Season’s Greetings from the Ron Paul Family

Merry Christmas to Ron Paul, his family, his team, and all fellow supporters!

This is Ron Paul’s classic 2007 Christmas video… we hope there will be another one in 2011!

  • roysworld1955

    Merry Christmas, the country needs more Men like you. Please run 2012.


  • RageAgainstNWO

    RON PAUL IS THE MAN! Marry xmas to the entire Paul family. My compliments on a very good blood line you guys have going lol

  • MrEurgbp


  • eciii316

    Merry Christmas

  • manfries

    Merry Christmas Ron Paul

  • edarotag84

    If all our politicians were like Ron, everyone in the world would have a better life!

  • herzogsbuick

    Ron Paul / Gary Johnson 2012

  • Therighttotruth

    Happy Holidays Paul Family!!

  • jenniferashley99

    Merry Christmas Ron Paul

  • DarkCyder9

    Happy Festivus Ron!!!!

  • crabtrap

    ron paul remix vid


  • gyllenub

    Spoiler: Obama will win in 2008. Unfortuneately.

  • cashfornothing

    Merry Christmas Ron Paul! I will be there in 2012 to help your campaign.
    All the best from Sweden!

  • porkypine1888

    lol Ron re-gifted us this vid from 3 years ago! Go Ron!

  • mercenarybdu

    Hilarious that you got the date wrong lol

  • gblpst81

    Thanks, Mr. President……I mean Ron. Happy holidays.

  • raymantoo

    My Best wishes to you Mr Paul. Merry Christmas to you also. Please check out my video titled Merry Christmas From God

  • lilgirlsj

    LOL, “2008” thening pop up 2011. a th

  • russianlegionaire

    Merry Christmas to you too Mr. President.

  • 1dabirdman

    ah man, i almost past out when he said campaign! oh man,i hope his announcements coming soon! anyway,MERRY CHRISTMAS,DR.PAUL&FAMILY!