Season’s Greetings from the Ron Paul Family

Merry Christmas to Ron Paul, his family, his team, and all fellow supporters!

This is Ron Paul’s classic 2007 Christmas video… we hope there will be another one in 2011!

  • Touboulie6

    i thought ron paul had red hair?


  • thorlong

    I like, I also wish it was 2008 again.

  • APRtunedAudi

    Ron Paul if you don’t run one more time… the country is doomed. You can do it!

  • IcemanC130

    Yes! Thank you so much, Ronald!!!

  • 777Herbs

    i love Ron Paul but his age is just gettin to him now..

  • mrdoonbeg

    2008..makes this seem like a piss take

  • SickBang


  • andrewade68

    …pinch penny…=)

  • JG129

    Ron Pauls the man!!

  • aznthg27

    why 2008?

  • carcabe

    All the Very Best to the Pauls and to all of Dr. Paul’s supporters.

  • SimplyEddy

    Merry Christmas! 2012 Ron Paul all tha way from Ottawa, Canada.

  • midwestcharm

    I bet carol made some of those wonderful chocolate cookies

  • Dear Mr. Paul,

    You are a sell out sir! you voted right along with the rest of the reprobates in congress to allow gays in the military, all the young men who get sexually assualt and harassed by perverts will be your fault! you let us down Mr. Paul!

  • TheTempestSpark

    I like Ron Paul. I like how he’s recycled his Merry Christmas video of 2008 for 2011, absolute genius!

  • DramaBlock

    Ron Paul or bust.

  • flyingreddoghouse

    how many other politicians have as of now 3464 views & 171 comments from an ad thats 2 years ago posted just yesterday; Paul/Ventura kicking butt in 2012, they are going to slash the lies of the non-constitutionalists w/ the swords of their words – even better than when Perot ran in 92 (got 19%) but Paul/Ventura wont quit half way thru & this combo will win not just spread the word, we’ll also elect as many independants & good 3rd party to the house & good state initiative referendums.

  • trevorheck

    I want Ron Paul to win the presidency. We need a president that had a strong economic background. Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Reagan never had that.

  • martinaoe2

    Merry xmas from Ireland…

  • cowboy1165

    Thank you for all that you do Mr. president.

    Signed, the revolution.