Ron Paul on C-SPAN’s Newsmakers

When the 112th Congress convenes next month, Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) will become the chairman of the Financial Services Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy and will have Congressional oversight of the Federal Reserve.

On C‑SPAN’s Newsmakers, he shares his concerns regarding the agency’s monetary policies. In the past, the representative has been very vocal in his criticism of the way the Fed is handled and has gone so far as to propose that it be eliminated in his latest book, “End the Fed.”

Rep. Paul also explain his agenda concerning financial issues and how they harmonize with the incoming Republican-majority’s overall agenda, as well as efforts to stimulate the sagging U.S. economy.


  • midwestcharm

    The crooks benefit from the corrupt, money cartel because we have no competing currencies. People should choose how they want to get paid. When the dollar is rotten,(like now) I want another form of payment.

  • ranger4usa83

    we have allowed the foolish and prideful man to lead our nation. we have forsaken common sense and wisdom for the words of the babbling rants of the foolish. all of us are guilty and our sins have been heard and taken account of. my only hope is for humanity to wake up and save our world.

  • Piaffepony0412

    FINALLY- the media is giving this man the attention he deserves!

  • joepeeler34

    That English guy looks and talks like a nerdy Mick Jagger. I can’t listen to the guy talk without laughing my arse off!

  • gilrocam

    good he can talk longer and doesn’t get stopped by newscasters

  • skitfu

    Ron Paul for overlord, 2012!

  • Wow how unprofessional

  • Wow how unprofessional

  • Yes, He did.

  • Dr. Paul, your turn at the plate. Make us proud.

  • schitzonix

    Dr. Paul, your turn at the plate. Make us proud.

  • Did that guy mutter anarchy at the end?

  • btheninger

    Did that guy mutter anarchy at the end?

    • Libertarian777

      ‘anarchy’ is not necessarily a bad thing. People often think of anarchy as ‘mad max’ type lifestyle.

      Libertarians tend to think of anarchy as lack of CENTRAL planning.

      Isn’t it funny how back in the 80’s we use to deride communism and CENTRAL economic planning, and yet now we have a CENTRAL bank that is (trying to) plan the economy, a car tzar, a pay tzar etc. (I thought under the constitution no title may be awarded to any member of the administration). Yes ok ‘tzar’ might not be the ‘official’ title, but now that it is in the mainstream use, maybe people will be more ‘accepting’ of a title of nobility in the future.

  • lovedalord88

    God bless God bless God protect God protect God protect God protect Ron Paul.

    In the name of Jesus Christ, protect Ron Paul.

  • afthefragile

    Watch “The Secret of Oz” to know why we should end the FED and get rid of the insane fractional reserve banking system!!

  • yakyakyak69

    Is Dr. Paul the ONLY politician who understands the problem is a monopolistic secret entity controlling the currency & credit supply of the (formally) most prosperous nation on the planet?

    Or is Dr. Paul the ONLY politician that is not a crony of the Fed?

  • yakyakyak69

    Watch: “Money as Debt”

    Learn WHY we must END THE FED and stop the Debt-Slavery!

  • nick10463

    Who is that one single moron that rated this video “dislike”? Wow!

  • bjarnet3

    Ron Paul for president, 2008 [ _ ] , 2012 [ X ]

  • poppanolan

    END THE FED! But do not be fooled by a Gold or Silver Standard… The central bankers control that too… Please watch the Secret of Oz or the Money Masters here on YouTube. VERY IMPORTANT!
    RON PAUL 2012

    • Bri 3D

      They may have most of it but only because we let them steal it from us in exchange for zero’s on a piece of paper, but if we were on a gold standard, it would eventually get dispersed to the people, like the founders intended.
      A gold standard would restrain their ability to make up money, which is just theft.