Ron Paul: I’ll Try to Stop the Fed’s Secret Bailouts

Ron Paul expresses his disapproval of the Federal Reserve’s potential indirect bailout of states and other bankrupt entities through the purchase of municipal bonds.

Date: 12/10/2010


  • jasonnissan1

    I would almost bet Bernanke wipes his ass with 100 dollar bills. Kinda sucks,while he is living it up with everything we are stuck working for nothing. Truth of the matter hang close to your family and stick to your morals. The Fed,bankers ect would slit their own for a buck!

  • truthislibertyus

    Ron Paul said the dollar was going to collapse in the 90s. Wrong then, wrong again. Ben Shalom is the man! Saved out asses from a Depression!

  • bewarethebeef

    Thanks Ron for tryin to get these fools to STOP STEALING THE VALUE OF MY MONEY!

  • JaysThoughts

    Why I still trust Ron Paul- he won’t give someone the pleasant answer just to sooth their minds. Will I be able to do it? I dunno. Hope so..
    Comforting? No. Honest? Yes.

  • th86stone

    time to phase out the centralized bank, and print interest free money

  • variezn34gm

    DR Ron PAUL: ) I wish you well in REVELATION 20.12, the year of our Lord 2012, and when you deal with Luke 4.3 :} remember Luke 4.4, 4.8, & 4.12 🙂

  • lb11rb

    you cannot predict Human Action. Ron Paul is an Austrian through and through.

  • Ebdan88

    You all think that Americans all Are SO so stupet!!!?
    Oh well maybe they are!?
    Destroying a country’s Economi, stealling a nations money and helping their boses and now all this child play… Maybe they are…..:-(

  • variezn34gm

    Congratulations Dr Ron PAUL: Now you must deal with LUKE 4.3 in accordance with LUKE 4.4 …. 4.8 …. & 4.12

  • variezn34gm

    Congratulations Dr Ron PAUL: Now you must deal with LUKE 4.3 in accordance with LUKE 4.4 …. 4.8 …. & 4.12

  • anthonyww713

    its sad you cant vote up this video anymore. I find it ironic this “bug” rarely occurs on non political videos

  • 1kingconan

    wow look at all that gold at the end there! that is the real wealth right there 🙂

  • focus21x

    Audit For Nox.

  • ReverendsChannel

    Who are the three people on the laptops?

  • happionecom

    Best of Luck Ron if I was a American I would be voting for you

  • gregalabama

    It’s amazing to hear him talk real talk and hear all the other politicians BS their way through an interview.

  • 69QuIzAcK69

    Thumbs UP if you loved the “BENNY AND THE FED” !

  • haronsidi

    love from israel

  • yakyakyak69


  • Panpiper

    Ron Paul with the chairmanship of the sub-committee on domestic monetary policy is likely Ben Bernanke’s biggest nightmare.