Ron Paul on C-SPAN’s Newsmakers

When the 112th Congress convenes next month, Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) will become the chairman of the Financial Services Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy and will have Congressional oversight of the Federal Reserve.

On C‑SPAN’s Newsmakers, he shares his concerns regarding the agency’s monetary policies. In the past, the representative has been very vocal in his criticism of the way the Fed is handled and has gone so far as to propose that it be eliminated in his latest book, “End the Fed.”

Rep. Paul also explain his agenda concerning financial issues and how they harmonize with the incoming Republican-majority’s overall agenda, as well as efforts to stimulate the sagging U.S. economy.


  • Budvb

    Deflation would be great for We the People, but the flip of the coin is that it would Destroy the Banks and those trying to pay back Debt. The banks have no choice but to keep expanding/Inflation the money supply. So how can we make the right decission when it will destroy their well being, we are so set to Doom Mode and we won’t turn it off untill we see ourselves together here!

  • SteveXnycperformance

    Free the citizen from taxation or a from of great reduction,so the people can rebuild the loses.The people must rules them self,this will send the ones of reason running for new monopoly elsewhere. Burn all bridges,if you want to restore the dollar,restore the true faith of it.Angels have played themselves,realize you don`t have wings or you will fall and break you back(bank).Just them about ANDREW JACKSON “The Greatest American”

  • famasdan

    lol the way Robin” looks just makes you wanna see him get punched
    I hope ron paul gets something accomplished.

  • elboertjie

    Audio too low.

  • SteveXnycperformance

    Yea cut spending,lets watch them starve and shipped off to the Camp FEMA for government care(bill). Weclome to the fed world Dr.paul. I do respect you, but just to let you know he is playing in the hens(chicken) pen.We should be bring the nation into one voting block and them address new monetary policy.Loses will have to be made, give up the oil field of the middle east to china,so we can avoid war with them and settle the trillion dollar death.We must then move our oil fields to other places.

  • EdMan2012

    let’s hear another congressman talk about economics and monetary policy with as much conviction and knowledge as Dr. Ron Paul. We won’t because congress is absolutely clueless to how a real free market capitalist economy is supposed to work. Some of them don’t even know how the Fed Works.

  • EvilResult

    the problem i see is that Paul trying to tell the interviewers that the market CAN manage interest rates… the interviewers as i see it don’t know HOW a market sets interest rates and because of this lack of knowledge they can’t see how dangerous the artificial setting of interest rates are.

  • WarDogLRS

    What did the Founders say about Banking Institutions & why are Americans not taught these things?. Americans live in a Fiat Mind set they have been deceived by there own Education system. Its not to late to turn back we are not Progressing we are Congressing by a Congress not Progressing

  • TheBrotherMouzone

    Ron Paul shows his wisdom yet again.

  • ibislee

    Look up Federal Reserve in your phone book under government listings and you will not find it. Then look it up under the local business listings and depending where you live, you will find the Fed Reserve listed on the same page as Federal Express!?!

  • selfrealizedexile

    supply-demand equilibrium. So, if one understands this, why then would an entity which can stop this process and further stimulate overconsumption and under (or even negative) savings reduce both the amount and magnitude of recessions? Recessions are, afterall, the cure for an economy. So, it’s quite comical we try so hard to avoid them in our country.

    The recessions and bank runs of the 1800s were a form of market discipline on fraudulent banks.

  • selfrealizedexile

    cause another recession with further overconsumption from discoordinated prices. The gap between savings and loanable funds will appear yet again and be even wider after input prices increase and unprofitable ventures will yet again go bust.

    You will have a massive “credit crunch” which is nothing but the market trying to raise interest rates to limit borrowing and stimulate savings. The market is trying to bring the amount of savings and borrowing in unison. This is nothing but

  • selfrealizedexile

    More severe recessions without central banking? lolwut; that does not logically follow.

    Indeed, if interest rates are controlled absent a market, you will have a growing chasm between savings and loanable funds. Why save if I’m getting a 0-1% return? Why not borrow if I only have to pay back 0-1% plus the principle?

    If you try to inflate away this deficiency between savings and loans (“injecting credit / liquidity”), you will merely bid up prices as that credit circulates. This will

  • cashfornothing

    Great stuff Dr paul!

  • glasseay

    not Ron Paul but the other fellow got funny funny facial expresions

  • SaM52461

    He still supported this bill, I think he should’ve voted against it.

    Now our National Debt will be even higher.

  • selfrealizedexile

    The bubbles in the 1800s, which were very minor compared to modern ones, were brought on by state banks utilizing fractional reserves. You have no credit cycles if your banks aren’t allowed to rip off their customers.

    The clamoring for liquidity and a central bank by the banks was so that they could continue to inflate credit and not have to face market discipline. They tried to do this through private cartels, but that failed spectacularly. The bankers understood you needed gov’t coercion.

  • Alexiscom1

    Thanks for posting, only the audio is very low.

  • agitcam

    Bravo Paul, bravo Assange, bravo Wikileaks, support Wikileaks, end the wars, end the Fed. I just wish he could have voted against this terrible tax bill.

  • StepUPNJ

    Its so great the Ron is the chairman of the subcommitte and now will have a strong voice for ending the root of economic evil in the U.S. – The Fed!