Ron Paul, Tom Woods, Jim Rogers and Judge Napolitano Take On the Fed

Ron Paul, Tom Woods, Jim Rogers and Judge Napolitano expose the Federal Reserve as a “Den of Vipers” in the latest episode of Freedom Watch.

Date: 12/21/2010


  • please clarify: #1 how is Jim Rogers a slave-owner and #2 isn’t “goyim” a reference to Jewish religion? How is this useful or related? Jim Rogers hasn’t said/done anything I’ve heard of about any religion and also doesn’t look genetically Jewish if one can still pick that out of the generational mixing

  • ya they are – the zero’s on the LEFT side!

  • mikeshanklin

    There is no government like no government….

  • past a a certain point, a nation / region has to admit when payments aren’t supporting people “between jobs” and those without jobs have to admit that no amount of money in the interim will “support them until they get a job” because that job isn’t coming – it’s time to leave, go find greener pastures. That is the ultimate truth of squeezing-out resources and over-populating a region. It’s a done deal. The Malthusian Truth that so many pretend can “not be true”. It’s true.

  • move on at the right time but the ‘when’ is unclear due to distortions from misreporting of real wages, misreporting of real unemployment and misreporting of real trade deficits – sector by sector and up to date. With real information reported quickly & accurately we could all make better decisions, both investments and unemployment that could even be voluntarily paid by those with money to those without. past a certain point EMIGRATION is required. That’s right, go to the jobs

  • No, not everyone understands but to clarify you need to be clear on alternatives. Unemployment is only a savings-substitute. I’m saving so I won’t need to use it when the time comes. IT WILL COME. With suppressed wages (free trade) and corporate super-power over free individuals, only careful investment and plenty of diverse skills and stored food got at discount prices will help us through these hard times. YES, u/e payments will bankrupt a nation & yes, people needto move on at the

  • Rogers probably doesn’t write a book because it’s so simple, he’s said a number of times in different ways: #1 do your homework #2 don’t follow the crowd and #3 is implicit but seriously DON’T BE A THIEF (or let yourself be robbed). Of all the rich people in the world – many of whom I hate for their thievery in getting rich – I can respect Jim Rogers because I don’t think one dime of his billions is from any theft, fraud or cruelty

  • ronpaulfan1

    why can’t we just audit and then END THE FED. it’s incredibly frustrating that, for now at least, there is no stopping the Fed’s destruction of our country and what’s more they’ve been at it for nearly 100 years!

    Ron Paul 2012 (Napolitano for VP?)

  • DP

    Do you understand that when the Fed prints money that it doesn’t just take money away from people here right? It also puts the tab on every country around the world because USD is the currency reserve that when it is debased, prices of crude oil, commodities and all the stuff that you could think of rises. All countries pretty much have to accommodate this currency to purchase imports(oil, etc…).

  • ronpaulfan1
  • bostonbest0407

    Alexander Hamilton wanted Soviet style central planning. You gotta be kidding me, Judge.

  • rogertayloRRR

    I like it, but why does Fox allow them to knock the FED on their network?

  • nuggz503

    Napolitano is the only guy on FOX I dont want to impale with a pitchfork. And Rep. Paul is the only one in Washington that makes sense all the time.

  • ecopsych101

    We need an “It’s the FED stupid!” campaign.

    • Citizen

      “Its the FED stupid”

      2012 Campaign, I Like it!

      Now if we can get CNN, MSNBC, and NPR to run this message, it might just catch on

      Go Ron Paul!!!


    its funny there are 3 people who do not like this video (bernanke,paulsen & geitner) fcki^^scum! and for you fusion centers monitoring my comments and e-mail- F*&K YOU! Go get em ron paul- i will be on the battle front wiyh you- i WILL NOT SUBMIT TO TYRANNY

  • uturniaphobic

    we’re not using Keynesian, philosophy at all. Keynesian states to SAVE money and spend it on a rainy day. not load debt onto future generations to keep things going now. There’s a name for what we’re doing though “Robbing Peter to pay Paul”.

  • FairEnterprise

    in Massachusetts there is no need for probable cause to stop a vehicle, seize the property and arrest the owner. if we cannot peacefully travel unacosted, we are not free.
    creeping fascism has ruled too long, once branded as a “criminal” without a real accuser facing you, what hope have we to finish the fight Daniel shays started before we had a constitution.
    No we are not free, and we are hanging alone one by one
    caveat emptor

  • TopDiCapo

    Fed up with the fed!

  • icemanisdangerous

    gotta love the judge!

  • futbolfever90