Ron Paul’s Plan to Make the Fed Obsolete

Early next year Ron Paul will take over as head of the House subcommittee that oversees the Federal Reserve. He outlined his plan to make the Federal Reserve obsolete:

  1. Audit the Fed and hold it accountable.
  2. Legalize gold and silver (and other competing currencies).
  3. Educate the people.

Date: 12/10/2010


  • imgdumpprep

    a great day for america. perhaps a turning point.

  • 1986johnnybravo1

    Go Dr. Ron Paul! Humble man. He says that it’s not political power but his ideas that they can’t take away. Anyone can remember V for Vendetta. V: Ideas are bullet-proof Mr. Creedy.

  • 1eyednewt

    It’s a one Congressman and 2 million voter conspiracy!

  • MrChris1316

    think its more like the bear goin into the foxes den.hopefully there will be a few more on the unemplyment cue next year all of which will have as there previous employer ,Federal bank of america.

  • iwillspyonyou
  • 1eyednewt

    It’s a one Congressman and 200 million voters conspiracy!
    Skin that cat Ron!!

  • manaen100

    Ron Paul – great man. Barney Frank is the shame for American people. I’m from Europe and I can’t imagine how such person can be in US congress.

  • WelcomeToPlanetEarth
  • LordoftheKaty

    RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!!

  • palatiality

    i have no problem with Frank being gay, but him as a congressman is ghastly.

  • tailspin37

    Dear Rep. Paul:
    Please, Please,Please, run in 2012. This Country needs you.
    You will have my vote.

  • 306cas

    here we go baby , fed out the door !!!

  • LobsterPotsticker

    fox running a hen house?

  • tetrasin

    Frank flicks this tounge like a crackhead. Just saying.

  • TickleMehNancy

    Hopefully he will be able to get stuff done and politics doesn’t prevent him from accomplishing anything.

  • th86stone

    the fore fathers warned us about centralized banks (the fed) , and look what happened.

  • philosophyman76

    Why is he not president? thank god every once in a while humanity pops out someone with clarity and vision.

  • ckairnes68

    What a truly humble man. Right on to you Dr. Paul. The power of the idea is where the true power is, not in the man or woman carrying the idea.

  • variezn34gm

    HI-Ron: Now you will meet and have to deal with MATTHEW 3.4 aka LUKE 3.4.
    I wish you well. EJLima

  • ElMoroInvestments

    He doesn’t need to be president, his ideas are gaining the power. We’ll be using gold and silver soon. etc.