Season’s Greetings from the Ron Paul Family

Merry Christmas to Ron Paul, his family, his team, and all fellow supporters!

This is Ron Paul’s classic 2007 Christmas video… we hope there will be another one in 2011!

  • PaulRon2008

    Merry Christmas Dr. Paul and Family. You are the best. God Bless you.

  • Psilo007

    Merry Christmas Dr. Paul and family!

  • RP2012

    Merry Christmas from Sweden !

  • PettyPettyWoodChuck

    I got excited when he said take break from my campaign…”oh man is he running again!”

  • TheNewYorkTony

    Ron needs to run again!

  • heymisterderp

    Merry Christmas, Pauls!

  • jim

    Oh shucks Dr. Paul… you are so genuine. He was the candidate who least wanted to do one of these videos. And yet when he it did, he did it like everything else in his life… with honesty and sincerity… god bless and merry christmas this year Dr. Paul to you and your family.

  • humantestdummy

    Merry Christmas Ron!!

  • grevin789


  • numba1stunna4269


  • yesmon4real

    I would love to see this guy be our president. One of the only men I look up to these days. I wonder if elected could he handle those 7 thugs that take the new presidents in the back room and tell them like it is or else. If he had all of us there supporting him I think he could handle the thugs and bring change. Come on people lets go for it , nothing to lose , look what we have now, lets go for it and start believing again..

  • yesmon4real

    I would love to see this guy president. I wonder if it could ever come true. I also wonder if it came true would he be able to handle the seven guys that take the new president into that back room and tell him how its going to be or else, would he change or still come out fighting. If he has all us backing him hopefully he can handle those 7 thugs. We really need a man like this running things , one of the only men I look up to now days.

    Merry Christmas Dr Paul !

  • SweeterThanKisses

    merry xmas to you an yours..nice pic..cheers!

  • daves4mtb1

    How did this guy not get elected over mccain, obammer, romney and those others…what could have been!

  • VMATT500C


  • youthgw

    why did he say 2008..

  • goldcurrent1

    Merry Christmas, Mr. President!

  • RamsesReturns

    Terrorist terrorist terrorist!!! Oh sorry, I guess the propaganda got the best of me for a moment. Merry Christmas RP and family. Merry Christmas! 2012!
    Not sure wat will be left Obama has Nationalized health care, the auto industry, insurance companies, banks, and student loans. He encourages people to report on their neighbors, he sent a memo to …all law enforcement agencies nation wide to keep on the look out for ordinary citizens who fail to lean far left. Now he regulates the internet.


  • LarsSeprest

    lol 2011 xP

  • katey1dog

    Merry Christmas Dr. Paul! Though I do not share in the religion, I hope you still have a wonderful day.