Ron Paul’s Plan to Make the Fed Obsolete

Early next year Ron Paul will take over as head of the House subcommittee that oversees the Federal Reserve. He outlined his plan to make the Federal Reserve obsolete:

  1. Audit the Fed and hold it accountable.
  2. Legalize gold and silver (and other competing currencies).
  3. Educate the people.

Date: 12/10/2010


  • shellshot

    haha this is great 🙂 I’m so pumped for you dear sir!

  • Skunny87

    He’s a hen going into a fox hole with a machine gun loaded with special caliber ‘Reason’ rounds.

  • scrut

    ANYONE who has tried to revert back to the gold standard and change the fiat money system since 1913 has perished…look at your history. Cross your fingers America we are definitely at a cross roads in this country. May God have mercy on Mr. Paul.

  • uturniaphobic

    now see? if Ron had (somehow through all the BS) won the 08 presidential election, his dream job would have never been offered to him today.

  • kojirodensetsu

    Heh, how cool would it be to see a Ron Paul running for president with his son Rand Paul as the vice president.

  • kojirodensetsu

    Legalize competing currencies! Woot!

  • wrb0018

    did he really pull this off? how did he do it? i love this guy with all my heart!

  • Gioxtream

    Amazing speach.

  • Gioxtream

    I been keeping track of this Guy for a couple years.And….i swear for my mother that this guy is a Profet.He can predict the future withing the Government with High accuracy….. is just Incredible. All the other Polititian are just fake.Controlled by big Bankers and Corporations. The only man Who Makes sense to me.The Only True American Patriot. Hey RON ? You Have won my vote. I am Democrat by the way.

  • MeatLoafEnchilada

    This guy isn’t perfect, but he has some good ideas.

  • MrGb1965

    Does any other congressman have the guts to join this man?

  • OneNation2525

    Using Gold and Silver is Coming 😛

  • jackfire55


  • rshaddock

    Finally, an intelligent politician. I look forward to saluting President Ron Paul and being proud to be an American again.

  • fireupgoku

    With Ron Paul getting that seat I dont believe he will be running for president in 2012! This is a huge hit to the tea party.

  • BeadStallcup

    Yes, Jesse Ventura is smart. Really smart. Watch him. He questions in a way that is very effective. I’d have no problem with him being VP of US in 2012.

    Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura would be a dream ticket.

  • BeadStallcup

    The voice of reason speaks again! Ron Paul for US President 2012.

    Benny “the Bagman” Bernanke! –> time to shaft this lying parasite!

  • ThePoliticalPugilist

    Ron Paul- dropping knowledge.

  • CortoMaltese86

    She really is hot

  • Juandingodotcom

    shes hot. . RON PAUL!!!! lol