Ron Paul: End the Fed by Allowing Competing Currencies

Will Ron Paul use his new position as Chairman of the Domestic Monetary Policy Subcommittee to deliver the coup de grâce to an embattled Federal Reserve by auditing its gold reserves and pushing for the legalization of competing currencies?

Date: 12/14/2010


  • RockwellPorter

    Friday December 31st I Will march on the Tulsa Islamic Mosque.
    I Will await Islam’s Fatwa.
    Lastly, I Will impart my Message.

  • waterchildtera

    america they can kill presidents in front of your eyes, they can attack their own soil as pretext to advance their economic interests (oil), they can admit to MK ULTRA mind control programs in the 60’s and now you have an unconstitutional presidency….AND YOU STILL WONT DO A DAMN thing theyll take your guns away under the umbrella of “National Security”…. “Evil prevails when good men fail to act” Eisenhower warned you about MIC and JFK opposed secret be warned

  • stshell

    there is no congress person that can answer hardball questions like this besides Ron Paul. an honest and smart leader.


    I bet the guy down below worried about his welfare/ unemployment check is the only one who dislikes this

  • Endafed

    If we get hit with hyperinflation, the politics would get very interesting. If it happens next year or early 2012, I say Ron wins the presidency in a landslide.

  • Livefreerevolution

    Spot on Dr. Paul as usual. Thank you!

  • Zalahblue

    Some U.S. states started printing their own currencies in 2009.

  • vic4rp

    use some respect when speaking about congressman Paul.

  • fivedinners

    the plan is to dessemate the western economies to the point at which it is economicly viable to use us as they do in the communist east as slaves!

  • dieyoung

    Ron basically says, “Ha, people want to debate me on my views on the Fed? Finally.”

  • HelpWakePeopleUp


  • 411American

    The 600 billion is going to be thrown at main street before elections faking out the American people to get their selected pick back in.
    End the Fed and the monkeys games in the black house will go with them.
    i would like to vote for Ron Paul but would not like to see him get killed like others have.

  • roseagain2

    Ron Paul! Ron Paul!! Ron Paul!!!

  • lonestarskywatcher

    God Bless you, Mr. Paul.

  • namehoela

    Well, i wonder if the former Financial Advisor at Enron will accept the challenge.

  • sschevypwrbb

    I love Ron but do you really think the Fed is going to spill the beans and just give up,,,,,,,, at the best Ron will slow them and buy us more time to be FREE,,,,,,,,

    ShepherdsChapel at the dot com

  • BillymanWag

    Fed go bye bye, but it’s gunna get bloody.

  • gfujdfjki

    I’m going to buy this book!

  • anryth

    i would love to see the Austrians debate the Keynesians on a national stage. maybe people will finally wake up and realize that you cant produce economic growth by printing money, if that were the case then Zimbabwe would be the manufacturing mecca of the world

  • campaign4liberty

    we need to elect Ron Paul president
    and END THE FED
    to learn more please visit