Season’s Greetings from the Ron Paul Family

Merry Christmas to Ron Paul, his family, his team, and all fellow supporters!

This is Ron Paul’s classic 2007 Christmas video… we hope there will be another one in 2011!

  • eronfgx

    what does ron paul think of the venus project?


  • NoNORADon911

    Did he say the same shit Bush says!?
    ”I approve this message”!?

  • colenbrak

    two thousand and eight (HE MEANT 2011 HES JUST SENILE)

  • bassinjames

    Hahahah I love it! They recycled the old one. : ) Thrift, what this country needs more of!

  • OkieJohn1950

    Thank you Dr. Paul and a Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    And may I add, as so many have, we need you more now than ever.
    The tide is turning and American’s are tired of “more of the same” politics.

  • TheMethadoneParty

    Peace and Greetings from our Family to Yours!!! God Bless Us…Everyone!! lol

  • b07rivera

    Merry Christmas Dr. Paul and all of your family. 🙂

    and to my fellow Libertarian, un-brainwashed Americans

  • tebanjose

    Merry CHRISTmas!!!

  • sailfished

    4 years later , we are still here ,we love you doc, we are still here ,4 years later we still believe , 4 years later, older wiser, 4 years later ,we are still here.

  • PhoenixFlag1776

    2 people are afraid of freedom

  • kungfujellybean

    Merry Christmas to you too Ron!

  • manmanguy

    Love ya Ronnie, keep giving em’ hell and Merry Christmas.

  • verum1

    Merry Christmas Ron!

  • Gdaiva1

    I cant even imagine what kind of a character a person has to be to work everyday for so many years with all those evils in government.
    I’m praying for him to run and God him strenght!!
    My best best wishes to Ron Paul and his beautiful family!

  • Snowflake70

    * AH —HAH ! * There it is ! THE STATEMENT – in PLAIN ENGLISH..
    ” (quote) “I want to take time OUT OF MY CAMPAIGN to …”
    He’s running ! THE light at the end of the tunnel ! I’m callin’ F I R S T !

  • 123SGTTOPDAWG345

    A true Frugal AMERICAN, I LOVE THIS GUY !!
    Everything what an American should be. Peace on Earth……..

  • Sailororc

    lol did he reuse his 2008 one? Merry Christmas anyway ^_^

  • DogmaFight

    2008 LOL

  • MrJentipede

    love you, ron
    no homo

  • daviddalbylive

    We all approve this message 😉