Ron Paul on the Glenn Beck Show

Ron Paul appeared on the Glenn Beck Show to share his take on the heated debate over tax cuts and spending.

Date: 12/16/2010


  • OrwellsDaughter

    Everytime I see Shyster Napalitano pictured w/a semi-normal person, I just have to say:

    Look at their heads & consider their respective frontal lobes.

    The most contrast between frontal lobe area was when I saw the Shyster with Julian Assange.

  • Zooni2

    Mickey and Minnie mouse having a talk.

  • TruthConsciousness

    Eventually, it will be rejected. Words to profit by!

  • lucifuehrer

    what’s up with the variable speed on volume youtube as useful as a solar powered flashlight.

  • sniper71267

    66 likes and one dislike I would like to know who the one dislike was. LOL All I can say to that person is the Tide Is Turning get ready for the Tsunami.

  • MeatLoafEnchilada


  • katsfanman

    wow the wizzard of oz lol

  • brder4ev

    google sucks they did this on purpose!

  • CottonTownRambler

    ok i laughed

  • ronheri

    Please run for President Dr. Paul!

  • VisionsOfTheNobody

    Ron Paul is the best candidate for 2012
    He gonna do really good things, besides rarely raising taxes… hopefully…

  • dizzitoast

    hahahahh… I wish the news was always like this!

  • 1madaboutguitar

    Ha Ha this is just toooooooo funny 😉

  • Clyaton

    lol, why does the speed increase and decrease? They sound normal, then like chipmunks, then like demons, wtf, was this a vhs copy first?

  • Fido1488

    Judge must love Paul. He has him on his show like every week.

  • waterchildtera


  • yayayayayaya36


  • chewbaca1989

    Weed, legal… I… zeit…

  • jonahfox

    Ron paul is on tv and the news all the time lately.

  • zenviainternet

    That Audio person needs his/her ass kicked!