Ron Paul’s Plan to Make the Fed Obsolete

Early next year Ron Paul will take over as head of the House subcommittee that oversees the Federal Reserve. He outlined his plan to make the Federal Reserve obsolete:

  1. Audit the Fed and hold it accountable.
  2. Legalize gold and silver (and other competing currencies).
  3. Educate the people.

Date: 12/10/2010


  • QuelDr0ma

    Unfortunately Paul is the only light in a sea of stupidity.

  • freedom4kaz

    All I heard Barney Frank say was Buubbbuub bububububu bububbubububu bububububub!!

  • LordSparkisvati

    In India you can trade your fiat currency for gold bullion at any bank. A key element in doing this in the US would be to waive sales tax for conversions like this.

  • cedricalien

    Barney frank is and idiot.

  • lizardgizard2002

    Ron Paul will do nothing. Auditing the Fed is stupid and will not do anything to change what is already a good process. I think by 2012 most people will be laughing at this guy who will not get support from anyone, even those in his own party.

    • Brant

      “Auditing the Fed is stupid and will not do anything to change what is already a good process.”

      –I’m just glad you can spell “Fed” lizard gizard. If you think printing trillions of dollars per year, keeping interest rates non-existent and bailing out failing corporations and entities is “good policy” – then you certainly deserve the current system.

      — But next time you have a complete thought, or better yet a coherent rebuttal, please try and use facts to back it up. Kind of like… how much money you’d have if you’d invested in gold at the founding of the Fed. Or… what nations have ever survived a fiat currency?

  • TRX450rYB240

    Ron Paul2012

  • Libertarian777

    I hope all the gold/silver naysayers, including Jack and Mike Montage LISTEN to this.

    Ron Paul is saying explicitly. Legalise Gold and Silver, AND LET THE PEOPLE CHOOSE.

    If Jack and Mike don’t want to use gold/silver, YOU DON’T HAVE TO, but you will have the CHOICE.

    What is truer freedom than having choice?

  • Zooni2

    As a straight man. I love this guy.

  • InfoSeeker93

    Americans selling out America Praising a Zionist Ron Paul to have our Currency run by international ZIonist Bankers via a Gold Standard offering Gold Credit. For more information please read to see how retarded libertarians are by selling our Country out to a bag full of zionist jews.

  • CliveSinclairZX

    What?1 It’s like the fox WAS guarding the hen house and now it’s an actual farmer that is guarding it.

  • Aholeintheozone

    wow shut up you dumb anchor! WTF let him talk, you don’t have anything intelligent to add to this discussion, maybe if you shut up you would learn something

  • MrDeathSmiles

    The neocons finally did something right by putting this man in charge.

  • TheComputerNazi

    You push as hard as you want, Ron Paul. You have at least 100 million or more Americans behind you. A central bank has no place in a free society. The Founding Fathers knew this, because they suffered heavily under the Bank of England.

  • Israel/UN and the NWO can’t stop Ron Paul to any degree……..

    We already have too many armed citizens ready to take ’em on and hopefully just outright abolish the entire CIA. They lay a hand on Dr. Paul they’re done…

    They’ll do whatever they can to stifle him and slow him down, we must be rid of the Federal Reserve. Along with 80% of their politicians on both sides, forever!!!!!

  • SumerianInspired

    wow one person thinks devalueing our currency is an awesome thing…wow

  • NCIcaucus

    How a polician in DC could be so brilliant is beyond me. I never thought it was possible for somone in DC could be so smart.

  • NCIcaucus

    I love Ron Paul!

  • ZMAN44708
  • aristotlestudent

    Old mush mouth Barney Frank belongs in prison. He would enjoy that immensely because of the “sexual benefits” but he still should be there.

  • lovedalord88

    This was a great interview with Ron Paul, we love ya Ron keep up the good work!