Ron Paul Appointed Chairman of Domestic Monetary Policy Subcommittee

Congressman Ron Paul has been appointed to head the Domestic Monetary Policy Subcommittee of the House Financial Services Committee in the 112th Congress. The subcommittee has jurisdiction over monetary policy, currency, commodity prices, and matters related to the Federal Reserve Bank generally.

Congressman Spencer Bachus, incoming Chairman of the Financial Services Committee, announced Paul’s appointment today:

“Congressman Paul has been a leading voice in Congress on the topics of monetary policy and the Federal Reserve,” Bachus stated. “His commitment to sound money and free-market principles will serve him well as Chairman of the subcommittee.”

“1I’m very pleased and excited about being named Chairman of the subcommittee,” Paul stated. “I first ran for Congress in the 1970s because I was concerned about inflation and the dollar. I believed then — as I do now — that unchecked monetary expansion posed great risks for the American economy and our standard of living. In the decades since, we have seen how expansion of the money supply by the Federal Reserve has eroded the value of our dollar. We also have seen how the Federal Reserve, in concert with Congress, has enabled the Treasury to incur almost unbelievable amounts of debt.”

Paul is well known as the author of comprehensive legislation to audit the Federal Reserve Bank, with the goal of providing both taxpayers and world financial markets with full transparency of U.S. central bank actions.

As chairman, Paul expects to hold regular hearings with Federal Reserve Bank officials, including Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. He also plans to solicit testimony from prominent economists concerning both monetary policy generally and Fed actions in particular.


  • glenn

    Ron, speak to the basics of how money is created as both private and public debt owed to private banks (ie the fed), and how it can only lead to continued concentrations of wealth and power among those who benefit and an overall weakening of our standard of living and those around the world. Make this your central campaign issue in 2012, and I will spread the word loud and often. Best of luck, I am thankful for you.

  • Sheila Lewis

    I thought they would come up with some scam or something to block him,I don’t trust Government much except for Ron Paul..Congratulations Ron,I wish you the best!

  • James Barton

    Hail the chief!!!!! Oh thank god! I waited forever for this day!!!!! Please save us us Ron. The whole world is going crazy. Finally! Sanity.

  • Doug McLean

    Finally…. I have been waiting for this forever. I am from
    Canada, and am deeply worried about America. We may be separated by a “Border”; but we are still Family. I have been watching Congressman Paul for years, and wish him the best. He may be the only hope there is for America. I know there are good people over there, but so many are Quiet. Thank-You for speaking up.