Ron Paul: I’ll Try to Stop the Fed’s Secret Bailouts

Ron Paul expresses his disapproval of the Federal Reserve’s potential indirect bailout of states and other bankrupt entities through the purchase of municipal bonds.

Date: 12/10/2010


  • iannetta11
  • WarDogLRS

    Government employees sucking the real working mans wages, fuckers

  • truthb

    Ron should really watch his back, stay out of the open. Don’t want Ron Paul to = JFK

  • nwofunclub

    No more criminality in governments!

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    DOWN with NWO!
    Ron Paul 2012!
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  • daconqueror101

    Join Campaign for Liberty if you haven’t already, and donate as much as you can!

  • pigeonpsycho

    smart man

  • shinesweetmarie

    My name is Bond … Ben Bonds liscence to bail… hiiiii .. . STONE AGE … BRONZE AGE … BAILOUT AGE .. hummm not funny .. WE ARE ALL IN FOR A RIDE … NWDisorder

  • D10SdelFutbol


  • BillymanWag

    The Federal Reserve is a crime syndicate that needs to be brought to justice. It really is that simple, and Ron Paul needs backup from others in congress and the senate and from us, the people. We need to push hard. Very hard!

  • stormcrow2525

    Ron Paul is a hero. He’s also taking extraordinary risks. The people he’s opposing think nothing of assassination, witness what they did to JFK. I pray for his safety.

  • FumingPoliticalPunk

    Jesus never read such lies about Ron Paul as in this blog on WVTEA.ORG. It just sickens me. Wish I had the time to educate the bastard that wrote it. ://

  • JamesBlakeWilliams

    Mblake81 sorry, but you’re quote is wrong. Ron Paul, is a principled man, he’s been trying to audit the Fed, eventually end the FED, and hes been speaking the truth for over 30 years. I take classes at the Mises Institute, where Ron Paul is a huge contributor. Ron Paul, having understanding in Austrian Economics, makes him on the peoples side!

  • JamesBlakeWilliams

    I am happy, Ron Paul mentioned Austrian Economics!

  • Rimson303

    If only Ron was our president

  • Tnat1on

    1 dislike.
    Is that you Bernanke? 😀

  • Mblake81

    RON PAUL is a fake. He’s the good cop to the bad cop. Ever notice how he always talks the most an NO ONE listens to him in goverment? It’s a public psyop.”

    Starting to think thats truer every day