94% Say “Yes” to Ron Paul 2012

We asked the question that’s on everyone’s mind: “Should Ron Paul should run for President in 2012?”

Our readers submitted 12,346 votes and 403 comments while the poll was open from November 29 to December 11. The results are displayed below.

Should Ron Paul run for President in 2012?

  • Yes. (94%, 11,560 Votes)
  • No. (4%, 487 Votes)
  • It depends. (explain below) (2%, 235 Votes)
  • I don’t know. (0%, 64 Votes)

Total Voters: 12,346

The percentage results are virtually unchanged from our 5 earlier polls (February 2009, June 2009, November 2009, February 2010 and July 2010.):

  • 94% (unchanged from 94%) of our readers want Ron Paul to run for President in 2012.
  • 4% (up from 3%) want him to stay out of the race.
  • And 2% (down from 3%) are undecided or said “it depends”.

The number of votes (12,346) represents the third-highest turnout of all Ron Paul 2012 polls we ran so far. In February 2009, our first Ron Paul 2012 poll attracted 6,337 votes. 6,617 voters participated in our June 2009 poll, and the November 2009 poll drew 9,312 votes. With 21,796 votes, our February 2010 poll attracted the largest number of votes, while our July 2010 poll received 18,882 votes.

In light of these exciting numbers it is important to emphasize that Ron Paul recently said that he hasn’t come to a decision yet. We hope he considers the results of this poll when he makes his choice for 2012!

Ron Paul for President 2012 Bumper Sticker bumpersticker
  • Rob Fisher

    This guy is the ultimate “NO BRAINER”. Forget the Network Media giving him the coverage he so deserves, You have to get this guy doing TV spots much like H. Ross did. If people could just learn to think for themselves, instead of what all the 3 letter news networks push for.

    I live in Northern Michigan in the summer and the Florida Keys in the winter. Please feel free to contact me regarding anything I can do to help get the word out, I already ask people to just go check him out, he sells himself.

    Rob (703) 350 9022

  • Steve Evermore

    While I agree that Ron Paul should run, I expect better common sense from this of all sites.

    Of what use is a poll like this when taken only by visitors to this site? Let’s spend less time preaching to ourselves and more time discussing the practical steps we need to take to effect the changes in which we believe.


  • Jake

    To deny the exponential growth of debt by interest cuts to the very core and credibility of monetary theories. If the exponential growth can be proven, then equally, Austrian and Keynesian theories are dis-proven. Economic theories hide the fact that an interest based money system is usury by definition and neither Austrian nor Keynesian theories are sustainable. Both systems create bankruptcies and defaults while enriching banks at the expense of the people through interest.

    The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand. Once you understand (M P E) supporting anything else is economic suicide!! The solution to your fate is M P E, ….but will you listen?


  • Some times its true that the best man for a job is a woman but the best man for
    this job is Mr. Ron Paul, 2012
    I find that Mr. Paul is very interesting to listen to, I love his idea’s and what he
    stands for, this is the change that Americans need, all other changes was no

    PS if you want to eat moose burgers go to Alaska and stay there

  • I am a 20 year old from Irving Texas AND WE WANT RON PAUL!

  • BO


  • The Federal Reserve was a treasonous mistake the likes this country never saw, and most Americans know this is fact now!!!!

    All the Federal Reserve has caused has been apparent corruption, from the monarchies all down the line to the Clintons, Summers, Bushes and criminals like Alastair Lehrman.

    All of them are so corrupt and out of control, out of touch with reality, that there is likely no positive to keeping the Federal Reserve ALIVE


    It doesn’t appear we have ever had any alleged good things come of the Federal Reserve as the British War of 1800 proved quite literally…..We were spat upon and used by this despicable perfidious canker sore for over 100 years….

    If there wasn’t any good to come of it, then the Fed is obselete. We have never once as a nation gained anything from the Fed. We must completely destroy it and phase it out alltogether with the arm of the law.

    Then abolish its institutions……LIKE IN THE OLD WAR!!!!!!!!!!

  • MikeyG

    I still believe he should run for senator, Bailey Hutchison is planning on calling it quits and no one I mean NO ONE has such an easy path to senator like Ron Paul. He would move up on the power and influential ladder and spread the message even more. Running for president would spread his message but he will not win it and everyone knows that.

  • My only concern is who would be a good candidate(s) to replace Ron Paul if he should become ill, shot, deported for telling the truth etc.

  • Kevin Murphy

    I agree with you 100%. Never before have I actually been mesmerized by a politician and his ideas. I too wish I had known about Ron Paul in 2008 because he definitely would have gotten my vote. He is the single most determined, unfickle member of Congress and every single idea, every decision is based solely on his principles of freedom, liberty, and limited government and that is the truth. He is the champion of the everyday American. Certainly he is a bastion of hope in a sea of neo-conservative, partisan, completely destructive politics. If he decides to run, I will personally do EVERYTHING I can to convert people into Ron believers and spread the word about him! RON PAUL IS A FOUNDING FATHER INCARNATE… RON PAUL 2012!!!!

  • JoeBuntu

    I’m in love with Ron Paul and wish I knew about him during the last election. I’m incredibly surprised for two reasons: 1) He is from Texas 2) He is republican. Never in my life would I expect to support a republican Texan especially considering that I am an ex-Obama supporter. This is the first politician I have ever come across that will answer any question thrown at him, and you never get a beat around the bush answers. You get answers that actually make sense. This guy is driven by principal not sensationalism and getting the most votes. We definitely need more politicians like Ron Paul.