes Against House Resolution Honoring Chinese Dissident

History shows that meddling in other countries’ internal affairs can have unpredictable and unwanted consequences. Ron Paul recognized this fact today when he was the only Congressman (402-1) to vote against a pretentious and hypocritical House Resolution (H RES 1717) which would…

  1. congratulate imprisoned Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo on the award of the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize
  2. honor Liu Xiaobo’s promotion of democratic reform in China, and the courage with which he has bore repeated imprisonment by the Government of China;
  3. state that in honoring Liu Xiaobo, it also honors all those who have promoted democratic reform in China, including all those who participated in the 1989 Tiananmen Square demonstration for democratic reform;
  4. assert that Liu Xiaobo is a political prisoner, and that Liu Xia, Liu Xiaobo’s supporters, and all signers of Charter 08 who have been detained, placed under house arrest, or harassed, are the victims of political persecution;
  5. call on the Government of China to release Liu Xiaobo from prison, and to release Liu Xia, Liu Xiaobo’s supporters, and all signers of Charter 08 from detention, house arrest, and harassment;
  6. call on the Government of China to cease censoring media and Internet reporting of the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo and to cease its campaign of defamation against Liu Xiaobo;
  7. urge President Barack Obama to continue to work for the release of Liu Xiaobo from prison, as well as the release of Liu Xia, Liu Xiaobo’s supporters, and all signers of Charter 08 from detention, house arrest, and harassment; and
  8. emphasize that violations of human rights in general, and the persecution of Liu Xiaobo, Liu Xia, Liu Xiaobo’s supporters, and all signers of Charter 08 specifically, are matters of legitimate concern to other governments.


  • Andy

    I don’t understand Ron Paul’s favoring MFN status on China. He’s by far the best candidate for president, but I don’t agree with all he comes out with.

  • Chinese American


    just found out that the is a doctor, no wonder! He has a brain.

  • MJK

    Nice to see that at least one person in congress realizes this resolution is the pot calling the kettle black. Liu Xiaobo is a great man, but it’s not the place of our government to be meddling in this issue when we are just as guilty as China when it comes to silencing dissidents.

    Keep up the good work, Mr. Paul. Now that Feingold is gone, you’re the only person keeping me from becoming completely disillusioned with the US Government.

  • Steve

    Thanks Dfens for giving such quote. It is unreasonable to say Dr. Paul is a spy for Chinese government.

    Dr. Paul has said “..its system of government runs contrary to our most fundamental beliefs..”

    So, I assume that American have fundamental belief of pursuing liberty. Then, what is the founding father’s advice on this issue? If the government of a country’s fundamental beliefs is different from America, should America just only trade with this country? what kind of reasonable and sensible action would your nation react ? Of course, I understand that US government uses many propaganda to invade other countries. Overthrowing these countries is certainly not a good idea.

    The people in Hong Kong and Chinese are suppressed in term of freedom.
    What is the advice of Dr. Paul?
    What is Dr. Paul’s stand toward the suppressed people in other nations ?
    Is Dr. Paul consider himself not appropriate to express his idea ?

    Please give me more hints. Thank you.

  • Dfens

    Is there any doubt that Ron Paul is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Communist Chinese government? How long are you people going to live in denial? Here’s an excerpt from his speech to Congress on why we should give China “most favored nation” trade status.

    As a physician I know that what might at first seem to be a cure for a particular ailment is really sometimes not a cure at all. In fact, going with a gut reaction to prescribe a cure can do more harm than the original problem.

    The same is true for matters of state. The initial reaction to a problem in society, or the world, will leads us to make a conclusion about a course of action. Unfortunately, that first reaction can be wrong, even though guided with the best of intentions.

    We have such a case before us now. It is the dilemma of whether or not China should be granted the same trade relationship granted to almost every other nation of the world, a status misleadingly referred to as “Most Favored Nations,” or, MFN. We all know the charges: the Chinese government violates basic human rights of its citizens, it is hostile towards Christianity, and its system of government runs contrary to our most fundamental beliefs.

    The initial reaction of our collective national psyche is to oppose MFN, to be tough, and say, “No way, no special deals for China.” But is it the best solution?

    To clear up a misconception, MFN is not a “special” status. In fact, MFN for a country simply means we will trade with that nation with no extraordinary barriers to their entering our marketplace. Free trade is not something to be lightly dismissed. And MFN is nothing more than an attempt, albeit imperfect, at free trade.

    Eliminating MFN status for China does not hurt the Chinese government. But it does hurt Americans in two ways. First, by imposing what is essentially a tax on our people. It is a tax because it is the American consumer who will pay higher prices on goods which come from China due to US policy. That means higher prices on many items, but not just items which come directly from China. If the tariffs on Chinese goods increases, people will be forced to find replacement products. As the demand for those products increase, so will those prices. – Ron Paul

    Yeah, this has worked out real well for the American people, hasn’t it? Anyone lost their job lately? Thank Ron Paul.

  • Steve

    I’m also from Hong Kong. I have the following points :-

    – Liu Xiaobo’s 08 proposal (08憲章) is a kind and gentle suggestion to Chinese government
    – Liu Xiaobo should be respected and honoured, I love him very much.
    – Nobel price maybe used as a tool of propaganda by global elite
    – Dr. Paul has a strong idea of non-interventionism but it is different from isolationism. I think it Dr. Paul ideal not to intervent Liu Xiaobo event in Nation Level.
    – such intervention may lead to unnecessary interference from US to China, US should not govern China.
    – However, it need to me a very philosophical problem. In American Revolution, French people had helped American people to over throw British Government. It was absolutely an intervention! American could not make a successful revolution without external help.
    – I suggest Dr. Paul give some personal disclaimer for Liu Xiaobo
    – Dr. Paul is a very brilliant political figure and stand his reason, I respect him too. Dr. Paul get some fans in Hong Kong.
    – I cannot see any conflicts between people in US and people in China who pursue liberty, truth and love.

  • Lei Fu

    Hey, Petra Ho, you British banana. As a mainlander I don’t want China to be colonized for three hundred years like Hong Kong, as Liu suggested.

  • Petra Ho

    You isolationist bastard, shame on you!
    I’m from Hong Kong, so supposingly I have no right to comment on your decision as a foreigner or in your sense, an alien.
    But you are just so disgusting.
    “Meddling in other countries’ internal affairs can have unpredictable and unwanted consequences”.
    Are you the spokeperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry? Terribly alike.
    I wonder why people would elect such an ignorant authoritarian slave like you.
    Free Liu Xiaobo! Democracy for China now!