Season’s Greetings from the Ron Paul Family

Merry Christmas to Ron Paul, his family, his team, and all fellow supporters!

This is Ron Paul’s classic 2007 Christmas video… we hope there will be another one in 2011!

  • FiveofHearts1

    Merry Christmas Mr. Paul.

    And I’m guessing this is just a re-upload of a Season’s Greetings video from 08′?

  • ODgr33n

    Ron, hold those republicans accountable…they’re back sliding!

  • NorthStar20121

    Santa supports Ron Paul.


  • DayTimeJeff

    i dont mean to put pressure on you
    but america needs u in 2012

  • VisionsOfTheNobody

    Merry Christmas Dr Paul! Don’t worry about problems trying to become president, I got Santa to support you in 2012! XD
    Greetings from wherever I am at now and in future as well…

  • Fabian4Liberty

    Merry Christmas to you and your family Dr. Ron Paul

  • MeatLoafEnchilada

    I smoked a blunt for your presidential campaign, so you better have plans for it!

  • sanewave

    2008!?!?!?!?! lol, i love ron paul, even if this was sloppy

  • namehoela

    Merry Christmas, liberty lovers.

  • 1kingconan

    merry christmas mr ron and let’s do it 2012!!! ron 4 president

  • ThePoliticalPugilist

    Merry Christmas Dr. Paul!!!

    We need you in 2012!!

  • NuclearHoaxFuel

    He better run in 2012!!

  • MusicIzMySavior

    Merry Christmas to all my christian brothers and sisters

    from a muslim

  • doomsdaypreacher
  • joshuarayborn

    Ron Paul -Judge Andrew Napolitano 2012

  • MrSleeps

    the best christmas gift i got is the book End The Fed.

  • EvilResult

    Merry Christmas… and to all those who have started the walk of knowledge that Ron Paul has walked him self with the hope that we will know truth and love for all… ReLoveUtion. Be that we bear this burden of knowledge passed forward from the centuries, Great thinkers imparting the age of their wisdom upon those willing to learn and listen for that we may become centuries old in our wisdom. I am young in body but my mind is centuries in the making.

  • FolkMusicFolk

    merry Christmas from Montana!

  • jackster28

    Thanks a million, oop’s , I mean Trillion , Congressmen, Merry Christmas from Ohio.

  • JVGBlog

    Merry Christmas from Germany!