U.S. Government’s Lies Killed Thousands of People – WikiLeaks’s Truth Killed Nobody

Ron Paul criticized the U.S. government’s efforts to shut down WikiLeaks and attack Julian Assange, and compared the murderous consequences of the U.S. government’s lies to the fact that not a single life has been lost due to the WikiLeaks revelations.

He also commented briefly on the prospects for a 2012 run for the presidency, and on his son Rand Paul moving into his condominium in Virginia.

Date: 12/14/2010


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  • 009900

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  • 009900

    dont you all know that everything thea is said is being watchted and is beeing recorded and these are the many thing s you might not know. every thing you hear and see that most or all govenments cover just bout everything and trick you. they could make things, people, ideas, places, and everything you love disapeer. watch out.