Season’s Greetings from the Ron Paul Family

Merry Christmas to Ron Paul, his family, his team, and all fellow supporters!

This is Ron Paul’s classic 2007 Christmas video… we hope there will be another one in 2011!

  • loismlsx

    DR Ron Paul created a time paradox!!!

    Merry Chrismas! 2008!


  • sonnybrown

    lol, this is from 3 years ago. Why did you post this?

  • TerriInBC

    Merry Christmas and thank you for all you do. Cheers from Canada!

  • Macaframa1

    2008 eh…

  • nwofunclub

    Merry Christmas to all!

  • th86stone

    Paul / Napolitano 2011 or Napolitano / Paul 2011

    merry christmas to all the pauls

  • Catsscratchfever

    Merry Xmas from Canada Ron…..Yr the man!!!!!!!!!

  • ThisWouldBeMike

    Damn, he was talking about a campaign which got me excited… then he said 2008 haha

  • ExhibitMan

    Thank you Ron! 😀

  • rectorade21

    I wish you a great 2008 too!

  • yagsisiht99

    haha i was not expecting 2008 at the end

  • korzym

    Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!!!

  • TacticalCitySlicker

    Merry Christmas to you too Dr. Paul and God bless.

  • JoeyPencils

    He is a busy man…Audit the Fed bill for New Years!

  • curtissboggs

    Merry Christmas!

  • FutureVideos2013
  • NorthStar20121

    Merry Christmas Ron!

  • scopulus93

    Damn, I was expecting a 2010.

  • DayTimeJeff

    i want to just shake your hand…..
    god bless you

  • porplemontage

    Yeah man 2008 is gonna be great! Spoiler obama wins